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Alex is a reoccurring character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


At some point, Alex replaced Boss Hogg's young driver and began to work for Boss.


Season 1[]

Money to Burn[]

Alex drives Boss Hogg to the Coffin Works. He helps Rosco get the money from the bank out of the trunk. He goes to sleep in the front seat, not noticing when Bo and Luke sneak by the car. He is woken up by the arrival of some of Boss Hogg’s moonshine runners. They go upstairs with to get a coffin. He suggests one but is dismissed. He suggests a second one only for the man to explain that it is a real coffin and they need one with a false bottom. After they select one they carry it to the car. Later he goes to attend a fake funeral with Boss, Rosco, and Enos.

Route 7-11[]

Boss has him drive to where Rosco and Enos pulled over a truck. Speeding, he pulls the wheel, trying to stop due to the cluster of cars in the road and slides into Rosco’s car. Rosco starts yelling at him but Boss yells at Rosco instead.

Season 2[]

Gold Fever[]

Alex drives Boss to the Boar’s Nest to have dinner with H.H. Harkness. After dinner he rushes him back to the Bank, opening the door for him and Harkness and helping him out of the car.

The Rustlers[]

After Boss decides to go to the Tolliver Farm, he drives him there and opens the car door to allow Boss out. Later he drives Boss back to town. The next day he takes Boss Hogg to the Fair Grounds and nods along with Boss as Lulu Hogg lectures him over the C.B. When they see Bo and Luke coming up, Boss hands him the C.B. saying ‘Here Alex, you listen to her for a while’.

After Boss and Rosco learn Daisy knows where a prized horse is, Boss has Alex drive him to Kitrich Mines.

Road Pirates[]

Alex is driving Boss Hogg into town when they see Daisy pass by. Boss remarks that it is Daisy and the boys and Cletus are with her. He is told to follow her and he tries to turn around. However Rosco nearly runs into them and hits a fire hydrant. He is doused in water but manages to get out an umbrella and opens it for Boss in the back seat.

After Rosco reports that Daisy and Cletus went to Hobson’s old farm, he drives Boss there, pulling up alongside Rosco. They head off to the farm behind Rosco however he is forced to pull over when Cooter drives up with the General, but continues to drive back on the road under Boss’ order.

The Ghost of the General Lee[]

As he drives Boss to town, he is shocked and horrified to see the General Lee drive past him without a driver. Boss tells him to turn around and go after it, which he does. He follows the General Lee across a set of train tracks, nearly getting hit by a train and swerving off the road. He heads to the Boar’s Nest and they hear Luke talking on the C.B. saying that he is alive and not actually dead, implying Bo would be alive too. As he continues to drive, they pass a pick up, then the General and Rosco. Boss says he doesn’t know what is going on but they better be part of it and Alex turns around. They go into Sweetwater and get caught in a car pile up. He watches Lacey have Boss open his safe to find a watch that Boss claimed was stollen, clearing Bo and Luke’s name of stealing it.

Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough[]

Alex helps Boss set up a road block to keep Cale Yarborough from escaping Hazzard. When Jesse collides the General into Simon and Rowby’s car, they dive into the back of the car with him. He takes off to chase after the car. He follows Jesse down a dirt road, ignoring Simon and Rowby who are sitting up front with him. When the General stops, they get out to see it is only Jesse. They continue on the chase and he takes the right fork, following Bo and Luke. After the boys flee they set up a road block again. He watches the General Lee jump over the road block and escape.

People's Choice[]

During Boss’ reelection, he goes with Boss to the WHOGG radio station and reads a script to introduce Boss Hogg over the radio. He stands beside Boss as he does his speech.

On Thursday after the election he takes Boss back to the county building.

Duke of Duke[]

Alex drives Boss over to the Sheriff’s Impound yard and he sees that Bo, Luke, and Gaylord Duke are all painting signs. Boss then taps his shoulder to tell him to drive on,which he does.

Alex is driving Boss to Coreyville when they are stopped by road work signs. Boss tells him to get the barriers out of the way and he says ‘yes Sir, Boss’ but before he can a skunk is dropped in the car. He flees from the car. He runs to Roger, who Boss is now working with, and Enos. After they say the skunk is gone, he removes the signs and continues to drive. When they arrive, he waits in the car.

