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Annie Cargill, or Granny Annie, is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Granny Annie is a long time friend of the Duke Family and still has some attraction to Jesse Duke. She runs an art sale and has been doing so for 40 years, havign a 'Going out of Business Sale' for the last 30. Jesse says he used to run moonshine with Ezra, who was with Annie but they never married and he passed 12 years before.


Granny Annie[]

Bo and Luke promise her they will go and redo the roofing on her house. While the boys work she is welding a new piece. Bo and Luke call out to her and approach her, saying her roof is as good as new. Seeing the boys looking back at her house, she comments she has never seen anyone like the two of them, having such an interest in her flowers. Luke says the flowers bloomed extra pretty this year and when Bo says Holly Mae is extra pretty too she snaps for them to back off as she’s not ‘ripe for pickin’. She pulls out a few five dollars and when the boys try to decline taking it she snaps that she doesn’t take charity and gives them each a $5 bill. She tells them ‘scat’ and to give Uncle Jesse a special hello. She says Jesse is a good looking man and she doesn’t know what possessed her to let Jesse get by her. The boys laugh and leave. She goes back to welding.

Bo and Luke return to tell her that someone gave her counterfeit money. She gets a box and pretends to be sobbing saying her husband left her all his shine money. Luke and Bo offer to get rid of it and she asks them to take it away and she doesn’t care what they do with it, bury it or burn it and she doesn’t want anything around to remind her of Ezra, except the little shine she’s got put away. She asks if they want a match and Luke tells her no as the FBI can still identify the ashes so they are going to take it to Willow Creek. She agrees.

In her home she continues to make some counterfeit money and Bo and Luke come into her house. She sees them and since they don’t look surprised she concludes she got them into trouble. She tells them she didn’t mean to and she just gave them the wrong ones. She says she makes them so good that she can’t even tell the difference. Bo says saying sorry isn’t going to keep the three of them out of jail and Luke asks her to let them put the plates to rest. Luke says without them as evidence Rosco doesn’t have a case. She tells them she didn’t mean to hurt anyone and she only makes the money she would have gotten from the welfare to save herself the trip. She says she could have made herself rich but she didn’t. Luke reminds her that he and Bo are on probation. Bo says they got to get rid of them and she argues that it is the best work she’s done in years. She shows the bill to Luke and tells him that she put a twinkle in Abe Lincoln’s eye and this is her masterpiece. However she says no masterpiece is worth hurting them. She says they have been so good to her and for them to do what’s right.

Enos and Rosco come in to arrest them. They take them outside and Enos says they only have two sets of cuffs but three prisoners and he trusts Granny without them as she is a nice old lady. Angry she asks them who are they calling an old lady and telling them she will arm wrestle the both of them any day. She says Bo and Luke are innocent and she is the guilty one. She pushes them off her porch and sends the boys inside, pulling the door closed and telling them to use the back door. After Enos and Rosco runs to the back she laughs and opens the door and tells them to go before the others find out she doesn’t have a back door. Bo and Luke go to take her with them and she tells them to just go and look after themselves. She watches them leave as Enos and Rosco return. Rosco tells Enos to book her and Enos helps her off the porch and to his car. She offers her hands to be cuffed and Enos tells her he still trusts her and asks if she wants to ride up in the front. She thanks him, saying he always was such a nice boy. Enos gets the door for her and she says it’s a nice car. She slides over to the driver seat and tells Enos ‘let’s go, you gonna take me to jail or not?’

As she drives them to the jail, her and Enos sing together.

After arriving in the jail, Granny and Enos play checkers and she tallies up how much Enos has lost to her at 40 cents. Enos says he doesn’t pay for money and she asks if there is anything to eat. Enos asks what would she like to eat and the Bisbee Café is across the square and he eats there all the time. She says it’s time he had a home cooked meal and how would he like her to make ham hocks and collard greens. She asks if the hotplate is working and tells Enos she’ll get groceries. Enos tells her he doesn’t mean any disrespect she is still under arrest. She tells Enos to go and gives him some money and says Enos knows what they need. When he hesitates, she assures Enos it’s the real money.

Later her and Enos dance together.

All the charges are later dropped and she retires from counterfeiting.