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Alan Fairchild, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Heiress Daisy Duke[]

Alan and Vonnie sit on the couch while Carter paces, wondering why Harry hasn’t called yet. Carter says that if they don’t find Vivian this time, he will call of the search before leaving the room. Vonnie says that they are going to be Carter’s sole heirs. He asks what if Harry actually does find the girl this time and Vonnie says they will kill her.

That night they watch Carter get a phone call and he informs them that Harry found Vivian. Carter leaves and he asks Vonnie what do they do now. Vonnie says to get a car that Harry hasn’t seen and they go to Hazzard. If it is Vivian, they will kill her.

The next morning, Alan and Vonnie stake out the Boar’s Nest and see a woman in a jeep pull up. He laughs, realizing this really must be Vivian. Vonnie says it is a shame she is going to die so young. They watch Jesse Duke come and confront Boss, Vivian, and Harry before the three get into a car and leave. They follow. Jesse gets between them and Vivian and Vonnie tells him to pass the old man. He runs the truck off the road. He then runs Harry off but sees no one is hurt. He asks if they try again and Vonnie confirms it but says not right now. They head home.

Alan and Vonnie stand side by side and Carter asks ‘Vivian’ a few questions before confirming it is her. Carter asks Vonnie and Alan to show Vivian around for a bit. They go outside and Vonnie suggests he takes Vivian for a ride up to Red Ridge Hill. He remarks that would be nice and asks Vivian. She agrees and he opens the car door for her before Vonnie tells him to do what she told him to do.

He stops at the top of the hill and Vivian asks if something is wrong. He says it seems like it and he better check. He gets out and cuts the break-line before getting back up and asking Vivian if she would drive it down the hill a few feet so he can check if they are losing any oil. She does and he watches the car go before remarking ‘goodbye Vivian Stewart’. He is surprised when the General Lee with Bo and Luke drives past him.

Bo, Luke, and Vivian come back and he pulls out a gun. Vivian scolds him saying the men just saved her life and he says they only temporarily saved her life. He hears a car horn and turns to it but Bo rushes him and hits him int the face, knocking him down and taking his gun.

He is arrested by the state police and learns it wasn't actually Vivian but a girl named Daisy.