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10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1 is the eighth episode of season four of the Dukes of Hazzard


Rosco's uncle Hosiah passes away, and has supposedly left a $10 million fortune to the Hazzard County sheriff. He buys gaudy rhinestone suits and a new fancy car (a Rolls Royce sedan). Then, power hungry and frustrated by his continued inability to catch Bo and Luke, Rosco hires a professional bounty hunter named Jason Steele to track down Bo and Luke and do whatever it takes to bring them to justice. As the Duke boys slip out of Steele's grasp every time, Rosco becomes verbally abusive to Boss and swindles him out of everything. Meanwhile, Uncle Jesse learns that Steele has been in trouble with the law and tracks him down, but seriously injures himself when he slips down a hill.


Balladeer: Once upon a time, there was this very smart Greek fella who said the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Well I can tell you right now, that fella had never been to Hazzard County.

The General drives mostly off road. Bo stops and Luke scolds him saying that Bo said it was a short cut. Bo says Luke is welcome to get out and walk and he’ll meet him on the other side. Luke says he’s not going to argue and to just jump. Rosco is watching from the bushes with Flash, saying they got them as the boys jump overhead. Rosco chases after them, saying they are in hot pursuit. They drive through a field with trees and Bo goes between two nearby trees on two wheels. He stops to watch Rosco try but Rosco ends up flipping the car. The boys call to ask if he’s alright and Rosco yells that he’s fine and he’s tired of them making him the laughing stock of the county and will get them if it’s the last thing he does. The boys then leave, Luke calling Cooter to get Rosco from Hale’s corner.

Hazzard Garage

Jesse and Daisy finishing shopping at Rhuebottoms and Frank helps Jesse get his boxes. They go over to the Garage to hear Boss and Rosco talking to Cooter, who explains it will take $1,000 to fix the car. Daisy and Jesse settle around the truck as Boss yells that Rosco isn’t fit to be called Sheriff. Rosco says it isn’t his fault as he was chasing the Duke boys and Boss says they made a monkey out of him. Daisy and Jesse propose they stop chasing the boys and it would save them some money before they leave. Boss yells the county isn’t going to pay for the damages this time and Cooter says someone is paying for it. Boss yells Rosco will be paying for it.


Bo and Luke pass a man on the road, Luke driving, and they stop to help the man. The man explains that something is wrong with his car and he’s trying to get to Hazzard to see Rosco. Luke and Bo offer to take him into town.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke arrive with the man from the road and help him out. Inside, Boss is counting up all the bills from Rosco demolishing his cars. Rosco says they were all from chasing the Duke boys. Boss says Rosco owes the county about six months of his pay and he wants it now and in cash. Bo and Luke come in and introduce the man, Mr. Reynolds. Reynolds explains that he is representing Rosco’s great Uncle who left Rosco his entire estate, 10 million dollars’ worth. Bo cheers for him and Luke remarks that is more money than in all of Hazzard together. Thinking Bo and Luke set it up, Rosco gets mad and Luke says they aren’t in on it. Reynolds expresses it is legitimate and when Rosco tries to ask the name and gets it incorrect, Bo corrects him. Rosco agrees to accept it an Boss insists there must be a mistake. Reynolds gives Rosco a 50 thousand advance on his inheritance. Bo congratulates him, shaking his hand and asking what it feels like to be the richest man in Hazzard. Boss snaps that Rosco isn’t and he still is. Luke says from the sounds of things Rosco could buy him out and Boss screams.

Mabel calls Mrs. Turner and tells her about Rosco inheriting the money. The two older women start calling people to spread the news. Jesse gets a call at the Duke Farm about it and Cooter is told in the Garage, laughing so hard he falls out of his chair.

