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Angela Pecola is a minor character from the series Enos


Where's the Corpus?[]

While her mother is talking to Margret Jean, Turk, and Enos, she goes up and pulls on Enos’ sleeve. When he looks down at her, she gestures for him to follow her. They go to the sand box and Enos comments on her castle. She introduces herself and Enos introduces himself back. He says she has a pretty bucket and shovel. She says ‘Shush’ got it for her birthday and Enos asks if she means Shoes Mitchem. She confirms it saying he’s a friend of her dad’s. Enos asks when her birthday was, calling her sweetheart and she says it was Saturday but she didn’t have a party or anything. Her mother calls her saying ‘come in the house honey, now!’ She stands up, telling Enos that if he sees her daddy to tell him she loves his present and she says her prayers every night. Enos says ‘I will darling’ and she goes inside with her mom.

Later her dad returns home and she runs outside to greet him. He picks her up and she hugs him as he carries her into the house.