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Alice, or 'Cousin Alice' is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Molly’s cousin. She has a crush on Bo Duke, and Luke says she has been ‘saving herself’ for him. Bo remarks that he still has bruises from her last visit since she likes to wrestle. She had won the Hog Throwing contest three years in a row.


Swamp Molly[]

Alice drives her and Molly out to the Duke Farm, taking sourwood honey and giving it to Jesse Duke. When she gets out of the truck and sees Bo, she quickly fixes her hair in the mirror. She greets Luke before chasing down Bo and asking if he wants to wrestle. When Luke comments how fast that was she says she got a new book on wrestling holds and she doesn’t have anyone else to practice with. Molly tells her to behave and when Bo and Luke leave, she follows them into the house.

They sit on the porch as Molly explains about making one last run to Jesse, sitting up against Bo. When Molly gives Jesse a jar of moonshine, she stands up behind him to wait for his verdict. The Dukes agree to help run the moonshine.

The next day she is cooking with Molly and Jesse when Molly asks her to fish for some crawdad’s so they can make crawdad bisque. Alice acts concerned about going by herself, asking what if someone tries to attack her virtue. Jesse volunteers to go with her. When he goes to get his hat, she is told by Molly to keep Jesse in the swamp until 4 o’clock.

While fishing in the swamp with Jesse she sees him pulls up a trap with a large number of crawdad’s. She checks her watch and concerned she says they should slow down as it is bad luck to fish fast. Jesse remarks that they have strange ideas. As they start wrapping up the traps she gets nervous and as a last ditch attempt to stop them from going back, she shoves the motor to the boat off and into the water. As they head back to shore, Jesse asks her what Molly has going on as he knows it isn’t something good. She asks if he wants to wrestle and he tells her no and that he is going to find out what is going on. He says if she doesn’t help him he will paddle her with the oar. Nodding she moved to the side and starts using her hands to paddle.

They reach the shore and Jesse tells her to get in the truck. She obeys and sits in the passenger seat as Jesse drives them. They pull over when they see Bo and Luke and Alice smiles at Bo until Jesse snaps that she sabotaged him in the boat, making her look away. She wants to argue when Jesse says they need to get rid of the truck and everything in it but doens't due to the guns risking Bo and Luke's probation.

They arrive at Black Hollow and she watches the others try and push the truck so Bo can drive it into the lake. She refuses to help until Jesse yells at her and they are successful in moving the truck. However when Rosco comes rushing down they all scatter as he is about to hit the truck. They are happy until they realize Bo was still in the truck. She is worried but Bo reaches the surface and she smiles in relief.

They go to the farm an fill in Molly on what happened, Alice sitting on the arm of the chair Bo is sitting in. She announces she is going to make pecan cookies just for Bo, grabbing Bo’s face before running into the kitchen, Daisy coming to help.