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Anna Lisa, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Lulu's Gone Away[]

Anna Lisa, Eddie, and Billy Ray follow Lulu Hogg to her Flower Club meeting, watching her from their blue car. When Eddie points out Lulu, she flips through a book he put together, saying it looks like the weeks Eddie spent in Hazzard putting together her file, staying out of trouble, is paying off. As they follow Lulu, she points out on a map that three miles up there is a road called Crabapple Lane that Lulu will turn on and they will kidnap her there. They are surprised when Lulu stops and Eddie says she must be having car trouble. They put on their masks to take her now, but another car comes up, the General Lee and they pull them off again. Seeing her leave with Bo and Luke, Eddie says they should forget it. She becomes angry, saying that the ‘fat woman’ is the key to her husband’s bank. Billy Ray says they are going to drop off Anna Lisa, then he and Eddie will get Lulu.

At the Trailer, Billy Ray tries to call the Hogg Family home but gets no answer. She tells him to try to Boar’s Nest.

Later the boys CB and tell her they are staying out for the night until they get Lulu.           

The next morning Eddie and Billy Ray arrive with Lulu, blindfolded, and call Boss to deliver a ransom.

She waits in the trailer after the others go to ransom Lulu, but they return and inform her that it got messed up. Eddie wants to give up and Billy Ray insists they are going to keep doing this. She sits down beside Billy Ray, telling him suppose Boss calls in the FBI this time but he insists Boss won’t since he didn’t last time.

Billy Ray goes outside before coming back in with an unconscious Bo Duke before tossing him on the bed in the trailer. When Lulu demands to know who they got she tells Lulu that the person is blonde and beautiful and if Lulu wants him to stay that way she will settle down. Billy Ray says after they get the money they will take Route 7 past the amusement park to the tristate highway. Eddie points out that Bo might have friends and she agrees that now they will come looking for them. Billy Ray assures them that Bo’s arrival just made everything easier. Billy Ray says to take Lulu to the car but as she and Eddie go to do it, Lulu’s blindfold falls off. She remarks that Lulu’s seen them and Eddie says not to worry about that right now. After Billy Ray finishes, they leave the trailer behind.

They stop at a payphone and Billy Ray calls Boss to issue a new ransom. After Eddie says that Hogg might tell someone about it, and Billy Ray says he’s counting on it. After they go to town to claim the ransom from Boss. After they do, they leave with Lulu.

As they drive away, she grins saying they pulled it off before hugging Billy Ray and kissing his cheek. She then turns and hugs Eddie. Lulu says they don’t know anything if they think they won. As they go, she hears Billy Ray and Eddie agree to kill Lulu. Lulu remarks she isn’t afraid of them.

Bo and Luke arrive, cutting the car off and into the theme park. Unable to drive, the three crooks try to abandon the car and flee into the park. Lulu catches her before sitting on her in the car. She is arrested by Rosco and Enos and watches Boss knock out Billy Ray when he attempts to flee, kneeling beside him on the ground in worry.