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Ace Parker is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard. He is the owner of Ace's Clean Auto.


Repo Men[]

Hazzard county’s number two used car dealer despite the fact he owned the only one at the time.

The weekend before, Ace illegally comes in possession of a car that Richard Petty wrecked while doing tire commercials in the area. He sells a Rolls Royce to a group of three before going back into his garage where Lulu and Boss Hogg are waiting. Boss tells him that he was supposed to hold the car for Lulu and Ace apologizes but says the car was already sold when Lulu picked it out. When Lulu tells them that she already told everyone in the ladies club that Boss was going to get her that car, Boss asks Ace what is he going to do about it and he shrugs. Lulu tells Ace that this is going to ruin her birthday and he needs to make this right. When Lulu gets upset, Boss tells him to repossess that car. Ace argues that Boss doesn’t know what he’s asking as those guys were big, mean, and ‘yankee-talking’. Boss asks if the people paid cash for the car and Ace says they used a check. Boss says it’s no good and Ace argues that it is and he already called the bank to ensure it would clear. Boss tells him he owns half the bank and that he says it’s no good and Boss says he owns half of Ace’s business and he will ruin half of Ace’s life if he doesn’t repossess that Rolls. Boss and Lulu then step out, allowing Ace to sit down and work on some forms while Bo and Luke Duke come in.

Bo and Luke approach Ace and ask how much he wants for Richard Petty car. He tells them it is $700 as they both know what it is and what it’s worth. Bo says they’ll take it but Ace says that since they don’t make whiskey anymore, they don’t have that much money. Luke tells him if they give him $200 he can hold it. Ace says he’s holding it now, that it’s on special and tomorrow the price will be raised to $1,000. Bo asks how come and he tells them because they need it and he has it and it’s the only one around. Bo decides to leave and Ace calls them back saying he’ll reconsider if they do a repossession job for him. Offended, Bo refuses but Luke decides to hear him out. Ace tells them that he got a hot check and he needs the Rolls back. Ace tells them that if they repossess the Rolls, he’ll sell them the car for $200. Bo tells him no way, but Luke agrees. Bo takes the keys and the papers and Ace explains he always keeps a key for every car just in case they need to repossess it.

He watches the boys leave before going outside and informing Boss Hogg that Bo and Luke will be repossessing the car. Boss asks if the boys know what they are walking into and Ace smiles before saying they don’t. He laughs for a moment about it but Boss just glares at him. Boss pulls him aside, telling him to listen and listen good because Ace is ‘stupid prone’. Boss pulls out an envelope, showing him the ownership titles to all the cars that have been completely wrecked in Hazzard and saying there are no cars to currently go with them. He tells Ace to match the titles up with the cars on Ace’s lot that don’t have titles. Looking over the titles, Ace says that the first one will go with a green car on his lot before saying he needs a few more of them. Boss nods and goes to walk away as Ace adds that he will also need one for the Richard Petty wreck he just sold the Dukes. Boss turns back to him in surprise and he tells Ace that they won’t need one. He tells Ace that that if the boys don’t have a registration for the car then it will be presumed stolen, meaning the boys broke probation on top of car theft. Ace laughs and says that is just beautiful. The two laugh together.

Later he is at his car lot when he see’s Bo and Luke speed up. Realizing they must know he set them up, he runs to one of his cars, getting in and locking all the doors. Bo and Luke approach the car, Bo pulling out a bow and Luke a chainsaw. Ace tells them that he gives up and to let him explain. Luke asks how he could set them up like that, sounding amused as Bo starts shooting out the tires. Ace tells Luke that he gives up and Bo says he can’t give up because they aren’t done yet. Luke informs him that when Bo is done with all the tires he is going to saw the car Ace is in in half, horrifying the man. Ace begs for them to listen before getting out and telling them he will sell them the car for $200 and he doesn’t want any hard feelings with the boys.

Ace drives to the Boar’s Nest and goes to see Boss and Lulu, telling them he had a problem getting the Rolls back. Lulu snaps he has a problem walking up right. Boss asks him what the problem is and he explains Bo and Luke blew the job. He listens as Lulu offers a compromise and informs Boss that there is a brand new Rolls on a lot in Atlanta. After Lulu tells Boss the price of the Rolls, he reminds her that that price doesn’t include air. Furious, Boss yells at him to get the Rolls before sending him away.

He and Boss agree to set up Bo and Luke and he calls Boss to let him know when the boys leave with the car he sold them. After the boys are arrested he goes to the court house where he talks to Rosco and Boss. Bo and Luke approach them and he moves away with Rosco as Boss convinces the boys to attempt the reposession again.

The next day after the Rolls is returned, he arrives to see Bo, Luke, and Jesse at his shop messing with his drink machine after it failed to give the drink but took Bo’s money. He yells at them to leave it alone and informs them there is a whole set of laws to protect the machines. He is surprised by the Hogg’s arrival and informs them that the Rolls has been under lock and key. As the Dukes leave he is shocked to notice all his cars are gone. Inside the garage he is horrified to see all the cars were cubed. Boss tells him to get Lulu a Rolls by sun down ‘or you know where this will be’ handing him the hood ornament. Bo and Luke then taunt him as they drive away.