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Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby (Luke's Love Story)

The Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby is an event held in Hazzard County, Georgia. Not to be confused with the Annual Hazzard County Derby, which is a different Race.

Event Description[]

The Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby is an illegal Stock Car Race that occurs each year. The participants are selected based on the four drivers who make the most points on a dirt track in the state that year. The winner receives a $500 cash prize and holds the trophy for the year until the next race is held. [1]

There are no set rules except to win however you can. The race is not limited to Hazzard County citizens as at least one participant is known to be from a different county. Daisy also remarked that up until the race in season one, only men had qualified the previous years. The Derby is one of the biggest event's in Hazzard each year.




Before the Obstacle Derby is held, residents of Hazzard County gather in the Boar's Nest for the announcement of who will be in the race. Sheriff Rosco has the trophy delivered from the current holder and hands it to the selected 'trophy girl' before announcing the top contestants for the event.


Start line

The race would start and end at the Boar’s Nest. The race is started by the shot of a cannon. The course is treacherous because the obstacles are constantly changed, not allowing anyone to predict what they will be. Spectators are not allowed along the course to prevent them from signaling the drivers.


From 1975 to 1977, Boss Hogg won the race and held the Trophy each time

Luke's Love Story: 1978 [2][]

Pre-event: Cooter brings the trophy from Boss Hogg's house. Daisy Duke is selected to be that year's 'Trophy Girl'

Rosco announces the participants in the race in reverse order due to the points they have gathered. In fourth place was Deputy Enos Strate, in third place was Cooter Davenport, in second was either Bo or Luke Duke, and in first was Amy Creavy.

After the Race, Amy came in first and Luke in second. Enos never finished the race and Cooter never started due to his car being stolen. The trophy went to Luke Duke.


  • When Boss Hogg won the trophy he had sealed his mother's ashes inside in order to put them in the house as Lulu did not like his mother. Because of this, Boss Hogg is desperate to win the trophy in order to keep his mother's ashes. No one outside of Boss Hogg and Rosco know this.[3]