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"A Baby for the Dukes" is the second episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


After a family picnic, the Dukes find a baby boy with a note in the General Lee. The note says for the Dukes to take care of the baby until the mother can safely pick him up. The baby's mother turns out to be Mary Lou Tompkins (Janeen Best), whose parents are the Dukes' old friends Bill and Bonnie Tompkins. Mary Lou is in a custody battle against baby Jamie's wealthy, snobby grandfather Emerson P. Craig (Peter Hobbs), who is from Savannah. Emerson wants to keep Jamie away from Mary Lou, just because Mary Lou is a farmer's daughter, and Mary Lou put Jamie in the General Lee in order to keep Jamie away from Emerson.


Balladeer: Now chances are if you go on a picnic, about the only trouble you get is ants. But if you’re a Duke, it just don’t work out that way. Friends, this here musical is fixin’ to turn into a melodrama.


Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jesse have a picnic and the three younger Dukes sing ‘Mama’s Don’t let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys’ while Bo and Luke both play guitars. Meanwhile down the road, a woman in a brown car is fleeing from two men in another car. The woman, Mary Lou, tells the infant next to her that she won’t let them get him. While the two men try to overtake Mary Lou, they nearly collide into another car and are ran off the road.

As the Dukes continue their picnic, Mary Lou sees their car. She stops, quickly putting Jamie in the General Lee and writing a note before kissing the baby and leaving, knowing the two men will rejoin the chase soon enough. As the Dukes pack up, they head to the car when the brown car with the two men pull up. They ask if the Dukes’ saw an old beat up blue car, which they all deny before the two men continue on their way. As they reach the General, they are surprised to find the baby inside along with the note. The family realize that the person knows them and while Jesse proposes to take the baby to Rosco, the kids protest and Jesse agrees they should take the baby back to the farm.

Down the road, Rosco is sleeping in his car and Flash wakes him by barking. Enos, who is parked next to him, tells Rosco that trapping people like they are isn’t right, proper, or honest. Rosco says he is going to ‘ain’t himself out of a job’ and tells Enos to ‘monkey see, monkey do’ before they spot the General Lee. The two give chase, starling the Dukes and Bo knows he can’t’ drive like he normally would because of the baby. Luke assures Bo they will take care of the baby and for Bo just to lose them. Bo goes by a fruit stand that Rosco drives through, getting his car covered in a tarp and not able to see as he drives. Accidentally getting turned around, Rosco hits Enos, who gives up the chase to check on Rosco. Jesse says that the lord looks after babies, drunkards, and fools and Bo says Rosco must fit in there somewhere as he’s alright.

The two men catch up to Mary Lou and are angry that the baby is missing. They ask what she did with the baby to which she says it’s none of their business as it’s her baby. He says it is their business and as the men threaten her, a truck pulls up. The driver asks if they need a hand and Mary Lou uses the distraction to get into her car and escape. Baldwin wants to follow her but Fielding points out they don’t want her, they want the baby and since the only place she could have left the baby was the orange car, that was where they needed to start looking.

Fielding calls his boss, Emerson P. Craig and explains what happened. Craig says he doesn’t care how they do it, but he wants the baby and to take care of anyone who gets in their way. Craig says he is two hours away from Hazzard, and the investigators promise to have results.

Duke Farm

As the Dukes set about trying to help, Bo wonders how they can take care of the baby and Daisy says for him not to worry about it as she will do it. Jesse says it will be fun to have a baby around again, as the baby is about the size of Bo and Luke when they got there. Bo and Luke deny ever being that small and Bo teases Luke, saying he used to suck his thumb which Luke quickly denies. Jamie gets upset and Jesse says that is more like Bo, how he used to scream all the time when he wanted something and Luke says not much has changed. Bo wants to go find the mother and Luke says that the blue car is probably what the mother was driving. As they leave, Jesse goes to find one of the boys old bassinets.

Police Department

Boss has a meeting with Enos and Rosco, showing them finance data from 1978 to 1983. He says the county budget has increased while the income has gone down. Boss insults Rosco and Enos saying they have nearly driven the county to bankruptcy. Boss takes them outside, showing them a truck full of crushed police cars. Rosco tries to blame Enos but Enos points out it was both of them.


Mary Lou returns to Hazzard.

Police Department

Boss announces he is implementing his new ‘Hoggonomics’ confusing the officers. Rosco asks what he means and Rosco takes them outside, showing them two horses. He asks if they can ride, to which Rosco says no and Boss says he better learn because from now on they will be on horses.


