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"Along Came a Duke" is the seventeenth episode of the third season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


The Dukes receive a visit from their motorcycle-riding cousin Jeb Stuart Duke, who lives in Claridge County. Atlanta museum curator Eustice Hastings is having Bo and Luke transport historic General Stonewall Jackson's personal sword to display for Boss Hogg's annual Stonewall Jackson Day, but Boss Hogg plans to sell the sword for $25,000 to Beauregard Mason, Georgia's biggest fencer of stolen goods.


Balladeer: Yep that’s Bo and Luke, just like you’d expect burnin’ up the road. I’ll tell you one thing, if they knew the mess they’re just about to get into, they’d slow ‘er down a little bit. Now there’s the mess: Boss J.D. Hogg. Folks down in Hazzard tend to take their American heroes seriously. Like General Stonewall Jackson for instance. And if they knew what old Boss was doing in Jackson’s name, they’d be chasing him north of someplace terrible.

Town of Hazzard

Stonewall Jackson day

Bo and Luke head toward town and park next to a sign of Jackson. Cletus walks over to the boys to write them a ticket for parking in front of Stonewall Jackson. Cletus says they either have to pay the $10 ticket or buy two tickets to Boss’ exhibit at $6 apiece. Luke reminds him he just jaywalked over, nearly getting hit by a car, and that would make the ticket illegal. Bo says it’s a $20 fine and Luke says if Cletus takes the tickets to the kids at the orphanage they will drop the jaywalking charge against Cletus. Cletus is happy at that and Bo and Luke drive away. Cletus realizes what happened.

Bo and Luke head back toward the farm when the radiator goes. Bo pulls over on top of a hill so they can look at the car. Luke snaps that Bo said he was going to do some body work and Bo says he did but he will probably have to work on the General tonight. Luke is unimpressed and they notice a man getting attacked by two others. Bo sits on top of the hood as Luke drives down the hill and Bo dives onto the two attackers. Bo yells for Luke not to worry about it as he can handle the two men so Luke helps the victim. Bo hits one but gets punched by the other and they escape. Bo and Luke talk to the man and he realizes his wallet is gone and he explains’ he’s looking for Boss Hogg as the Cultural Commissioner of Hazzard. As he leaves, Luke finds his wallet and tries to call him back. They decide to take it into town after fixing the radiator. Bo asks what the curator of the Atlanta Museum would want with Boss and Luke says he guesses it has to do with Stonewall Jackson and that for once they are not getting involved.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco are at the Bank and Boss calls Mason and tells him he is going to have the personal sword of Stonewall Jackson and wants $100,000 for it. Mason agrees to buy it for $25,000 and Boss agrees. Boss hangs up and tells Rosco, who is holding Flash, that he’s done it. He says this will be the most profitable Stonewall Jackson day they ever had. Boss explains to Rosco that he just sold the sword of Stonewall Jackson to Beauregard Mason. Rosco points out the sword is in Atlanta and Boss says he requested to borrow the sword and he hired two men to steal it at this very minute. Boss then changes the price of pictures with Stonewall Jackson from 50 cents to 1.50.

Mr. Hastings arrives at the bank to show Boss a picture of the sword and discuss transport of the sword the next day. Boss asks if Hastings thinks the people who met him on the road were after the sword and he says no since his wallet is missing he thinks that is what they wanted and Boss agrees. Boss sends Rosco out to find the wallet and telling Rosco that he has another plan in mind and for Rosco to go sell tickets.

Bo and Luke head towards town when Rosco sees them and chases them. As the radiator starts acting up, they pull over and let Rosco catch them. Bo says they didn’t do it and Rosco asks them what they didn’t do. Luke says whatever they are about to accuse them. Rosco sees the wallet and asks what is it doing there. They say it belongs to Hastings and Rosco arrests them for stealing it to their surprise. The boys get out of the General and get in Rosco’s car.

