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And In This Corner, Luke Duke is the fifth episode of season three of the Dukes of Hazzard.


After Luke broke an expensive mirror of Boss Hogg's, Jesse may be forced to sell the farm to pay for it unless Luke fights Catfish Lee, managed by a crooked promoter, in a boxing match.


Balladeer: When the Duke boys are moving this fast on a hot day you can just bet they’re headed for women or trouble, or something we and cold at the Boar’s Nest. What they don’t know is, at the Boar’s Nest, Rosco is supervising the unloading of a dandy old mirror that old Boss bought to spiff up the place. Now with the boys moving fast and that old mirror moving slow, I’m sure you got a pretty good idea of what’s gonna happen. Y’all gotta remember that things in Hazzard ain’t very predictable.

Boar’s Nest

Bo drives, headed to the Boar’s Nest. Rosco and Cletus unload a mirror off a truck. Cooter, Daisy, and Jesse watch in amusement, Jesse thinking they will break something. Alex helps and Daisy gets closer to look in it. Bo drives up toward the mirror, alarming everyone but stopping before hitting it. Rosco yells at the boys as they get out. Inside, Boss talks about the mirror. He remarks it’s crooked and instruct Cletus and Rosco how to move the mirror. Bo says ‘it’s crooked Boss’ to which Boss tells him to never use those words in the one breath again. Luke offers to help and fixes the mirror. Catfish and his partner become very interested in Luke. At the bar, Bo asks the bartender Jimmy to give them another drink and Catfish offers to buy them. Boss and Rosco talk about the mirror and Boss says it belonged to Robert E. Lee’s dentist. Catfish makes a scene about the beer before dumping his on Luke’s head. Luke tries to back out but Catfish tosses him over a table. Bo is amused at first but Luke is hit and crashes through the mirror. Boss and Rosco are upset and Luke is arrested.

In Boss’ office with Cletus, Billy Ray proposes a boxing match. He explains that they play for money, the winning side gets 75% of the money and the loser the 25% left. He says Boss can have all the concessions and gambling. Boss agrees. Cletus argues that he doesn’t think that was a good idea. Boss says Luke was a divisional champion and he now owes Boss three thousand dollars for the mirror. Cletus agrees to both but says he knows Luke and Luke won’t fight for money. Billy Ray calls his boss to let him know what is happening.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Cletus arrive at the Police Department, carrying a blanket and pie, and Cletus says he still doesn’t think Luke will do it. At the Garage, Billy Ray and Catfish pay Cooter to use his garage for a training camp. Boss goes to the cell to see Luke, who is playing checkers with Bo. Boss offers him the blanket and says he remembers that Luke likes music so he brought him a radio. Bo sees the pie and Boss says Lulu made a low calorie double praline, chocolate fudge, banana chip pie. Luke asks what does he want. Boss starts to talk around it and Bo tells him to just tell them. Boss tells them he wants Luke to fight in boxing and Bo gets excited but Luke says he won’t do it. Boss gets upset and tells him that if Luke doesn’t fight then he will take the money out of the farm. Bo gets upset and says he wins but Luke still refuses. Luke tells them about his last fight in the marines. He says he hurt someone and he can’t do it. Jesse arrives and pays the bail for Luke while Bo watches.

Duke Farm

Bo and Daisy argue at the picnic table for Luke to fight but Jesse cuts them off and tells them they’ll find another way. Bo proposes taking Luke’s place and Luke tells him he wouldn’t stand a chance. Bo says that may be he isn’t going to stand there and let Jesse lose the farm. Jesse tells him to sit down and says he isn’t one for violence and he would rather lose the farm than have Luke go against his ideals. Jesse walks away and Bo and Daisy apologize to Luke. Luke walks away. Watching Jesse with the animals Luke decides to fight. He calls Bo over, Daisy following. Luke says Bo will be his fight manager for this making them both happy.


Catfish and Billy Ray train and Catfish shows a significant strength.

Boar’s Nest

Billy Ray and Catfish bring the contract to Boss, who signs it over Billy Ray’s signature.

Balladeer: There’s places in this part of the south that’s so peaceful and quiet that a man can almost sit and listen to his hair grow. This ain’t one of them places. All this looks an awful lot like work. Now, I don’t know about y’all but me, I prefer love. And if you’re wondering why Luke is sparring with Cooter, Bo’s the manager and Jesse was doing chores, and Daisy just did her nails. Besides, Cooter rented the garage to the opposition.

While training, Luke goes for a run following Bo in the Jeep to Bo’s amusement. Bo holds Luke’s feet to allow him to do sit ups while Daisy watches. Luke does a few one armed pushups and jumps rope. In the barn he punches the bag Bo is holding while Daisy is eating a snack. Luke hits a speed bag. He and Cooter spar in a small makeshift ring they set up. Luke hits Cooter and Cooter goes down. Bo and Daisy rush to check on him. Luke sends Bo to call the doctor. While they wait outside Luke vents that he knew it would happen. The Doctor assures them that Cooter is fine and the others joke but Luke says it’s not funny. Cooter and Bo decide to head to town for a drink.