Bo and Luke are out looking for Mary Lou while Fielding and Baldwin are looking for them. The two cars drive by each other on the road. The two give chase, surprising Bo and Luke. Bo recognizes them as they force Luke to stop the car. Bo and Luke get out, unamused and Fielding says they are private investigators on urgent business. Bo asks what they want and Baldwin asks if they have seen a six month old baby. Baldwin pushes Bo aside to check the General, frustrating him. Bo and Baldwin get in each other’s faces. Fielding pulls out a gun, pointing it at Bo and saying they aren’t playing games. Luke quickly tells Luke to start taking. They attack the two men, but Baldwin pulls out a gun, shooting it in the air. Baldwin tells them to stay where they are and Luke says Bo better listen to the man since he couldn’t’ handle him. Bo and Luke bicker for a moment before attacking the men again, this time switching partners and knocking them both down to escape in the General. The two men follow. Bo cuts across country before jumping the General Lee. The two determine they can’t make it and try to stop before losing a tire. The boys decide to head back to the farm to warn the others.

Mary Lou runs out of gas and is forced to walk to find a gas station.

Police Department

Emerson arrives at the Police Department and meets Boss, who recognizes him as one of the lead cotton tycoons in the country. Boss invites him into his office, but Craig declines saying he is there on an urgent matter. He explains that he is looking for his kidnapped infant grandson, who was kidnapped by the babies mother after he was awarded full custody. He adds that he is offering a $25,000 reward for the baby’s safe return. Boss agrees to assist him and Craig says that his men are looking for an orange car. Boss says that must be the Duke Family and agrees to take Craig to the farm.


Mary Lou is getting gas at a station and tries to use a phone to call the Duke Farm but the phone is out of order. She takes the gas can back to her car.

Duke Farm

As Daisy watches over Jamie, Bo and Luke explain what happened to her and Jesse. Jesse says this is getting serious and they should call Rosco, but Daisy protests that she has a feeling that they can’t involve the police and the boys are with Daisy. Hearing someone arriving, the Dukes agree to have Daisy and Jamie hide until they discover who their guest is.

Outside, Daisy and Jamie are hidden behind a hay pile and Boss and Emerson get out, yelling for the Dukes. Jesse, Bo, and Luke come out, asking what is going on. Boss asks for the baby and Luke asks what baby are they talking about. Emerson tells the Dukes that he wants his grandson. He tells the Dukes that two years ago, his son Roger married a woman who worked in his Cotton Mills, against his wishes and orders. Craig says he didn’t’ approve of the ‘little girl’ because she was a ‘nobody who was raised on a grubby farm’. The Dukes become offended by how he is talking, and Craig continues to explain that after his son’s death, he got custody of Jamie, declaring the mother unfit due to her background. He tells them that the mother was Mary Lou Tompkins and the Dukes become even more upset, having known her and her parents, Bill and Bonny. Jesse scolds Craig for his mixed up values and Boss is surprised. Craig concludes the Dukes stole the baby and demands to know where the officers are.

The Dukes are stunned as Rosco and Enos arrive on horses. Luke asks what in the world is that and Boss introduces the officers to Craig. Craig demands they search the farm but Jesse says that without a warrant they have no right. Craig insists they do, but Boss admits that Jesse is correct in this case and they need to return to town to get one. Angry, Emerson yells that they are all a bunch of country bumpkins and his lawyer is coming up from Savannah with a court order. He leaves and Boss asks the Dukes for a ride. Bo says they are too busy and Rosco offers to let Boss ride on his horse. The three Dukes are amused as the officers help Boss on the horse, but he’s backwards. Boss says he isnt’ going to try again so Enos helps Rosco on and they ride off. The three rush off to check on Daisy and the baby.

Unable to let anyone find the baby, Daisy agrees to go hide out with Jamie. Bo suggests they hide out at the old saw mill since the plumbing still works and hardly anyone goes out there. Jesse says it’s a good idea.


Boss, Rosco, and Enos head back to town.

Mary Lou gets gas in the car and continues to drive.

Saw Mill

Bo, Luke, Daisy, and Jamie arrive at the Hazzard saw mill. The boys help get Daisy set up, saying it’s gonna have to do. Daisy tells them she will do anything to keep Jamie safe.


Craig meets up with Fielding and Baldwin. Craig orders them to watch the Duke’s.