Police Department

As Hastings prepares to leave, he reminds Boss and Cletus that the museum will only assume responsibility until Boss takes possession. Boss proposes Harry Joe and Tiny, the two who tried to rob the sword, but Hastings declines as he needs people he knows and trusts. As the two go back into Boss’ office, Rosco pushes Bo and Luke in. Hastings is happy to see them and shake the boys hands. Luke remarks Rosco is making a big mistake and Cletus says Rosco doesn’t make small ones. Hastings tells them that the boys saved him, not robbed him. He asks Bo and Luke if they would be willing to help him once more by transporting the sword of Stonewall Jackson to the bank and that Boss will pay them $100 each. Boss agrees and pays the boys. Luke remarks that it is a pleasure to be on his cash payroll. Mr. Hastings tells them to meet him the next morning at 7. Boss promises to watch the sword and they all leave. Rosco doesn’t understand and Boss remarks that he can look adversity in the eye and twist it to his advantage. Boss further explains they can charge Bo and Luke for stealing the sword.


The next day Bo and Luke go to Atlanta Museum. As Bo and Luke leave with the sword, Harry Joe and Tiny follow them.

Bank of Hazzard

Daisy brings Boss lunch as he is getting publicity photos. When he asks Rosco how he looks, Rosco remarks like a little urban fatboy making Daisy laugh. Boss tells Willis, the photographer, to write that his grandfather “Lighthorse” Harry Hogg road with General Jackson. Rosco reminds him Harry went the other direction, angering Boss.


Luke notices they are being followed and Bo says that was the car from before.


Boss hears the phone ring and sends Rosco to answer it. Boss thanks Daisy for bringing his food and Daisy asks to stay and watch the pictures, which he agrees. Rosco informs Boss it is Mason. Willis helps Boss down to get the phone. Daisy overhears Boss talking about a transaction at noon before Boss gets back on the saddle with Willis and Rosco’s help to take more pictures while Daisy watches. Boss pushes Rosco out of the picture but Rosco hits a button making the mechanical bull move. Boss gets thrown off and Daisy and Rosco go to check on him but he takes food off the try and eats.


Bo and Luke are unable to shake the two and when the radiator goes Luke yells that he thought Bo fixed it and Bo says so did he. Bo decides to try tricking them but the two men hang on. Bo is forced to stop and the men get out. Bo says to fight but they pull out a gun and Bo suggests running. One of the men go to beat them with a stick when a motorcycle driver arrives, jumping over them all. The men drop their gun that the motorcycle driver picks up and tells the men to get lost as he’s got business with the no-account Dukes. When the men flee Bo and Luke try to figure out how to calm the motorcycle driver down when the man pulls off his helmet and they see it’s their cousin Jeb.

Duke Farm

Daisy shows Jesse her uniform and Jesse says it’s pretty but he doesn’t think it’s fitting for the memory of Jackson. Daisy says if Jackson were alive he’d like it and Jesse agrees. They see a man on a motorcycle and Jeb announces his arrival. Daisy hugs him and Jesse goes into the house to cook.


Luke says that Boss had to have set that up. Bo agrees and says they shouldn’t report it to Rosco and thanks to Jeb they have the sword.

Bank of Hazzard

Boss is furious when he learns Bo and Luke managed to evade losing the sword and swings his replica sword around the bank. Boss tells Rosco he can come out of hiding as he won’t hurt him and when Rosco does he points the sword at him asking why did he ever hire those morons. Rosco says  for Boss to sell the fake sword to Mason. Boss gets an idea.

Bo and Luke arrive at the Bank and Bo remarks he can’t believe that the radiator is holding out. Luke tells Bo to stay in the car to keep an eye for the two men and Luke heads in with the Stonewall Jackson sword. Boss hides the fake sword under his desk and steps out. Luke comes in and shows Rosco the sword. Boss comes in and Luke asks for a receipt for the sword. Boss signals Rosco to distract Luke but Rosco doesn’t notice. Luke notices the signal, thinking something is wrong with Boss' ear and prompting Rosco to tell Luke that Flash will attack him. When Luke pets her, Boss switches the swords. Luke asks for the receipt again and Boss shows them the stamp saying ‘made in Japan 1958.’ Luke realizes that Boss switched the sword somehow and Boss tells Rosco to arrest Luke and Bo then call the Marshal from Cedar City to pick them up. Luke protests that Rosco even pulled Flash in on a scheme.