Boar’s Nest

Boss is practicing his speech to Jerry’s amusement. Daisy brings over all beef hot dogs from Cy at the Smokehouse but Boss sends them back as they are all meat. As Daisy leaves Rosco comes in with a package from Atlanta. They are t-shirts for the fight. Boss puts one on. Rosco asks what his cut will be and Boss says a fight.

Town of Hazzard

Everyone prepares for the fight. Rosco drives around announcing it while Cletus and some locals put up signs. In the Billy Ray and his allies review the contract to see that if Luke doesn’t arrive they will win all the money. Boss has Cletus working as the referee. Boss tells Cletus that the only thing he needs to know is Luke will win, accidentally saying the whole thing over the speakers.

Duke Farm

Jesse and Daisy leave first to watch the fight. Jesse gives Luke some advice and Luke tells him to leave and he waits outside for Bo.

Town of Hazzard

Cooter bets on Luke to win as Daisy and Jesse arrive, talking about how Boss turned it all into a circus.

Duke Farm

Luke calls Bo to leave when Mr. Culpepper and his partner arrive. They kidnap Luke and Bo comes outside before realizing what happened, rushes off after them.

Town of Hazzard

Daisy starts to get worried and Boss and Rosco ask what is taking Luke. Jesse goes to call on the C.B. and Boss and Rosco follow him. Jesse calls Bo on the C.B. and Bo tells him what happened. Jesse says he and Rosco will come out to back him up. Jesse leaves and Rosco follows.


Bo continues to chase after the car with Luke. Culpepper remarks about it and Luke says he already told them that Bo and the General can catch anything on wheels. Culpepper starts shooting at Bo. He shoots out of the tires forcing Bo to stop. Bo calls Jesse and tells him what happened and Jesse tells him to get the tire fixed and get to Hazzard while he and Rosco will find Luke which Rosco agrees from his car, asking Flash if they love the excitement of police work.

Town of Hazard

Boss tries to calm down the frustrated people. Billy Ray approaches him and tells him about the part of the contract where he will forfeit all the money. Despite Boss’ request, they do not agree to negotiate. Luke notices Rosco behind them. In the square Daisy sings the Star Spangled Banner to buy time. In the car the men don’t want to get caught with Luke and make him jump out of the car. Bo has arrived and sits with Cooter while they wait. Boss tells Daisy to sing it again and she starts but Luke, Jesse, and Rosco arrive and everyone cheers. Bo, Daisy, and Cooter go to greet him and Luke has Bo put all their extra money in on bets for Luke.

Cooter rings the bell as they get ready to start the fight. Boss announces the fighters. The people boo for Catfish and cheer for Luke as Bo helps him get ready. The fight starts and Cletus gives them instructions accidentally reading them their rights first. Boss tells Rosco that when the fight starts they need to move all the money to his car. Cooter starts the fight and the two face off. Luke refuses to fight and only defends himself. The first round ends and his family talks to him. Round two starts and Luke goes on the offensive for a moment before defending them. Cletus breaks up a scuffle. Boss yells at the Dukes and Luke is knocked down but gets back up before the bell to end the second round. Rosco gets the money and they take it to the car. Round three starts and Luke stays on the defense. Luke gets a hard hit and is knocked down but mange’s to get up before the bell is rung. Jesse tells him he can’t keep watching this and Luke needs to either fight or quit. Luke goes on the offensive and wins. As everyone celebrates Catfish and Billy Ray steal the money.

Boss and Rosco are shocked to see the money was stolen. Boss tells everyone about being robbed and everyone becomes upset. Daisy notices that the fighters are gone and Boss says the Dukes need to get it and Bo and Luke head out. Cooter says he has a tow job he has to go to but the others go after the thieves. Twenty minutes of looking Bo decides to try going south. Meanwhile the people of Hazzard storm the Police Station where Boss, Cletus, and Rosco have taken shelter.

Jesse and Daisy lose a tire and Cooter calls them over the CB to tell them he had get Murphy out of a ditch and saw the thieves on Highway 6 going south. Bo and Luke head that way as Boss hands over a number of I.O.U.’s. Bo spots the two and they follow them. The four meet up and move to shoot at Bo and Luke as they drive by. Luke tells Bo to jump it and Bo heads back, jumping through the barn, bringing the whole thing down. Bo digs out the four men as Luke gets the money.

Balladeer: Boss didn’t make a dine on the fight, so many folks bet on Luke that all the ticket money went for the house to pay off. But he did make enough on hot dogs and t-shirts to buy this antique mirror to replace what Luke had busted. Now friends, tell me he ain’t…he did! Of course in Hazzard County, I guess some things are predictable.

Boar’s Nest

Bo and Luke set up a new mirror for Boss. As Boss explains that it belonged to Stonewall Jack’s tailor. However a fly lands at it and Boss swats it with a newspaper, accidentally shattered the mirror to everyone’s amusement.


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  • Luke was part of the boxing team while in the Marnie Corps
    • Luke was his Division Champion and quit after he significantly hurt another boxer in a fight.
  • Daisy sings the Star Spangled Banner before the fight
  • Rosco has been to Riot Control School during his time at the Atlanta Police Academy


  • Catherine Bach had gotten a speck of glass in her eye when the second mirror was shattered. She didn't suffer any severe or permanent injury.