Saw Mill

Bo tells Jamie and Daisy to take care of themselves while the boys are gone. Luke says if there is any trouble to call them and tell them ‘condition red’. Daisy agrees and puts Jamie down for a nap.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke go to Gary Butler’s Law office in town. Gary tells the boys that the court order doesn’t matter as long as they get an injection from a judge. The boys thank him before leaving. Meanwhile Boss and Rosco return to Hazzard. Enos asks if he should get Cooter to get the cars running again but Boss refuses. He says he doesn’t care about Craig, but they need the money. Boss goes back into the office and Rosco has Enos help him onto the horse. Unfortunately Enos helps too much, tossing Rosco over the horse and into a bush.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke fill Jesse in on what they learned. They say they need a judge to help them and they say they thought Jesse could get Druten to help them. Jesse says it’s hard to tell with the old warhorse but it’s worth a try. Meanwhile they get a phone call and Bo answers it. Mary Lou says that it’s Jamie’s mother and she is surprised when Bo addresses her by name. Bo explains the situation and she asks to see him. Bo asks where she is, and she says about 25 miles out from Hazzard. Bo and Mary Lou set up a meeting at Jensen’s Hollow. Meanwhile Baldwin is listening in on the conversation from a phone line.

Police Department

Boss eases himself into a chair full of pillows when Jesse comes in saying they need to talk. Boss is still upset about being kicked off the farm. Jesse demands for his help and Boss reminds him that Jesse costed him a reward and wouldn’t even give him a ride to town. Craig storms in with the court order. As Boss looks it over, Jesse tries to talk to Craig. Craig insults anyone who lives in the country, upsetting Boss. Craig threatens to destroy the whole town if Boss doesn’t do what he wants. Furious, Boss says they won’t take him threatening them like that. Fielding and Baldwin come in, informing Craig they have a lead and the three leave. Boss promises to help Jesse anyway he can. Jesse thanks him and they agree to locate Druten.


Bo confirms they arent’ being followed.

In another car, Fielding informs Craig they are five miles from Jensen Hollow. Craig wants to stake out the place to avoid being spotted.

Enos and Rosco are hiding beside the road, seeing Craigs car pass by. The men are unamused but Craig decides to stop and get Rosco, as having any excuse of law there would be beneficial. They stop the car and force Rosco to get inside, leaving the horse with Enos.

Saw Mill

Daisy sees Jamie has woken up and picks him up from the crib.

Jensen Hollow

Bo and Luke arrive to see Mary Lou. The three happily reunite, sharing stories about the old days saying it’s been ten years. Bo recalls the day he nearly blew up Mr. Broom’s science class to everyone’s amusement. They talk about Jamie and Mary Lou is upset to learn Mr. Craig is in Hazzard. Meanwhile Craig and the rest are listening in the conversation. She gets in the car with the boys and they leave, Craig and the others following.


Rosco, annoyed with how he’s being treated as well as how the men talk about the Dukes and learning Boss is helping the Dukes, starts firing his pistol in the air saying he’s trying to kill a chicken hawk. It alerts the Duke’s to their presence and furious, Craig has Rosco left on the side of the road. As Luke tries to evade the men, Bo tells Mary Lou not to worry as he taught Luke everything he knows. Luke says Bo is crazy and that he put that car together while Bo was still riding a bike. Fielding starts shooting at them and they see a water truck coming at them. The boys evade it but it runs Craig and the others off the road, causing them to lose the General.

Luke is worried that they brought the men too close to Daisy and Jamie and decide to head back to town. Bo assures Mary Lou that they will call Daisy in the meantime to make sure everything is alright. Daisy responds and Bo tells her to sit tight for now.

Police Department

Jesse and Boss call around, looking for Judge Druten. They have no luck until another phone rings and Boss learns that Druten is fishing. Meanwhile the boys arrive and introduce Mary Lou again. Boss tells everyone that Druten is bass fishing at Spruce Lake. The boys decide to go find him, asking Mary Lou to stay with Jesse. Jesse tells the boys if they have any trouble, tell Druten that he said ‘Bear Trap’. The boys ask what it means and Jesse tells them never mind, just to pass the message along.


Craig and the others look at every location along the road the boys were going to find Daisy and the baby.

Spruce Lake

Bo and Luke arrive and find Judge Druten. They try to explain what is going on but Druten tells them he’s fishing and he isn’t leaving. The boys tell him Jesse’s message and Druten is frustrated but agrees to go along with the boys, telling them to get him out of the lake.


The three arrive at the sawmill.


Curious, Bo asks the judge what ‘bear trap’ means and Druten explains that Jesse saved his life from a bear trap once. He then asks the boys to tell him about the custody battle.