Police Department

While Bo and Luke are in the upstairs holding cell, Cletus calls the Farm to tell Jesse that the boys were arrested and the US Marshal is on the way to take them to the State Pen. Bo asks Luke how they can clear themselves and Luke says they can’t take them if they can’t find them. Luke calls over Cletus and thanks him for calling Jesse. Cletus walks over, saying that he figures no matter what a man has done, the family has right to share in the shame. Luke puts a finger in Cletus’ back and Cletus assumes it’s a handgun. Bo takes the keys from Cletus belt to find they are his car keys. Cletus turns to them to take the keys and see it was just Luke’s hand to which he laughs about it.

Duke Farm

Jesse counts what money they have while they sit on the porch and says they don’t have enough to bail Bo and Luke out. Jesse suggests they get a public defender and Daisy says even then the boys can be gone for months. Jeb promises them both that the boys aren’t going to a federal prison.

Police Department


Bo and Luke are surprised when Jeb sneaks into the prison while Cletus is napping. They show him where the keys are and he takes them from Cletus. Jeb goes to unlock the cell but Bo points out that Cletus is awake. Thinking quickly, Jeb claims to be the U.S. Marshal. Cletus is unsure but Jeb assures him an award for his assistance. They let the boys out and shove Cletus in the cell before fleeing.  As they go outside they are all three stopped by the Marshal. They are asked where the Sheriff’s office is and all point in random directions. Luke says it’s somewhere and Bo says it's been a while before the three run to the jeep, Jeb driving and Bo in the back with Luke shotgun, and drive away. As they leave town they are spotted by Rosco who follows them. Rosco realizes they slipped away and chases them around town. Rosco accidentally knocks down a man on stilts and the man drops on his shoulders when he gets out to check on him.

Jesse waits with Cooter, who is fixing the radiator, to meet up with the boys. He says there is no need to be nervous and jumpy and Cooter says Jesse’s the only one who is. Jesse asks what Cooter is grinning about and Cooter says he is just thinking about the look on Boss’ face about now. Jesse thinks about it and starts laughing.

Police Department

Boss yells at Cletus and Rosco tells them to find the Dukes and whoever helped them. Boss asks why are they in his office still and they both say because he hasn’t started counting. Boss has a fit and they flee. Boss throws something and Rosco yells as it hits him.


Jeb, Bo, and Luke meet with Jesse and Cooter. Luke asks who would Boss sell the sword to and Jesse says Beauregard Mason comes to mind. Cooter nods and Bo says Daisy told him that she heard Boss talking to a Mr. Mason on the phone to bring $25,000 something to his office. Luke suggests that they pretend Jeb is Mr. Mason’s son. Bo says Boss hasn’t seen Jeb in a long time. Jesse asks what are they talking about and Luke lays out his plan.

Harry Joe calls Boss and Boss says he won’t be paying them. They say they aren't leaving yet.

Hazzard Garage

Bo, Luke, and Cooter cut up newspaper. They make five stacks to look like stacks of hundreds, using the two hundreds they got from Boss, one from Jesse, one from Cooter, and one from Jeb. Jeb changes into a suit that Cooter explains he got from his cousin, an undertaker.


Jesse switches the road signs so that Beauregard Mason would not go to Hazzard while Daisy keeps watch. Daisy says a man is coming and they put up a detour sign before hiding. Mason takes the detour and they call Bo as Rover Boys under the name Tinkerbell to say Mason is gone.


Cooter finishes fixing Jeb’s suit and Luke hands his a suitcase. As Jeb leaves Cooter expresses concern. Bo and Luke says Jeb will be fine but Cooter says he’s worried about the suit as it’s needed for a funeral at three, throwing Bo and Luke off. Luke decides to keep an eye on him and Bo asks who’s going to watch them.

