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Ace's Auto Yard

Ace's Clean Used Cars is a car lot in Hazzard County. Around 1979 it was the only used car dealership in Hazzard. It was co-owned by Boss Hogg and Ace Parker. A few characters had remarked that nothing on the lot had been obtained legally.

Ace's Building is shared with another business of 'Darlene's House of Beauty'


Repo Men[]

Ace manages to get a Rolls Royce and a car Richard Petty wrecked on his lot. At that time he had 11 cars, 8 of which were stolen and only 7 that would start. He sells the Rolls to a group of people despite having been told to hold it for Lulu Hogg’s birthday. Boss Hogg tells him to repossess the Rolls but due to his concerns over the customers, Ace sends Bo and Luke instead.

Boss Hogg gives Ace a number of registrations to wrecked vehicles to match up to the cars on his lot in order to make them appear that he legally acquired them. He informs Boss that he had just agreed to also sell the Richard Petty wreck to Bo and Luke and will need a registration to use for that, but Boss refuses saying that without it the boys will be thought to have stolen the car.

Later Bo and Luke damage one of the cars on the property by shooting out three of its tires. Ace sells them the Richard Petty wreck to make up the failed Repo job, however he works with Boss Hogg to use the car to frame them for car theft.

After the Rolls is repossessed and tired of all the double crossing, the Dukes and Cooter break into the car lot and take all the cars to the crusher where they turn every car into a cube and leave them in the garage.