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Andy Slocum is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Andy is a teenage boy who lost his parents. Due to his knack of trouble, he has been bounced around from foster home to foster home. He signed into the 'Big Brother' program and assigned to Bo and Luke Duke to keep him out of trouble.


Big Brothers, Duke[]

While waiting for the Dukes, he hides outside of the big brother building and sees them arrive. When they go to enter the building, he goes over to the General Lee. After looking over the car, he makes sure the boys are busy talking to the Big Brother overseer before climbing inside. He drives off in the car. A few minutes later the Sheriff chases after him, along with Bo and Luke in a pickup. A few minutes later Luke jumps onto the General, sliding into the seat next to him and telling him to pull over as the race is over. He obeys and is arrested.

The Sheriff takes him to the station while Bo and Luke argue what to do with him and he grabs a magazine to flip through. Bo agrees not to press charges against him but as he goes to sign Andy out, he grabs Andy’s arm, telling him to sit up straight as ‘if Uncle Jesse sees you sittin’ like that he’ll whip your hide’.

As they head to Hazzard, Bo asks if anyone ever taught him the ten commandments. He tells Bo that he dropped out of school before he learned to count that high. He asks why don’t’ they give him a break and says when they get back he can get a do-gooder. Luke asks if he feels that way why did he sign up for the program. He admits he broke into the building by mistake and claimed he was signing up for the program to keep from being charged for trespassing. He listens to Bo and Luke argue about him more.

They stop in the town of Hazzard and Luke takes him to Rhuebottoms’ to get some new clothes. He piles on a number of shirts and puts his own back on before going outside. While he walks back to the General, he notices Bo and Luke stopped and turns back to see why. Bo yells for him and Bo asks if he wants to take off his shirt. He gives Bo a grin asking why and Luke says that Bo thinks he’s a little warm. He goes to leave but Bo stops him before opening the shirt. Realizing he’s busted, he tells Bo that he must have forgotten to take one off each time he tried a new one on. Bo remarks ‘must have’ before saying Andy would steal your teeth and tell you that you needed glasses. Luke says he’s not going to change overnight. As they fight he asks if they ever agree on anything and Bo snaps that they do. He and Luke talk and Bo hands him to top shirt back saying to put it on. Luke says he will go inside and apologize to Rhuebottom, but Bo objects. Luke goes in, telling Andy to stay with Bo. After Luke leaves, Bo says he’s more dang trouble than he’s worth and he says they were nice shirts. Bo gets distracted by a girl and disables the General before telling him not to go anywhere. While Bo is distracted, he opens the General’s trunk and steals a number of hubcaps, throwing them in before Luke returns.

On the way to the farm, a tire blows. He stands by the trunk as Bo and Luke open it, revealing his stolen hubcaps. He offers them a small smile and Bo gets angry but Luke says Bo was supposed to be watching him. He listens to Bo and Luke argue about stealing watermelons and remarks ‘you guys were into some heavy stuff’ trying to excuse himself. Luke snaps at him to get back in the car.

As they head back to town, he hears the report that Enos has discovered the missing hubcaps. Then Bo drives past a speed trap and they are chased by Rosco. Andy is stunned when Bo jumps a creek. They continue back to town and he tells Bo that was pretty good. Annoyed Bo thanks him saying that is the first nice thing he’s said and Luke says there is hope for Andy yet.

When they get back to town, Bo and Luke make him put all the hub caps back on the cars, watching him carefully. As they go to put on the last one, Andy pauses saying there is a cop, pointing out Enos. When Bo says they only got one car left, he tells Bo that is the car they need and he won’t put on the hub caps with a cop over his shoulder. Luke tells him they will distract the two men and he can slap on the caps. He gives them disbelieving looks, but the two assure him it will work and he gets the hubcaps anyway. While Bo and Luke get the two away from the car, he rushes to get the caps on. After he goes to the garage and gets in the General before they leave town.

As they head toward the farm, he tells the boys that they blew it, asking if they know how much hub caps bring in today’s market. He says all they had to do was ask and he would cut them in. Bo gets frustrated again saying that the road to damnation is full of good intentions. Confused, he asks if they are preachers and Luke says they aren’t but Uncle Jesse brought them up by the good book with common sense and he could use that.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and sit down to eat lunch. Daisy takes his hat off at the table before pouring him a drink. Jesse asks why he took to stealing and he asks how they expect him to get anything. Daisy suggests he tries working. As he goes to grab his drink, Bo grabs his hand making him wait until Jesse says grace. He tells Daisy he doesn’t know a trade and no one has ever seen fit to teach him one. Jesse says in that case they will teach him to work on the farm. He laughs, saying work is for suckers with strong backs and weak minds while looking to Bo. Bo gets offended, remarking that it must take a lot of brains to point a gun at someone or steal someone’s property. Jesse then gives the grace and adds Andy into it, surprising him. Luke then tells Andy that they met a lot of kids who didn’t have anything either but they worked their way up in life. Jesse offers to pay him fifty cents an hour and Andy laughs but Daisy says to forget it as Andy isn’t man enough to do a ‘real man’s job.’ Angry, Andy says he can do anything Bo and Luke can do and Luke says they will give him a chance to prove it. He reaches over Bo to grab food and Bo shoves his hand out of the way. He realizes what Bo wants and asks if he can have a pork chop. Bo asks what does he say and he becomes annoyed before saying ‘please’ to which Bo hands him what he requested.