Craig and the others approach the sawmill and Craig, annoyed by Fielding's cigar, tells him to put it out. Fielding tosses it aside and the cigar, unknown to any of them, catches fire on the leaves. Craig continues to cough, alerting Daisy to their presence. Daisy calls over the radio a code red, which Jesse, Boss, and Mary Lou heard. They are unable to contact Daisy though as Daisy flees from the mill.


Boss and the others head toward the saw mill. The boys and Druten head toward the mill, not knowing any of this.


Daisy flees up toward the trees and Craig and his men see a massive fire starting to consume the area. The three men notice her and accidently chase Daisy into the fire.


Jesse tells Boss to drive faster and Boss tries to assure them they are almost there. Jesse notices the fire, to Boss and Mary Lou’s horror. Jesse quickly puts in a call for the fire department. In the General, Bo, Luke, and the Judge hear the call. Bo and Luke come in from the back way.


Daisy is pushed further into the fire, begging the baby for forgiveness as she coughs on the smoke. Meanwhile Craig and the others intend to try and make a path through the fire but it’s too much for them.

As the boys continue, Luke tells Bo to stop when he sees a water truck. Luke gets out and gets the truck while Bo and Druten continue driving. Luke gets the truck.

Daisy escapes into a pond and Jamie continues to scream in fear. Daisy tries to assure him it’s fine.

Jesse, Boss, and Mary Lou arrive, seeing a few people have also come to try and help get the fire under control. Another pickup arrives with Enos and Rosco in it as well. Citizens start grabbing sacks and shovels, trying to smother the flames as much as they can.

Bo stops at the edge of the fire, telling Druten that he’s going to drive right through that and if the judge wants out, now is the time. Druten says he is with Bo all the way and Bo thanks him. Luke arrives behind him, saying he is going to keep spraying the General with water. Bo tells him to stay close and the three of them drive to two vehicles into the fire.

Jesse and Mary Lou find Craig and ask if they saw Daisy and the baby. Craig admits they chased Daisy into it. Jesse is furious and asks that Craig doesn’t mind the lowly farmers coming out to help him with his mistakes. Craig says he deserved that, that he’s been wrong in how he was treating them and he would do anything to save his grandson. He offers to even let the baby stay with Mary Lou, which Mary Lou and Jesse celebrate for a moment. Meanwhile Boss, Rosco, and Enos try to help direct the fire  and express their concern for Daisy.

Bo and Luke talk on the CB, concluding Daisy probably went to the pond. Bo says he’ll drive in that direction and for Luke to stay right behind him. In the pond, Daisy again apologizes to the baby, concluding this might be it. However to her surprise and joy, she sees the General Lee. Bo and Luke come running to her and help her and Jamie out of the pond. They get Daisy into the General Lee and Bo hands her Jamie. Bo then keeps driving the General as Luke follows in the water truck.

As the farmers continue to confront the fire, the General Lee and the water truck drives out and everyone takes a moment to celebrate before returning to trying and getting control of the fire.

Balladeer: Well, there you have it. Mary Lou was finally reunited with her baby. For the moment anyway. Boss, Rosco, and Enos was happy too. Mr. Craig gave the county a large check for al  the trouble that he had caused. Which balanced the budget and got Rosco and Enos their patrol cars back, which took some color out of the Hazzard Police. Y’all notice that Daisy’s got kinda a funny look in her eye? Uh-oh!

Mary Lou gets her baby back, which Craig is happy to see. Druten informs Craig that he is intending to review the case but Craig rips up the court order. Everyone celebrates the action

Police Department

At the Police department, the Dukes, Boss, Rosco, and Enos watch Mary Lou leave with Craig and the others. Craig shakes Jesse’s hand, thanking them for their help. He then gives Boss the promised reward, meaning the police officers no longer had to ride horses. The Dukes and Mary Lou wave goodbye to Craig as he leaves. Mary Lou let’s Daisy hold Jamie, and Daisy comments she should get one of her own. Bo says she has them.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Bo and Luke can play the guitar
  • It is reiterated that Bo and Luke were both babies when they came to the Duke Farm to live
  • Boss forces Rosco and Enos to ride horses due to how many cars they have crashed
    • Rosco learns how to ride a horse in this episode
  • Bo and Mary Lou are the same age, having homeroom together. They also had science class together, recalling how Bo almost blew up the science lab by accident
  • Judge Druten returns having last been seen in Baa, Baa White Sheep. He and Jesse are old fishing and hunting buddies.


  • Janeen Best is the daughter of actor James Best, who played as Rosco.
  • The beginning of the episode has the Duke Family singing 'Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys' which was first recorded by Ed Bruce and later recorded by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson in January of 1978