Rosco gets Champaign, caviar, and other items that Cletus helps him unpack. When Cletus asks what is it, Rosco says its fish eggs and millionaires are supposed to eat them all the time. Cletus says its $200 a jar and when he asks why Rosco guesses labor. Rosco tells Cletus he got everything he wants, Flash and his mom. When Cletus asks if there is anything out there that Rosco really wants he tells him that he wants the Duke boys in prison.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke return to the farm, surprised to see Boss’ car. They go into the kitchen and talk to Boss. When Luke remarks he is surprised to see him, Boss asks who else would he go to when Hazzard is in real trouble besides his dearest friend, Jesse. Bo asks what he wants and Jesse explains Lulu is upset that Lulu wasn’t left anything by ‘Uncle Halleluiah’. Bo corrects him saying it was Hosiah and Boss says it doesn’t matter as Lulu didn’t get anything and he sees that as a wrong. Luke says on the bright side Lulu won’t buy everything and that Rosco is going to. Bo says that no one will keep Rosco from burning up all that money. Jesse tells him they owe it to Rosco to check the authenticity of the lawyer. Bo says Reynolds was on State 7 about 30 minutes ago and Boss says no one can catch him. Luke says Bo would know a shortcut and they leave. Jesse allows Boss to have some pie.

Police Department

Rosco calls Mabel on the phone. He asks her to ring a Jason Steele. Mabel becomes alarmed, saying Rosco can’t bring someone like that to Hazzard and Rosco asks her to just go ahead and get him. Rosco says this could be the most important phone call he had ever made. He then gives Flash a dog treat and tries one himself.


Bo drives the General, telling Luke he hates to claim to know a short cut on such short notice, but the one he tired should work.

Police Department

Mabel calls him back to say she got Jason Steele. Rosco introduces himself to the man and tells him that he wants Steele to catch Bo and Luke. Steele says that at two that will cost double the going rate. Rosco tells him that money means nothing to him and he’s willing to pay four times the going rate. Steele and Dawson prepare to leave the next day.


Bo and Luke continue to head for Reynolds. They cut off Reynolds, startling the man. Bo and Luke approach him in the car and explain they just want to make sure that Rosco is free to spend the money however he wishes. Reynolds shows them the will and the boys apologize for wasting his time.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke work on the General, arguing about the fuel mixture. Daisy rushes back to the Farm and Bo asks what happened, asking if Boss fired her again. She tells them that there is a rumor going around that Rosco is out to get them. She tells them that Mabel said Rosco hired Jason Steele. Luke knows of him, but Bo doesn’t. Luke says he’s heard he’s a mean guy who doesn’t care if he catches people fair or not. Daisy heads into the house and Bo asks if they can find out what Steele looks like, as if they have to fight someone he would like to know who to punch. Luke agrees.

Police Department

Rosco has four women doing his hair and nails while a fifth on works on Flash’s nails. A man named Pierre brings in a new suit for Rosco before Boss charges him. Boss says he wants Rosco to invest in a new business venture. Rosco asks why would he do that, insulting Boss. Shocked Boss reminds him that he’s his boss, brother-in-law and the most important man in Hazzard. Rosco says he was, but he isn’t anymore. Upset Boss storms out saying he has never been second best before and isn’t starting now.

Duke Farm

Luke calls Norman while Bo, Daisy, and Jesse listen. Norman warns them to be careful as Steele is a bad guy and he will look for a picture to help them. As Luke hangs up he tells them Norman is looking for more information. Jesse says he doesn’t like it and Bo and Luke go into the living room to talk more about it. Outside Jesse and Daisy go to do the laundry and Daisy says they are acting casual. Jesse says that is the word, acting. Jesse says they are trying to keep them from worrying. Jesse says they can’t let the boys know how they feel.

Police Department

Rosco changes into a green rein stone suit. While Rosco sits at his desk to count money, Jason Steele comes in the window behind him. Rosco is startled by his appearance until he realizes it is Jason Steele. Steele tells him no one is allowed to know he is working for Rosco and when he captures the boys and sends them to jail, Rosco will owe him $100,000. He warns Rosco not to try getting out of paying him.


Bo and Luke are driving down the road toward an intersection. They see another car coming toward the intersection which isn’t slowing down. They hit it at nearly the same time. The other car starts to ram them, causing Luke who is driving to yell if they are crazy. Luke chases after him to Bo’s amusement. Steele radio’s Sheriff Little to make sure he’s ready at the county line. As Luke continues the chase, Bo sees Little and the County Line, reminding Luke. Luke slams on the breaks and manages to stop. Luke says that he thinks they were baited there. They head home.

