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Anita Blackwell is a character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


While working as a waitress in Montana, she met Luke. She had sang at a local club at night. She and Luke started dating and Luke and her would write songs and music together. Luke encouraged her to go to Nashville and when she got invited to go for a showcase she didn’t want to go. Luke packed for her anyway and sent her. Luke had seen her off at the bus and they kissed goodbye. She became a famous country singer. A week later she got a recording contract. She had three albums and four Grammy’s since. She goes to LA in 2000 with her husband to play in a movie.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

She gets a call from Toby Keith to go to Hazzard for the Hazzard Ground Breaking Hoe-Down and she agrees.

Hearing that Luke in LA and camped under the Hollywood sign, she decides to go see him. They pull up in a limo and Luke opens the door. They both remark that they heard each other was in town. Luke comments ‘hey ya’ll it’s Anita Blackwell’ and she says hi to Bo, Gabriella, Cletus, Cooter, and Rosco. She asks Luke if they can go for a walk and Luke agrees.

As they walk and hold hands she says she knows it’s strange but she had to see him one more time. Luke says he’s glad she did but he just wonders why she did. She tells him to see if they were over and if she was over him. She hangs onto his arm and he says it sounds like one of her songs. They continue to walk and talk and watch the sunset together. He walks her back to her car and she says she’s in a good marriage and Luke is a ghost that won’t go away. Luke asks what she wants him to say. She tells him that she wants him to say that he doesn’t still love her. Luke sighs before telling her he can’t say that. He says he wishes he could. She says she knows, and reaches out to touch his face as she says she wishes he could to. She tells him goodbye and he kisses her cheek. She leaves.

Later she goes to Hazzard for the Ground Breaking for the Hospital. When Toby Keith announces her she kisses her husband before going to the stage, seeing Luke in the crowd. She invites Toby to stay up and play for her and sings "I could love a man like that."


Anita Blackwell is played by the real life country singer Anita Cochran.