While on the farm, Daisy shows him how to milk a cow. As he tries he accidently sends milk into Daisy’s face. He jumps up and pulls out a rag to wipe it off, apologizing. Later he accidently lets a baby goat free and chases after it. Not watching where he is going, he crashes into Jesse, smashing all the eggs he was carrying. Bo and Luke show him how to drive a tractor but Andy nearly hits them and they have to climb up on the hay to avoid it. As the week goes on, Andy gets better at it. He is able to milk the cow with no problem and as he feeds the goat, Daisy tells him he’s doing good. As he drives the tractor, Luke pats his back and tells him he’s doing great.

Later Bo is teaching him to saddle a horse. He says the horse is beautiful and asks Bo if he can ride him. Bo chuckles before telling him no, saying the horse isn’t broken yet and is still a bit ‘headstrong’. Andy says he bets he can handle it and Bo tells him not to try it since the horse will drop him like a dirty shirt. When Bo gets called away, he decides to try it. The horse bolts when he gets on. He struggles to hold on and Bo and Luke ride up beside him on other horses. Luke grabs his horse ad Bo grabs him, pulling him off the wild horse and onto his. They head back to the farm.

That night he gathers firewood for the night. He comes into the kitchen to see the Dukes and addresses Jesse as ‘Sir’, saying he brought the rest of the firewood for the night. He calls out to Bo and Luke, telling them that he appreciates what they did. He says he knows they could have gotten hurt coming after him and he struggles a few times before saying thanks. He then flees.

The next day he approaches Jesse, telling him that as soon as he finishes stacking the wood he’ll be finished with his chores. Jesse says he can call him Uncle Jesse and Andy remarks that he never had an uncle before. Jesse says he does now. Andy says that’s good before asking if he can get paid for the work he’s done so far. Jesse agrees but does ask if Andy trusts him until Friday. Andy says it isn’t that and Jesse asks what is it as he gets the money out, saying there is no place to spend it on the farm. Andy tells him that he was hoping he could borrow the pickup and take it to the farm for an hour or so. Jesse is surprised and he asks if Jesse trusts him. Jesse agrees to let him go, saying for him to be back in time for lunch as the boys intend to take him fishing. He promises before taking the money and getting in the pickup. Jesse says he’ll finish stacking the wood and he thanks him adding he’ll be back later.

He heads toward town, intending to buy a present for the Duke Family as a thank you for everything they had done for him. As he drives he sees the goat run across the street and stops. The goat runs into a cave and he approaches it, asking what it’s doing there. He pulls the goat out of the cave, assuring it as he picks it up to see the bag of money. Stunned, he picks it up and realizing what it is he looks around to ensure no one is around. Andy darts back to the pickup, commenting ‘lets get out of here’ with the money and the goat.

Looking at the money he cheers, saying they are rich. However, he debates on what to do, since he could take the money and the pickup and get away but in doing so he would let down Bo and Luke. He makes a decision and drives away. As he drives, he continues to go back and forth with himself, petting the goat. He asks the goat what to do.

Andy pulls over and calls for Bo or Luke on the CB. Daisy answers and he tells her he found the goat, to which Daisy praises him. He adds he found something else and Daisy asks what it is. He tells her about the money and says that he figured he should tell them. Daisy asks him to bring it home and he agrees, saying he’s on the way. However Boss and Barney pull up beside him, Barney pointing a gun at him and telling him to get out of the pickup and bring the bag of money to his van. He slams on the gas, speeding away before calling for Bo and Luke on the CB. He tells them someone pulled a gun on him and Luke responds asking where he is. He tells them he saw a sign for Green Apple Road. Luke tells him to hang on as they are on their way.

As he drives, Bo tells him over the CB that they are on their way and are on the road. Barney then starts shooting at him. He sees the van run off the road. Bo calls him again to see how he is and he answers, telling Bo that he lost the guy but he doesn’t think they will give up too easily. Bo tells him that he is coming up on Wilson Corners. He says there is an old dirt road to the left and for Andy to take it and hide out I the woods. He tells Bo ‘you got it’ before obeying.

He finds a place to hide out and sits with the goat. Barney comes up beside him with a gun and tells him to get out of the truck with the bag. He puts the goat down and obeys. After getting in the van, he tells Barney that he has the money now and asks what he needs with Andy. Barney tells him to wise up, that he’s a witness and Barney don’t leave them behind. They are quickly followed by all the Dukes and Daisy and Jesse get in front of the van, slowing it down. Hearing a noise, he looks back and up to see Bo climbing down into the van from the skylight. Bo signals for him to be quiet and take the keys which Andy gives a small nod. Bo reassures him it will be fine. When Bo grabs Barney, he gets the keys. Bo tells him he did a good job and he remarks ‘way to go man! Thanks a lot!’ They shake hands and Andy cheers. He gets out and opens the driver door so Luke can help get Barney out and Barney is arrested. After the FBI leave, he shakes Bo’s hand again and he says they are all really something. Bo asks what are big brothers for. Luke adds ‘and sisters’ and Daisy hugs him saying that is what family is for. He tells them to give him a pen so he can sign up. They head to the farm.

Later while he, Bo, Luke, and Daisy get the fishing gear together, Jesse comes out of the house calling his name. He’s handed an envelop and confused, he opens it to see the money of $500. The Dukes say that is a lot of money. After a moment he says it can’t buy him what they have given him, especially Bo and Luke. He says he wishes there was a way he could repay them. Bo says there is, that he likes his hat before taking it. Luke says he had his eye on it and Andy takes it back saying the hat is his and they get the money before handing the check over. Luke says they can’t do that and he says for the orphanage and maybe some other kid could get as lucky as him. Bo says what they’ll do is drive Andy over to the orphanage and he can give the money himself. Luke says better yet, Andy can drive. He tells them that sounds real good and as they go to leave he tosses the hat to Daisy, saying it’s for her. They go to the General Lee, Andy having an arm on each of the boys shoulders.