Duke Farm

After it becomes dark, Daisy goes outside to see Jesse on the porch. Daisy sits down and asks what is worrying him and when he asks what makes her so sure she says he always whittles when he’s worried. They admit they are worried about the boys and Jesse says if something were to happen to them he doesn’t know what he would do. Daisy is alarmed.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco drives to town in a Rolls Royce that he’s put a set of police lights on. He tells at Cletus for touching it and Rosco admits he’s been dusting it for eight hours. Boss is upset asking who would do that. Rosco tells Cletus to crush his old car and to have him billed for it. Rosco invites Boss into the back of his car to watch tv and Boss becomes furious, storming off. Rosco gets in the car to watch cartoons.

At the Garage, Cooter looks over the General as Bo and Luke continue their argument from earlier about the fuel mixture. Cooter tells them that he thinks it’s just fine the way it is. Bo and Luke shake hands as Cooter gets a phone call for Luke. Norm tells Luke that he can’t find a single picture of Steele. He does say that Steele had previously arrested a man named Ben Wilkenson who lives in Hazzard. Luke says he knows of him and if they can find Ben they can get a description, to which Bo says ‘if we’re lucky’. Luke talks to Bo and Cooter about finding Ben when they all notice Rosco with the Rolls to their amusement. Bo and Luke approach Rosco in the General and tease him for his outfit and car. Rosco tells them to keep their hands off the car. Luke asks about Steele and Rosco goes to excitedly talk about him before remembering he can’t. Bo says they know he hired Steele to frame them and they leave. Bo calls Rosco the boss as they drive away and Rosco grins. In the car Bo and Luke conclude Rosco is lying about Steele.

Steele watches Bo and Luke leave town. Dawson hands him a box with a gun. Steele remarks it will make a nice present for the Dukes and they leave town.

Wilkenson Cabin

Bo and Luke arrive at Ben’s place. As they get out of the car, Bo calls out for him. Luke notices that the cabin door is open and he has food cooking on a camp fire. Bo tries to call him again and Ben calls them from the trees, with a gun pointed at them. He approaches them, reminding them he doesn’t like to be bothered and tells them to tell him what they want. When they say they are there about Jason Steele as the man is hunting them, Ben becomes friendly but says they might as well give up. Bo and Luke say they don’t plan to get caught and Ben describes Steele to them. Luke proposes they go into town as he has a way from them to get an idea what Steele looks like and Ben agrees.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy gets Rosco a beer and Rosco tells her to put it on his tab. Boss run over screaming no, pulling the beer from Rosco and telling him he doesn’t have a tab anymore. Rosco goes to grab some popcorn but Boss also takes that away saying Rosco should be able to pay for popcorn. Annoyed Rosco insults him and Boss gets upset saying he’s tired of Rosco lording his new money over him. Boss challenges Rosco to a duel with cards. Daisy tells Rosco not to do it but they both hush her. Boss says they will play poker and Rosco agrees when Boss calls him a chicken. They shake on it.

Barber Shop

Bo, Luke, and Ben go to see Asa, the town Barber, who makes  a drawing of Jason Steele for them. Realizing that it was the guy who ran them off the road, the boys leave to find Rosco, Bo thanking them on their way out.

Boar’s Nest

Boss sits in his office playing cards. After shuffling and dealing he gives himself four aces and deals four low cards to the other side. He laughs realizing he still has it.

Jesse and others arrive to see what is going on. Steele is hiding outside the bar. In his office Boss tapes an Ace of Spades in his jacket. In the main bar Rosco has Flash dressed in the same jacket as him. Jesse approaches Rosco asking when the game is going to start. Boss comes out of his office and the two trash talk while Jesse, Daisy, Cooter and the others gather around. Rosco says they need a referee, someone who doesn’t care no matter what happens. Jesse is nominated by Daisy and when Jesse protests saying he only came to see who Rosco was talking to, Daisy asks what better way to find out. While Rosco and Boss fight over the referee Jesse loudly agrees. Rosco produces a set of cards and Boss says that if they are Rosco’s cards then Boss should deal. Jesse agrees. Boss says for Daisy to write down the bets.

