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Abel is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


A retired Federal Agent, he had spent many years trying to catch Moonshine Runners. He became friends with many over the years, including Sam, Homer, Jesse Duke, and Boss Hogg. He retires sometime before 1979.


Days of Shine and Roses[]

Every year he gathers together the retired moonshiners for a get together. He gathers some footage from the moonshiner’s old adventures and puts together a video to show them at the 32nd annual gathering. He is slightly unamused when Bo and Luke boo when a Sheriff comes on the screen. After the video the citizens of Hazzard cheer for him and one asks him how he was able to put the video together. He explains that just because he is a retired revenuer doesn’t mean he doesn’t have friends in the department. After they celebrate he hears a fight break out between Boss Hogg and Jesse that ends with them agreeing to a race that will occur in three days.