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Agent Callas is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Swamp Molly[]

One of the two FBI agents sent into Hazzard to investigate a report of a truck full of guns with his partner Agent Swan. He goes to see Sheriff Rosco Coltrane, and seeing how alarmed the sheriff is asks him to just relax and tell him what happened. Rosco agrees and tells him that he was on night duty and was having some coffee when he got a phone call about a flying saucer. Rosco says he thought it was a drunk and he nods with a smile telling Rosco to continue.

Rosco tells them that there were several calls that came in that night and he got multiple calls through the week about red lights in the sky. He asks Rosco if he investigated the event and Rosco says he did but he wasn’t looking for a flying saucer. He asks Rosco what he thought it was and is startled when Rosco tells him swamp gas. He turns to his partner in confusion and Rosco explains that is where he saw the hallucination. He asks Rosco if he means the truck of illegal fire arms and Rosco confirms. He tells the agent that he thought he was going ‘squirrly’. Agent Swan is unamused. Callas says that Rosco called them and Rosco says he did but that was before he knew it was a hallucination. Rosco says after the truck went ‘blip’ out of sight and Agent Callas confirms ‘just one blip’.


Agent Swan

Rosco gets upset saying they have no idea what a strain this

could be and he just nods before asking Rosco when was the last time he had checked with his doctor. Rosco tells him he can’t afford to check with him and Agent Callas signals to his partner to leave, Swan saying Rosco is a flying lunatic.