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Abraham Lincoln Hogg (Baa, Baa White Sheep) v2
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Abraham Lincoln Hogg (b. April 6, 1926) is a fictional character on the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard and the twin brother of Boss Hogg.

He's a very wealthy man, like his twin brother, but despite his wealth and power, he is in many ways the complete opposite of Boss Hogg. Where Boss Hogg is named for Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederate States and leader of the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln Hogg was named for Abraham Lincoln, the President of the United States and commander-in-chief of the Union Army.

Unlike Boss Hogg, who wears an all-white suit, drives a white Cadillac, and is morally corrupt, Abraham Lincoln Hogg wears black minister's clothes, drives a black Cadillac, and is honest and pious.

Abraham Lincoln Hogg is described by his brother as the "white sheep" of the Hogg family and the shame of the whole Hogg clan.

Unlike the other Hoggs, Abraham made all his money legally, and travels around the world doing good works.


Abraham Lincoln Hogg grew up in Hazzard with his twin brother Jefferson Davis Hogg and at least two more brothers. He considers Jesse Duke his oldest and dearest friend. As a child he had a pet dog. At some point he leaves Hazzard to travel the world and do good works. During his travels he had come across oil wells in South America, emerald mines in Venezuela, lumber mills in Brazil, cattle ranches in Argentina, and a number of other profitable enterprises. He gives all the profits for charity. After many years of no one hearing from him, Boss has him legally declared dead in 1975. But Abraham Lincoln Hogg is very much alive


Baa, Baa White Sheep[]

Abraham Lincoln Hogg in his black limo

While arriving in Hazzard, he sees Daisy Duke and Rosco on

the slide of the road. He and his driver stop and Rosco tells them it’s ‘check the Dukes day’ mistaking him for Boss Hogg. Abraham stands up and Rosco asks about his suit and car. Daisy tells them to never mind the clothes and points out the sign saying it’s phony. Curious, Abraham gets out of the car, asking if it’s a fact surprising Daisy. He tells Rosco in polite words that he is framing Daisy. As Daisy and Rosco argue he notices Flash in Rosco’s car, happy to see the dog. Rosco says he’s taking Daisy into custody and he tells Rosco that he really should ‘relinquish her from custody’. Rosco is stunned and Daisy happily leaves. Rosco asks if he fells okay and he says he feels fine. Daisy thanks him and hugs him before leaving and he waves good by saying ‘bless you’. Rosco

tells him he just blessed a Duke and he says he blesses Rosco too once Rosco takes down the unauthorized and deceitful sign.

Abraham Hogg

He arrives at the Duke Farm and greets Jesse with a hug. He says that after all those years away the very first person he had to come see in Hazzard was his oldest and dearest friend, Jesse. Jesse says he’s glad he did but he scared Jesse and Jesse thought he was pushing up daisies in some foreign country. They catch up and he tells Jesse about his adventures.

After catching up with Jesse, he and his driver follow Jesse into town. He and Boss see each other in town and approach each other to look over each other. He shakes his brothers’ hand. When Jesse speaks on his behalf to the group, he says he always tried to follow the old rule, it is better to give than receive. Jesse introduces Daisy and Luke, confirming he met Daisy on the road. They explain that they came to town to bail out Luke but Boss let Luke work his way out. Boss says it took him 60 years to do it, but he finally beat Abraham at a good dead. Abraham says he won’t be staying long, he has to leave just as soon as the will is read. Daisy says that is too bad and reminds him he was legally declared dead. He says he’s sure his brother had a good reason for that. Luke jokes they can get him a new birth certificate and he asks why not as he feels just as young as he ever did. He sees Flash and says they had one just like him as kids before petting Flash. He tells Jesse that Flash licked him.

Jesse tells him that now that this is all resolved they should go back to the farm for corn fritters. He agrees but says he first wants to drop off his car at the local garage for lubrication. Luke says that isn’t a problem and they will run it to Cooter. He invites Luke and Daisy to ride with him and tells Boss they will see him at six for the reading.

Boss calls Abraham while he is at the Duke Farm and asks if he remembers the little town Finchburg that is across the state line. He says that the Sheriff’s pension fund was running short and he decides to go make a donation.

He arrives in Finchburg and is saddened to see the destroyed hydrant. He is surprised when the Sheriff points a gun at him before accusing him of doing it and declaring he is under arrest. He tries explain he’s never been there before and only came to make a donation to the Sheriff’s fund. The sheriff says he’s adding attempted bribery and tells him to get moving. He offers for the Sheriff to go first but goes into the jail.

While in jail, he sits reading until Luke and Daisy come in. He is stunned when they put a sack over the guard and steal the keys to his cell. He asks them to come to their senses as they shouldn’t arrange a jailbreak. Luke explains that if they don’t get Abraham to the reading of the will, Boss is likely to spend the rest of his life in jail. Daisy explains they have 20 minutes to get there and he goes with them, Luke helping him in the General. He compliments the car as they leave.

On the road he is getting tossed around and Daisy tries to help but he comments it sure is hard on a man’s head. He says he would sooner go down the Niagara falls then ride on that route again. Luke says that the only good roads are the ones that lead to Boss’ properties as he has the paving company to which Abraham remarks ‘yep, that’s my brother’.

While in the car with Daisy and Luke, they hear Cooter on the C.B. tell them that Boss just changed into a black suit. Luke says Boss is pretending to be him and Daisy says Boss will get away with him. Luke says they might have a witness.

They stop and pick up Flash, Abraham greeting the dog. As they go into town, Luke announces the breaks are gone. Daisy says it looks like they are going to stop and he tells them to say their prayers as they crash through the county building. After he remarks that Luke and Daisy look alright, that they are alive and not hurt. He gets out of the car, asking Jesse how he is doing. He sees Boss and approaches him. He asserts he’s Abraham and Druten gets upset. He says he was going to give the land for the public. Luke pulls out Flash and he goes and pets her, revealing to everyone that he is real Abraham and allowing the dog to lick him.

He gives his share of the inheritance to Jesse to give to the Veteran’s organization. He then hitchhikes out, having given his car to his driver. However his former driver picks him up to give him a ride. He says goodbye to the Dukes as he leaves.


Sorrell Booke played the roles of both Boss Hogg and Abraham Lincoln Hogg.

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