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Alabama Jones is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


The Law and Jesse Duke[]

While camping with her brothers Simon and Floyd, they are approached by Boss Hogg. She greets him, disgusted when he kisses her hand and Boss remarks there has been a lot of water under the bridge since the old Colonial City days. Boss informs then that all the law men in Hazzard went on strike. She tells him to go on and when he says the town is perched high and dry she laughs saying it sounds like the town is ripe for picking. She asks if this will be the same as last time, 50-50 and it doesn’t bother Boss to be robbing people from his own town. Boss says they all have robbery insurance. Boss says that if they did get caught, the Duke Family will take the fault. She asks who they are and Boss say she’ll know soon enough. He says it will be a surprise before leaving. She is confused but decides to take advantage of this, telling Floyd to gas up the truck and Simon to get the guns.

They go into town and rob a radio store, packing up their truck and leaving. As she drives she laughs asking ‘well ain’t we sittin’ pretty boys’. After a few minutes they notice an orange car following them. She hears Boss calling for her on the CB and she answers saying that they have trouble he said they wouldn't have. Boss asks if she means the Duke Boys she asks what Boss wants her to do with them. Boss says he doesn’t care how, but he tells her the what over the CB. She grins, amused, and agrees. Deciding on a plan to capture the boys, she tells her brothers to hold on before driving off the road and stopping. She watches Simon and Floyd try to capture Bo and Luke but the Dukes knock them down. She pulls out her gun telling them ‘time out’ and the two freeze. She says they fight just about as good as they drive. Bo remarks it’s too bad her friends don’t and Luke asks how she knows their names. She tells them it was a wild guess. She then has Floyd get some rope to tie them up.

They take Bo and Luke to the J.D. Hogg Warehouse and Storage building and she watches the boys after they are tied to a pole. When Bo asks Luke if he has anymore ideas, she tells him to be quiet. She reminds Bo she has the gun.

She calls Boss and Boss praises her, saying to take care of the boys. She tells him not to worry as she got them all tied up at his warehouse. She asks what to do with them now. Boss says now they lay the whole blame on the boys. She then watches Bo and Luke while her brothers go on another trip.

Luke calls out to her, addressing her as Ma’am and asking if there is any chance to get a drink of water. She is surprised, asking ‘ma’am’ and saying they are polite. Bo remarks it comes from being brought up right, something that she would know nothing about. Enraged she stands up telling Bo to take that back. He tells her ‘no way, ma’am’ Luke makes Bo apologize and she reaches out to grab his chin. Bo pulls away and she says says that’s better. She tells them not to run away as she goes to get them some water. When she finishes, she hears them escaping and throws the bucket of water in their faces before pulling a gun on them. She throws the gun, asking if they are still thirsty. Her brothers arrive, asking if there was trouble and she asks if she ever has trouble. She forced Bo and Luke back inside.

After re-tying the boys to the pole, she calls Boss and informs him of what happened. Boss praises her, to which she rolls her eyes. He says he wants her to move the items to Choctaw County. She says they will do that and Boss tells her to also take some pictures of Bo and Luke moving the goods for the Sheriff. She remarks she thought the Sheriff was on strike. Boss says the new sheriff will need the pictures. She says she doesn’t know or care who or what he’s raving about, but if it will keep the heat off her and her brothers, she will do just as he says.

When Floyd is forcing the boys to load the stolen goods in her RV, she calls out to them saying ‘say cheese boys’ and takes a picture of them. She comments the Sheriff is going to love it and that they are going to take one more just in case they closed their eyes. As she takes the picture, the boys bolt. She grabs her gun and shoots after them before getting in the pick up to chase as the boys drive the General Lee away. After a few moments she is told to let them go, which she does. When asked now what, she says they need to get back to the edge of town and give the pictures to Boss, after that the Dukes are his problem.

At the warehouse, she oversees her brothers loading up the goods, telling them to hurry up. As they finish, Floyd approaches her, saying they got company. She looks over the see the Duke Boys and the Sheriff’s car. Angry, she grabs the CB to call Boss. She tells him that the boys and the Sheriff are coming down on them. Boss says they aren’t supposed to be there and to get out of there. She tells her brothers to move it and gets in the drivers seat, driving away.

As she drives, she thinks she lost the Dukes but then they suddenly come back, making her ask where they came from. Floyd says they are gaining on them and she says if that if they can’t lose them then shoot them. Her brothers return telling her they ‘done it’ and she smiles, checking the rear view to see the boys are gone. She says she guesses the people are there scare real easy. She glances in the rear view to see Bo and snaps ‘here they come again’. Her brothers leave to shoot again. When they inform her one lost their gun, she yells for the other to use theirs. Bo forces her to pull over though and she gets out, being arrested by Jesse Duke.

After being locked in a cell, she scolds her brothers.