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Amy is a minor Character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Amy is a stock car racer from Placid County's Powder Puff Division. Francis Lee Olmstead is the mechanic on her car who replaced her ex-mechanic Turk after he put Nitrous Oxide in her car. Her racing car is Lucifer.


Luke's Love Story[]

Her and Frankie are in the Boar’s Nest to hear the participants in the Hazzard County Obstacle Derby and learn she had earned the most points that year. When everyone expresses confusion on who ‘he’ is, she introduces herself and Cooter excitedly announces ‘he’s a she!’ Bo and Luke approach her, and Bo says that doesn’t count as this is a race for men. She tells Bo that is why she is there but she hasn’t’ figured out which one she aims to catch yet. Luke welcomes her to Hazzard and introduces himself. She tells him he’s either being funny or his mother had a cute sense of humor. Bo taunts her about possibly having a lady mechanic and Amy is unamused but Frankie steps forward and snaps at Bo. She introduces Frankie to the boys. When everyone laughs at the boys comments against a lady mechanic, Daisy cuts in telling her cousins that they are in trouble as she saw Amy and Frankie in a racing magazine and they are pro’s. Daisy gives them a drink on the house. The three women toast to the first woman entering the Hazzard Derby and Amy comments she that she hopes the best man wins ‘which isn’t likely’.

Luke approaches her saying she may find the derby a little rough. She remarks that Luke hasn’t raced against women, calling him ‘blue eyes’ when she sees Turk approach. She asks what is he doing there and he tells her that he wouldn’t miss one of her races. Nervously she asks him not to do this now. Turk says it’s as good of a place as any and grabs her arm to pull her away. She tells him to let go and he ignores her until Luke steps in. As a fight breaks out, she stands behind the bar watching with Daisy and Frankie. As the fight goes on she starts to smile. When the fight is broken up, Turk tells her he will see her later before leaving. Luke returns to them and she apologizes to Luke, explaining that she fired Turk for putting nitrous oxide in her engine and for his unwanted romantic advances. She tells them that Turk crippled four drivers and Luke says that Turk isn't all bad as he had good taste in women. Luke asks her to dance and she agrees. Later Daisy invites her back to the Farm and she goes to sleep in Luke’s bed.

She is woken up by Luke and Bo coming home. She turns on the light commenting ‘surprised’ and Luke, in his boxers, smiles nervously saying ‘hello again’, trying to pretend like he didn’t just tell Bo he wanted to track her down and 'broaden her horizons'. Daisy and Jesse both come in to tell the boys to leave. They go back to bed.

The next morning she, Luke, and Frankie watch Bo back the general into the barn, Amy moving close to Luke when Bo pulls up too close to them. When they watch Bo and Frankie leave for town, bickering, she asks Luke ‘think it’ll last’ to which Luke jokes that it’s a match made in Heaven. Luke asks that she still saw Turk after everything and she tells him that she thinks everyone deserves a second chance if you want it, but it’s over. Amy and Luke look at the General’s engine and Luke asks what got her interested in cars. She tells him that being under the hood is better than being in the back seat and ‘it beat twirling the baton’. Luke asks about racing and she asks "why not" before asking what Luke’s ambition is. Luke tells her he wants to put together the car to win the Charlotte 500 and asks her what her ambition is, which she says is to drive the car that wins the Charlotte 500. He says that what she really means is to be competing with men. She disregards that, saying she is competing with herself. Luke says there are more feminine ways to do that. She shrugs and says that racing doesn’t threaten her femininity at all before moving over and kissing Luke. She tells him not to get threatened and lipstick will wash off before walking away.

Later her and Luke go out for a drive. When they return to the farm, Luke asks if there is any way he can talk her out of the race. She asks if he’s afraid she will win and he says he’s worried about her. Luke says on a regular track she could probably win but he races against these guys every Saturday and they are rough and will probably resent her. She gets upset and tells Luke she’s driven against others who have played dirty. She tells him if he’s so worried she will give a proper demonstration and show him what she can do, climbing into Lucifer. She tells him to hang on before racing off on the farm. Luke asks if she can cook too and she says not while she is driving as she only has two hands. Luke tells her there is some dangerous road coming up with tricky curves before flirting with her. Luke asks her to slow down and she is horrified to find she had no breaks. She tries to keep the car on the road but they are racing down the hill. She gets the car off the road and says she can’t believe it, as the car was fine. She is horrified to find Turk had damaged her car by cutting the breaks and adds she can’t believe she almost got them killed trying to impress Luke. Luke treis to reassure her and she says Turk might try again. Luke asks if she wants to quit and she asks what does that mean. Luke says that he wants her to quit and he’s proud that she won’t. He then kisses her before asking if she is ready to hike back. She asks what is his hurry after all that trouble and she kisses him.

They later go to the Boar’s Nest and she is asked to dance by a man named Ernie but Luke tells him to get lost. As they sit she asks what is on Luke’s mind. He tells her that he doesn’t know how to say it and she tells him to go ahead as he’s doing terribly already. Luke tells her he wants them to be more serious and she asks if he means exclusively. Luke says sort of but there would be an adjustment problem. She gets annoyed when he mentions he will need some freedom and she asks if he thinks women aren’t like that. Luke says he doesn’t think they should be, making her more upset. She asks that Luke expects her not to see anyone and he can date anyone he wants. Luke argues that she would be his woman. Amy nods before getting up and saying that when Luke decides he wants a ‘whole lot of woman instead of a whole lot of girls’ she will be with Ernie.

The next morning she goes inside the Duke Farm, having spent the night in her car. She treis to talk to Luke, but Luke expresses that he can't be with only one woman. Furious she goes back tothe Barn and talks to Frankie. She tells Frankie that Luke is like all the other men she has met. Frankie says it must run in the family and explains to her that Bo bet the General Lee against Lucifer. They laugh at the idea that when this race concludes they will have two cars and she goes to shake Frankie's hand but pauses as her friend is covered in oil.

While getting ready for the race in her car, Daisy approaches her and asks if she had any problems with Ernie the night before. Amy tells her she told Ernie that she wasn’t over a case of the mumps she had and Ernie couldn’t get her home fast enough. The race starts and Amy takes off, getting second. She passes Luke but Luke overtakes her. She passes him again. Luke and Amy changes places twice more before she is forced to drive through a narrow set of obstacles. She then jumps the car and continues down the road. As they drive, Cooter’s car starts to ram into her. While Luke runs Turk off the road, Amy wins the race.

She climbs out of her car, celebrating and hugging Frankie as Daisy presents her the trophy. When Frankie asks for the keys to the General Lee, Bo explains the bet to Luke and snaps at Luke saying he didn't know Luke would let Amy win, Amy, offended, asks what does he mean, "let her win". She hears Rosco nearby and sees Turk getting arrested. She approaches Luke saying it was all over Turk. She adds that no one "lets" her win and Luke wasn’t even going to say anything. Luke says she might’ve won anyway. She kisses him, telling him bye. She says she has a race in Hickory tomorrow and gives Luke the trophy telling him that she’ll come back and win it for real next time. She pats his face before leaving.