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Agent Walden, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Undercover Dukes Part 1[]

Learning Mary Beth is headed to Hazzard, he follows her motorhome. He calls his boss, saying he knows time is running out and if the Carver girl stops in Hazzard, he’ll ‘get it done then.’ They pull into the Boar's Nest.

After parking he watches Mary Beth and the others go into the bar. He sneaks into the motorhome and starts planting wires in various places. He hears an engine and looks out the window to see Bo and Luke Duke arrive in the General Lee. He returns to planning bugs until he trips on something. He notices Bo and Luke looking at him through the window and sees the boys move to the door. Deciding he can’t be caught sneaking around, he grabs a stereo to make it look like he was stealing and rushes out, smacking Bo with the door as he does. He gets in his car and drives away but both boys leap on the front of the car. Luke immediately rolls off but Bo hangs on for a few moments longer before also falling off. He drives off down the road and the boys chase after him in their car.

While running from Bo and Luke, he nearly is ran off the road by Rosco. The boys lose a tire and are forced to stop the chase.

He calls his superiors, giving them the General’s license plate and a description of Bo and Luke saying he wants to know everything there is to know about the boys and he wants it fast.

While listening to the bugs, he hears Bo and Luke being offered a racing contract by J.J. Carver for his daughter.

After Bo and Luke leave, he follows them in his car. When Bo goes off road, he follows and gets stuck. He gets out of the car to wait for the boys as they come back around. When the boys arrive, he holds up his hands and tells them that before they do anything to make him sorry for, he wants to show them something. He pulls out his badge saying he is a federal agent. Bo asks how he knew who they were and he says his name is Walden and he’s assigned to the strike force. When Luke questions that he says it’s a special unit involved in fighting organized crime. He says he checked them out and he knows he can trust them. He offers his car phone to Bo, saying he wants them to use it and check up on him. Bo tells Luke to do it so he can watch Walden himself.

When Luke finishes the call and confirms it, Bo says they owe him an apology. He explains to the boys that J.J. Carver is a head of an organized crime syndicate and they have been trying to put him away. He says in the past year two good agents have died trying to get into Carver’s operation. Luke says he doesn’t see how that concerns him and Bo. Walden says they learned something big is happening but they don’t exactly know what, where, or when. Bo says that isn’t telling them nothing and they still don’t know why he wants them. He says he heard their deal with Carver and that he bugged the motor home. Bo says they were only told about the car and he says it’s very likely Mary Beth doesn’t know anything about her daddy’s business but if they accept the offer they can be the foot in the door and they may see or hear something to put the scum where he belongs. Luke says he’s asking a lot of two country boys and Walden says he isn’t asking, their country is asking. Bo says it isn’t their decision and Luke says they need to talk to their family. Walden says that is impossible, it’s too dangerous because if Carver got suspicious and sent his boys over they could hurt Jesse and Daisy. He says if they decide to do this they have to give their word they won’t mention it to anybody, friend or family. Luke tells him to hang on before moving away with Bo.

The boys come back and Luke shakes his hand, saying he’s got a deal. He tells the boys they won’t be sorry and Luke says he hopes not. Luke says he got a feeling Carver don’t take too kindly to people double crossing him. He says they will meet again before the boys leave for Capitol City and discuss the details. The boys agree and leave.

Later he meets with Bo and Luke by a lake and tells the boys he will be outside the Capitol City Post Office every day from noon to one. Bo adds they also have the number at the treasury office in case of an emergency. He hands the boys a device, saying it’s the smallest mini camera there is and shows them how it works. He says it’s in case they see something that would interest them. He then addresses the boys saying he knows what a big personal sacrifice they are making and he wants them to know that if they get Carver, they will have done something no one else has been able to do. Luke says they will give it a shot and he shakes the boys hands before they leave.

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

On Saturday while he is outside the post office, Bo and Luke come up and all three pretend to be reading different papers. Luke tells him that the big meeting is going on that afternoon, during the race, at Carver’s home. He tells them very good and to stick with it and get them some pictures. He adds that it is too risky for them to meet again and after confirming no one is looking he hands a card to Luke, saying it’s the outer department number for emergencies only. As the boys prepare to leave, he wishes them luck and says he can’t tell them how much they have done already.

He returns to the office that afternoon and learns that Luke called and said the meeting is going down then and Luke is on his way to it. He leads a large group of federal agents to the Carver house. Along the way they encounter Luke, Boss, and Rosco. Luke gives him the film and he and his men arrest Carver and all their associates.