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A.C. Tate Jr. is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A.C. Tate Jr. is the son of A.C. Tate. His father was a big figure in Chickasaw County. Each year they would go over to Hazzard County and bet with Boss Hogg on the children's basketball game putting up $5,000 and each year Boss lost. Around 1983, A.C. Tate passed away and A.C. Tate Jr. inherited everything.


The Boar's Nest Bears[]

As they head to Hazzard, he drives and asks Ruel if the boys are ready for the basketball game this year. Ruel assures him they are and he says that is good. He remarks they will take a peak at Boss’ 12 year olds and see what he’s got before they drive over and see Boss for the annual bet.

They park above the Boar’s Nest and he watches the team in complete chaos with Boss and Rosco being unable to control them. He says he feels so good about the bet that he’s even going to cut Ruel in and it will be the easiest money he ever made.

The next day, they meet with Boss and Rosco in Boss’ office at the Boar’s Nest. He asks if the bet is the same as last year, being $5,000. Boss remarks that seeing as how it’s him and not his daddy he was thinking double that amount. He laughs, saying Boss must be drinking the swill he serves. Boss asks if he can’t handle it, he asks what cheap trick Boss is planning. Rosco responds that Bo and Luke are the coaches and they have a secret weapon ‘a big tall muppet’. Ruel whispers that the Dukes got Rod Moffet. Boss says that with the law of averages and the home court advantage he figures it is time to win. He remarks he figures those laws are on his side and they agree to the bet, shaking hands.

They leave to attempt to recruit Rod Moffit and in order to slow down Bo and Luke, he radio’s Sheriff Little to tell him Bo and Luke are likely headed his way. He tells Little to arrest the boys and haul them in, which Little promises to do.

They arrive at the Moffet Farm to see Bo and Luke had already beaten them there. They approach Bo, Luke, Rod, and Lou Ann, only greeting Lou Ann. He tells Lou Ann that he came there to talk to Rod about playing for the Chickasaw Chiefs and he has a financial inducement for her too if Rod agrees. Lou Ann refuses and Ruel tries to help him but Lou Ann says there is nothing they can do for them. When Lou Ann tells him to leave, he says it’s a shame she feels that way especially since her and Rod are alone and there’s only one road. Angry, Bo asks him if that is some kind of threat and he laughs, saying he doesn’t need to threaten women. He says if Lou Ann ever changes her mind to let him know before they leave.

Tate and Ruel spy on the Duke Farm, seeing Rod is playing for the Bears. He comes concerned saying that the Moffet kid isn’t half bad. He asks if they can still win and when Ruel says he thinks so, he snaps at Ruel. He asks what Ruel means by saying he thinks so as he does the thinking and Ruel does the coaching.

That night they sneak into the Duke Barn where all the kids are sleeping. Ruel points out where Rod is and he calls the boy over at a whisper. When Rod asks who it is, he says it’s A.C. Tate and that he wants to talk to him. When Rod goes over, Tate asks how his mom is before introducing Ruel. When Tod asks what he wants, he says he’s there to apologize and that it was wrong of him to treat him mom like he had. He says a man in his position could be helpful to a person in Rod’s position. He says it would be a shame to lose the farm now with everything that happened. Rod says he doesn’t want to quit and Tate tells him that if he sees Rod on the court on Friday they won’t have a roof over his head. He sends Rod back to bed and leaves, smoking his cigar.

The next morning they learn Rod didn’t leave the team. They head into Hazzard, Tate swearing that this time they will make sure Rod stays off the team, Dukes or no Dukes. They arrive at the county building and go to enter the records office but Enos, who is in the police department, notices him and greets him. Enos goes into asking how Enos is and Enos says they don’t see him in those parts too often. He shakes Enos’ hand, saying he is sticking to his duty and he likes that in a man. He turns Enos away from the records room and says he needs a good deputy over in Chickasaw and that Little hasn’t gotten one. Enos politely declines.

On Friday Jesse is about to start the big game, but he comes out onto the court yelling to hold everything. He says he is protesting the game and Jesse asks how. He says he wants to see proof that Rod is twelve. Rod says he is and to ask his mom. He says Rod’s mom isn’t good enough and if they can’t provide written proof they forfeit. Boss and Rosco come over, asking what is going on. He says he needs written proof of Rod’s age.

They go into the court house and Jesse informs them that the birth certificate claims Rod is 13. He tells Boss to forfeit the game, which Boss refuses. Boss says never and accuses him of cheating. He remarks that documents don’t lie and Rod isn’t going to play. Jesse rules in his favor. They go outside, thinking they won.

When Boss and Rosco destroy the game ball, he yells for Ruel to get another ball and demands Jesse start the game. Boss refuses to use one of their balls. He is furious, taking the ball and saying they let the air out of it and yells at Jesse to start the game.

The game starts and the Chief’s score the first two baskets in seconds.

Bo and Daisy arrive with the birth certificate and rule that Rod gets to play. He says it doesn’t matter as they won’t win anyway and Boss asks if he wants a bet. Bo however points out they already have a bet and the game resumes. Tate and Ruel become frustrated as the Bears catch up. He becomes even more frustrated when the Bears win.

After losing, Tate and Ruel try to sneak away but Boss chases them down, telling Tate to give him the money. Reluctantly he hands it over but Bo arrives and when Jesse announces Boss is donating the money, he watches Boss hand the money to Bo.