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Agent Caldwell is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Diamonds in the Rough[]

While at work he gets a call from Jesse Duke in Hazzard. Jesse tells him about how Bo and Luke saw a drop of a bag of diamonds and took them back to the house. He asks if he can speak to one of the boys and Bo Duke is put on the phone. He tells Bo that he and Luke have been very helpful and that a shipment of diamonds was being flown to the Atlanta Diamond Exchange when the plane was hijacked. Bo asked was he said and he explains the pilot managed to radio that much back before they were taken over. He says it was a well planned inside job who’s leader was a woman who infiltrated the exchange as a diamond merchant and has done it before. Bo remarks she sounds like a real nice lady. He says he will leave for Hazzard immediately and should be at the Farm around 5 o’clock. Bo tells him that he’s got nothing to worry about as the diamonds are in good hands and nobody but them and the sharp shooters know they are there before he hangs up.

While heading to Hazzard he has an issue with his car. Cooter Davenport is called to assist him. He gets on the C.B. and calls for Jesse. Jesse answer it. He tells him he is Caldwell and he spoke to him earlier. He explains that he is having some trouble with his car. He says he should be at the Duke Farm in a certain amount of time, looking to Cooter who tells him about a half hour. He relays that to Jesse and Cooter says ‘if your lucky’ which he also relays. Cooter adds ‘real lucky’ which he again relays. Jesse confirms.

Cooter gets him back on the road and he heads to the Farm. As he drives he hears a conversation on the CB between two men who remark that the Dukes are chasing the one and the other is one their way. He says ‘so am I gentlemen, so am I.’

As he drives down the road he sees a group of cars headed toward him taking up the whole road. Yelling ‘oh no!’ he stops the car and is nearly hit by the front two. The third car skids to a stop, hitting Mason’s car into his.

He gets out as he sees Lisa take the diamonds from Bo and Luke. He announces he is FBI, taking Lisa’s gun and the Diamonds. Boss and Rosco try to claim the diamonds but he explains he is FBI. He yells for everyone to be quiet before saying if there is anyone named Duke around he would be obliged if they speak up. Luke and Bo introduce themselves and he shakes their hands, thanking them. He arrests Lisa, Frank, and Lenny.