When Boss comes out he tells Alex to take him any place there ain’t no Dukes.

Treasure of Hazzard[]

Boss has him drive out to Henderson Ridge and he watches while Lester looks around with a metal detector for treasure. When the detector starts to beep, he grinns and Lester starts to dig. Alex protests, stunned, when Lester starts flinging dirt into the car. He covers his head with both arms for protection.

After a while he rests in the car while Boss and Lester argue.

Return of the Ridge Raiders[]

While taking Jesse to a bigger prison, he drives Boss to follow the group with a number of young women in the car. As he drives, Amos’ car pulls out in front of him and smoke is spread everywhere. He manages to stay on the road and pulls over to check on Enos and Buster. Boss tells him to get after the Ridge Raiders and the Dukes so he does. Alex listens to Boss scold the police for letting the Dukes get away. They leave to head to Boss’ office in town.

R.I.P. Henry Flatt[]

While Boss is at work at the Boar’s Nest, he naps out back in a chair. Boss wakes him up by kicking over his chair and tells him that it’s a convertible and not a hearse, pointing out a coffin in the back. He says he’s on his way and scrambles to the car. Boss tells him to put it in Jesse’s pickup, which is nearby, and they share a laugh.

After he goes into the Boar’s Nest with Boss to confront the Dukes. They go outside to show them that the coffin was in the pickup but the pickup is gone. He goes to take a nap again but is woken up by Rosco, Enos, and Boss chasing after Bo and Luke. As Bo drives by, he helps Boss into the car and chases after the General. Boss yells at him to keep up. As he drives, a dynamite arrow goes off and he slides off the road. He stops under a tree where Rosco is to allow him to jump in and takes them to the cemetery.

Later he attends the military funeral.

Season 3[]

Enos Strate to the Top[]

Alex helps Boss out of the car and into a wheelchair. He wheels him back to the Court House entrance as Cletus runs up and Cletus helps him get the wheelchair up the stairs.

And In This Corner, Luke Duke[]

Alex helps unload a mirror under Rosco and Cletus’ guidance. However Bo and Luke pull up and he steps back as Bo stops before driving through the mirror. He then helps take it into the bar. He watches Luke fix the mirror since they put it up crooked.

He goes to the Hazzard Square to watch the fight between Luke Duke and Catfish Lee. They listen to Daisy sing the Star Spangled Banner. He sees Luke arrive and excitedly watches the match. He becomes a little concerned when Luke only defends on the first round. After the second round he watches Boss and Rosco put all the betting money in Boss’ car. He becomes alarmed when Luke is knocked down after round three but manages to get up. Luke wins round four and he celebrates with the rest.

The Late J.D. Hogg[]

Alex takes Boss to his annual physical appointment. After he rushes Boss back to town to get him to the bank. As he pulls up to the curb, Boss jumps out of the back.

While sitting in the car, Boss and Jesse come out. Boss tells him he’s going to drive and for Alex to go and take the whole day off. Surprised he scrambles off and Boss tells him to take the year off at full pay. He is shocked as Boss hands over a wad of cash before thanking Boss and rushing away, shutting the door for him.

Baa, Baa White Sheep[]

After driving Boss back to Hazzard, he takes a nap in the front seat of the car.

The Legacy[]

When Boss heads out to find the Dukes moving the shine barrels, he has Alex follow Cletus in the car to where the Dukes are. Boss asks Alex if he can go faster and Alex tries. They arrive at the Rainbow Mines. After the Duke’s pickup is stolen, Bo and Luke run over to him telling him to hop out and they need to borrow his wheels. Boss runs over and tells him to stay where he is. When Wilbur and Cletus nearly hit Boss, Bo, and Luke; Boss jumps in the car and Bo and Luke jump on the back. Boss asks what is he waiting for ‘until your butt grows roots’ and tells him to go after the others. Alex drives, causing Bo and Luke to fall off the back.

As he chases after Cletus, Boss yells for him to wake up and look out for the motorcycle ahead. The sidecar detaches and Boss tells him he hopes they both know where they are going so they can meet when they get there. As a van passes him, Boss has him turn around. He’s temporarily stopped and ducks when the Dukes jump over them. Boss tells him to shake a leg or the Dukes will beat them and he starts driving again. They catch up to where the van is flipped over.