Police Department

Boss assumes Beauregard has arrived and is surprised to see a stranger instead. Jeb claims that he is ‘Beauregard’s Boy’ and that his daddy couldn’t make it. Bo and Luke watch form out the window as Jeb manages to make Boss believe he’s Mason’s son, however Boss says he looks familiar. Jeb shows him the money and takes the sword. Jeb convinces Boss to let him put the money in his safety deposit box and Jeb slips out their five hundred dollars while putting the newspaper in the box. Bo and Luke leave to get the car. Harry Joe and Tiny come in. As Harry takes his box and pulls out newspaper cutouts, he realizes Jeb is a fake. He tries to keep his money but they go to tie Boss and Jeb up. With a comment of blondie, Boss realizes that it’s Jeb Duke. Jeb and Boss are tied up. Outside Bo and Luke start to get worried. Bo sees Tiny and Harry Joe run and tries to go after them but Luke says they need to check on Jeb first.

Failed attempt

Bo and Luke go into the office and untie Boss and Jeb. Bo goes to keep the charade and Jeb tells him Boss knows. Boss starts yelling and Bo tells him he shouldn’t be talking with his mouth full before the three go to leave. They are stopped by Rosco and Cletus. Rosco covers the three as Cletus frees Boss. Luke distracts Rosco, allowing the Dukes to flee and Boss, Rosco, and Cletus chase. Luke says that hey were headed toward Highway 3 and Bo says to cut across Elysee Meadows.  They take off. Boss comes outside and has Alex drive after the Dukes. Rosco and Cletus get in Rosco’s car and follow.

The two thieves see the Dukes coming directly at them and they turn into the high school. They drive across the fields with Bo and Luke following, then Jeb, then Boss and Alex, then Rosco and Cletus. A teen who is pool vaulting falls in the back of Boss’ car, followed by a second kid. A javelin is thrown, taking out Rosco and Cletus’ radiator. Tiny and Harry Joe stop and send their car into a lake. They change cars after everyone passes. Bo, Luke, and Jeb find the abandoned car. Luke realizes another car was stashed and they backtrack. Boss, Alex, and the teens see the abandoned car. The Dukes catch up to the two thieves and Bo says they are almost at the county line. Luke says they need to pass Chalk Hills first. Luke calls Jeb and they agree to do the ‘Flying Cross’. Bo however says Luke isn’t even sane enough for him to call crazy. Luke says Bo is the one driving. Bo and Jeb move the position themselves and jump. Bo comments that it looks like this is it and Luke asks what is that supposed to mean. Bo says they say it in the movies. Luke shakes his head and goes with it. Bo and Jeb jump and startled, Tiny crashes.

Luke runs over to the car, getting the two men out. Bo falls down the hill, landing on his back, and Jeb rides his bike down only for the bike to fall over. Jeb and Bo scramble to their feet and Luke ask Bo if he’s okay. Bo says he’s fine before telling the two thieves to get out of the car. The Dukes take the men and the sword back to Hazzard.

Balladeer: Harry Joe and Tiny was behind bars. And Boss had both Cletus and Rosco on guard to make sure nobody got in to talk to them. General Stonewall Jackson was a big success for everyone uh except maybe Boss Hogg. All the money he made went up in smoke with the car that old Harry Joe crashed. And he still had to pay all the expenses for Stonewall Jackson Day. Well, patriotism does have a price you know. And Bo and Luke said goodbye to Cousin Jeb, who promised that he’d come visiting more often. How many more strange Dukes do you reckon there is?

The Sword is displayed in the bank, Boss properly signed for it. Boss if forced to pay all his expenses. Jeb then leaves for the motor cross. 


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Hazzard County[]


  • Atlanta Museum


  • This episode introduces Bo, Luke, and Daisy's cousin Jeb.
    • Luke claims Jeb is his 'favorite boy cousin' but that was possibly also just to annoy Bo as Bo was standing beside him.
    • Luke says Jeb was put on probation at the same time as them.
  • Boss Hogg is the Cultural Commissioner of Hazzard County


  • The official description claims Jeb is living in Claridge County. However in the episode everyone claims that Jeb lives in Placid County.