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Anna Louise, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Undercover Dukes Part 1[]

When Mary Beth decides to get into racing, she wants to contract Bo Duke to be her driver. Anna Louise and JoJo head to Hazzard with her. They watch a tape of Bo Duke racing and him and Luke celebrating their win. When Mary Beth says Bo can drive and is cute, she just grins before asking if Mary Beth is interested in what he can do on or off the track. Mary Beth admits it’s both. She says they retired from the circuit and asks what makes Mary Beth think they will drive for her. Mary Beth asks what makes her think they won’t and she says she hopes Mary Beth is right because the dark haired crew chief was kinda cute.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, and Mr. Jones the chimp all go inside. They are approached by Daisy, who is surprised to see Mr. Jones and the chimp climbs onto her. Daisy shows them all to a table and they all sit down. When Daisy asks what they want, Mary Beth asks for Bo and Luke but she is not amused at Mary Beth’s way of asking.

After a few minutes, Daisy returns with Bo and Luke and Mary Beth introduces them all as her assistants. They shake the boys hands. Mary Beth then sends Jojo away and Luke sits down next to her. She watches Mary Beth offer the boys the contracts, but Bo and Luke decline. As the boys exit the bar, she smirks saying she bets that is the first time Mary Beth has ever took no for an answer.

While in the motor home, Anna Louise and Mary Beth watch Jojo and Mr. Jones play checkers. They are interrupted when J.J. comes in with Bo and Luke. Carver says for them to go into the Boar’s Nest and they do.

While Mary Beth is in the shower she is in the motor home alone when Bo and Luke return. She invites them in, telling them to sit down and asking they would like a drink. The boys both decline before Mary Beth comes in. The boys inform them they are agreeing to the contract and she smiles. She comments that she thinks it’s terrific and they could use a little new blood around there. Luke says so long as none of it gets shed in the cause of winning. They are soon joined by Jojo.

She waits with Jojo and Mary Beth at the Carver estate by the motor home when Bo and Luke arrive. She greets them as they get out of the car. She opens the door to the motor home for Bo and Luke to use so the boys could carry their belongings in and get settled. She and Luke go into the trailer. After settling Luke, she heads to the house.

They go out to the track and watch Bo do a lap in the race car, going around a number of obstacles. After she goes with Mary Beth to congratulate the boys on the test drive. Carver arrives and informs them that he had arranged for a picnic lunch by the swimming pool. Carver asks Mary Beth to walk him to the car and she follows them.

After they eat lunch, Luke announces he’s going to take a walk and asks if anyone would care to join him while looking at her. She smiles saying she thinks she’d like to walk too. Standing up, she puts on her robe which Luke helps with. Luke asks what about her friend and she asks who cares, stunning him. Luke tells the others they’ll see them later before leaving.

As they walk, Luke carries her bag. She tells him she can carry it and Luke says he supposes she can before going to hand it back. He drops it and notices her gun. She takes the bag as he hands it to her, saying he promises he’ll behave. She says she’s sorry to hear that and tells Luke she has a permit for the gun and is an ex-police officer. She says her and Jojo are Mary Beth’s body guards and kidnapping rich young women is always in season. Luke says that the body Jojo is interested in guarding is hers. She comments ‘yeah, well, that’s his problem.’ Seeing Jojo go into the trailer, Luke says that isn’t his only problem before running to the trailer. She yells for Luke to come back as she chases after him. Jojo comes out of the trailer and him and Luke fight. She pulls them apart, yelling for them to stop and saying if Mr. Carver finds out they will all be gone. She asks what it’s about and Jojo says to ask Luke. She asks him and Luke says it’s just a misunderstanding.

At the track she stands with Luke as Bo and Mary Beth look over the car. As Bo and Mary Beth get ready to leave for a test drive, Luke notes that Mr. Carver is very generous with his daughter. She agrees and tells him that it’s his way of holding onto her. Luke says with as much time as he spends with her he must not get to the office much. She tells him Carver’s office is in his den.

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

Saturday morning Bo does a lap in the car at the Carver property when he spins out. They all rush to see what happened. Luke announces that Bo’s arm is swelling and Mary Beth offers to take the boys up to the house to get medical supplies. Anna Louise says she will go with him but Luke stops her, asking if she would do him a favor and stay there. He says he needs to know where Jojo is. She agrees before going to Jojo and telling him to stay too. She says he’s in enough trouble already.

Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, Carver, and Jojo go to see Bo, Luke, Herky and the team before the race starts. When it does, Carver, Bender, and Jojo leave. She notes that was a first as Carver has never left the pit during a race before.

Bo makes a pit stop at a yellow flag and Mary Beth and Anna Louise run over to praise him. Bo asks where Luke is, not having heard from him in a while. They realize they haven’t seen him for a bit and go to look but a young man comes up, saying he saw Luke.

As they watch the race, two cars crash. They are approached by Daisy and Uncle Jesse and say it’s nice to see Daisy again before officially meeting Jesse.

Bo makes a pit stop and goes to talk to Daisy and Jesse for a minute after an accident occurs. Jojo asks her where Bo went and she says he is off talking to his kin before asking why and what is wrong. He says he will tell her later but he needs to watch him. A stack of tires is knocked onto Jojo and Mary Beth and Anna Louise check on him and ask if he’s alright. Anna Louise then asks that he was looking for Bo before telling him that Bo is back in the car and racing.

Bo makes an unscheduled pit stop, confusing them but doesn’t explain anything on why he’s suddenly dropping back to third. As the race continues, they wonder what happened to Bo as he is driving completely different in the last half hour.

Bo wins the race, taking a victory lap and returns to the pit where they all rush to greet him and congratulate the win. She later learns J.J. Carver was arrested and Bo and Luke were working for the FBI.