My Son, Bo Hogg[]

Alex drives Boss into town, stopping to allow Boss to talk to Rosco. He opens the door and gets Boss the phone. Rosco runs to get the phone and seeing Alex had already given it to Boss he says ‘I hate you’ to which Alex shrugs. After Boss gets a business call, he is shooed away and he leaves.

To Catch a Duke[]

After Boss gets a large amount of stolen jewels, he has Alex drive him to the Boar’s Nest.

Rosco is taken by the jewel thieves and Boss, misunderstanding and thinking Rosco is part of it, has Alex chase after them. He makes Alex wait to allow Cletus to go first before they fall in the chase behind Cletus. He is forced to pull the car to a stop to keep from hitting Bo and Luke, who join in.

Along Came a Duke[]

He is taking a nap in Boss’ car when Boss runs outside and yells at him to follow Bo and Luke, which he does. He follows the cars as they go across the high school field, a track kid falling in the back of the car. A moment later another kid falls in.

When Bo, Luke, and Jeb come back towards them he evades them and stops to see the abandoned car.

The Return of Hughie Hogg[]

Alex drives Boss over to the Court House for him and Hughie to work on property transfers. After Boss comes out and has him drive him home.

He later takes Boss to the Boar’s Nest to find all of Boss stuff has been thrown out by Hughie.

The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

After the excitement about a five year old hijack case, Boss makes him drive out to Bear Point to try and reclaim the money.

Season 4[]

Hughie Hogg Strikes Again[]

Boss has him wait in his car until the RV with Barclay and Norris arrive. He is then instructed to drive to Capital City but to stay behind the RV.

As he drives, Boss starts singing. He is surprised when Bo and Luke suddenly cut between him and the RV. Hughie dumps glass in the road and he narrowly avoids it. A few moments later Hughie dumps oil on the road and he spins out. He gets back on the road and drives after the RV but they lost it. Boss tells him to slow down and stop at the intersection but he is rammed from behind by Rosco. Rosco goes around them to take a shortcut and he follows. When Roy Winters comes from the other direction, Rosco and Roy both flip their cars and to avoid the accident, Alex drives into a hay pile. As they try to spit out hay, Boss yells it’s all his fault and he apologizes. Boss asks ‘can’t you see where you’re going?”

Nothin' But the Truth[]

Boss has him drive out to the ‘Olde Hazzard Livery Stable’ and wait in the car. He watches a tour bus arrive and a number of people go into the stable. After Boss has him drive him back to town and he hears Rosco radio Boss to inform him he returned from Atlanta.

Later he sits in the car with Boss outside of the Police Department as Boss and Rosco use Cooter to set up the Dukes in a trap.

Boss has Alex drive him out to the Livery Stable to collect his money. On the way back to Town, Boss calls out to him and says he has to tell Alex something but he doesn’t want Alex to listen. He says the wool he pulls over people’s eyes is 80% polyester, that if you give him a hand he’ll stick it in their pocket, that he lies so much that he lies to his diary. He says he underpays Alex and when he does pay him, he shortchanges him. Shocked Alex looks back at him and boss says he doesn’t know why he tells him this. Boss then tells him to stop by a billboard that reads you can trust Boss, changing ‘can’ to ‘cant’.

He finishes taking Boss to town, dropping him off at the Police Department. When Boss comes back out he insults a woman who starts attacking him. He quickly opens the car for Boss to take him away and to his home where Boss is tossed out by Lulu.

New Deputy in Town[]

Alex drives Boss Hogg to his house. Furious to see him, Lulu starts throwing bags at him, some of which bounce over and hit Alex in the driver seat.

Season 5[]

Enos in Trouble[]

After Boss chases Enos, Vance, and Coy out of the Police Department, he gets in the car and yells for Alex to follow the General Lee and Rosco. He quickly obeys, turning around in the street and follows them out of town.

Boss has his drive up alongside Rosco on the road so they can discuss the stolen emeralds. He pulls over and waits in the car to allow Boss and Rosco to talk on the side of the road.