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Angelo Pecola is a minor character from the series Enos.


Where's the Corpus?[]

Angelo is a some time criminal who Riker used to divert the blame of his bigger crimes of stealing money from the syndicate in Chicago. Learning he is assumed by Chicago for scamming the syndicate’s money and his friend Moose Davis is dead, he turns himself into the police and Detective Bigalow. He is not amused at Bigalow bragging about it, and as he’s being booked two other officers Enos Strate and Turk Adams confront Bigalow about it. When Bigalow brags about finding him, Angelo tells the other officers he turned himself in.

He is brought into another room to see a visitor and is alarmed to see Blutman. He asks what Blutman is doing there as he has nothing to say to him. Blutman threatens him, saying they can kill him just as easily in jail as outside. Angelo asks what he wants and Blutman says he wants to know who tipped the cops. When Angelo doesn’t immediately offer anything, he threatens Angelo’s wife and kid. He admits it was Shoes. Bultman then asks about his wife, upsetting him.

After he is released and the charges are dropped against him, Enos and Turk take him home. Enos tells him that he knows he’s done some bad things but the state has seen to it that he will have a second chance. Enos says little Angela loves her daddy and Enos hopes he will find the time to pay her proper attention or he’s sure going to miss a lot. He agrees and gets out of the car before heading toward the house. His daughter comes running out to him and he picks her up. She hugs him and he carries her into the house.