Boss starts to shuffle before dealing the cards. Rosco bets a goose quill and wild cherry headboard as well as his bubble gum collection. Boss offers his barber chair and five gallon punch bowl with the six cups. Rosco gets the bet again. He bets his hen house and all his chickens and Boss offers his red barn and the fertilizer. Rosco raises his house and a pile of fertilizer. Boss agrees to meet it and Daisy asks them to slow down as she can’t keep up. She says they need to start over again.

Bo and Luke arrive at the Boar’s Nest. While they go inside, Steele approaches their car with the gun. Inside Bo and Luke are surprised and decide to watch the game. Outside Steele puts the gun in the glove box. Inside Boss deals out another hand and Rosco is given the bet. Rosco bets 21 new suits and 10 boots. Boss puts in his convertible and raises all the hardwood furniture he has. Rosco matches with his tractor and raises a colored tv and a stereo. Boss decides to meet it with everything he has. Rosco agrees and they both put everything they have in the pot. Bo and Luke are concerned. Boss tries to wipe sweat and drops his rag. As he goes under the table to get his Ace card, he is shocked to find it’s gone. He sees Flash eating it. Realizing he’s going to lose he tries to ask Rosco to call off the whole game. Jesse says that a game is a game and asks if Boss will play or forfeit. They show their hands and Rosco wins. Boss sobs as he realizes he lost everything he has and starts putting items in Rosco’s hat. Rosco tells everyone that he made the richest man in the county the poorest in the state. Rosco gives everyone beer at half price.

Bo and Luke decide to head to the Moss Hotel. As they get in the car they remark how surprising it is that Rosco now has everything. Steele watches them leave. Rosco goes outside to see Steele. Steele tells Rosco that the boys have an illegal gun in their car. Rosco says he will pay Steele but he wants to arrest the boys. As Rosco leaves he nearly runs into Cletus. He tells Cletus to follow him, which Cletus agrees. They chase after the boys, surprising them. Bo says they haven’t done anything wrong before hitting a bump. The gun falls out of the glove box and into Luke’s lap. Bo tells Luke to get rid of it. Bo asks what can they do and Luke says to go to Mosquito Bog and they can throw the gun into the quicksand. Bo is worried they can’t outrun Rosco on that road but Luke says they just need to get to the quicksand. A tire blows and they are forced to stop. Luke tries to throw the gun but Rosco stops him. Luke then tells Cletus to catch before tossing the gun to Bo, who throws it in the sand. Rosco is upset about the gun getting away. Rosco realizes they can’t get the gun back and he sends Cletus away before telling Bo and Luke that soon they will make a mistake. The boys set about changing the tire.

Town of Hazzard

The Dukes and Cooter look around for Steele but get nothing.

Duke Farm

Daisy returns to the farm and tells Jesse they haven’t’ found anything yet. Daisy assures him they will find Steele and Jesse asks if Daisy has another picture. Daisy hands it to him and Jesse says he cant’ stand by and do nothing. He leaves, saying he’s headed to the swamp. Daisy tells him to be careful.


Cooter calls Jesse on the CB and Cooter says Daisy just called him and asks Jesse to wait. Jesse refuses, saying he doesn’t have the time. Jesse stops the pickup and gets out, looking around a bit. He trips on a rock, rolling down the hill and hitting his head. Cooter tries to call Jesse again but gets no response.

Balladeer: You know, when you set things in motion to do somebody harm there ain’t no way to be sure who’s really going to get hurt.


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  • Rosco is said to inherit 10 million dollars from his Great Uncle Hosiah, who Rosco says he has never heard of before.
    • While Lulu also does not know who he is, she is also upset that she was no included in the inheritance.
  • Rosco says he loves the color green as it is the color of money
  • Daisy says that Jesse whittles when he's worried
  • The Balladeer mentions that Rosco vs. Boss is the biggest poker game in Hazzard since Boss bet Lulu in a game. Boss had won that one.