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Arnie, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Having learned a million dollars are being moved through Hazzard County, he works with Woody and Kelly to rob it.


Too Many Roscos[]

While Boss Hogg, Rosco, and Enos practice receiving a money truck that will deliver one million dollars, Arnie and Kelly watch from their car.

At the hideout, he asks Woody if he’s seen enough of Rosco. When Woody agrees, he says that when the armored truck comes in tomorrow at noon, he has to be Rosco P. Coltrane before pausing the video. He says Woody needs to make everyone believe it. Woody assures them they will be fine. He remarks that the doctor did one heck of a plastic surgery job on Woody and when looking at Woody and a picture of Rosco, he says he can’t tell them apart. Arnie and Kelly leave to get Rosco.

They go to town, watching Rosco exit the Police Department. He says for them to wait until they can get Rosco out of town. They watch Rosco attempt to give Bo and Luke Duke a ticket before the boys run away with Rosco chasing them. He tells Kelly to get him and they give chase.

They split off onto another road before returning to the main one, ramming into Rosco and sending him into a pond. When Rosco climbs out of the pond, they stop and capture him.

After taking Rosco back to the hideout, they tie him to a chair. When Rosco struggles to get free, he smacks him with a newspaper telling him to be careful as he’ll hurt himself. He tells Rosco to relax, clapping him on the shoulder, saying he ain’t going nowhere. As he reads the paper, Rosco says they kidnapped him. When Rosco asks how much money they want, he comments ‘nothing’. He puts down the paper, telling Rosco to believe him, that he’s not kidnapped and they are just borrowing him for a bit. Rosco asks what they are up to and he returns to the paper, telling Kelly to take the blindfold off of Rosco and see if he can figure out what they are up to. Woody comes in and admits that they intend to rob the armored truck. He tells Woody to can it, as he talks too much. Woody assures Rosco that no one will tell the difference between them.

Kelly goes outside, before returning to inform them that everyone thinks Rosco drowned. Kelly says they can’t have Woody play a dead man and asks Arnie what should they do. He says they only think that Rosco is dead and that when Woody shows up, he’ll just give them a cock and bull story about how he pulled himself out of the lake. Woody says he’ll play like he doesn’t remember anything. Arnie says they will buy that but Rosco says they make it sound like he hit his head on a rock or something. Arnie laughs before telling them that is perfect and that Woody hit his head on a rock. He thanks Rosco for the idea.

The next morning he stays to watch Rosco while Kelly takes Woody into town. He tries some coffee before spitting it out everywhere. Rosco taunts him asking 'it's that good huh?'.

As it gets closer to noon, Arnie and Kelly both check their watches for the time they need to leave. Later Woody calls and informs them the armored truck will be an hour late.

Woody calls again, informing him that they are taking him to Capitol City Hospital. He is shocked and Woody says if they want him to meet the armored car, they need to get him out of this. He promises they are on their way before untying Rosco and stuffing him in a closet. They head out looking for the General Lee.

Kelly and Arnie go on the road to Capitol City when they spot the General Lee. They pull up alongside the General before ramming it. Woody forces Bo to stop the car and they cut the General off. They get out of the car, covering Bo and Luke with guns. He tells Woody he did good. Bo demands to know what they did with Rosco, but Woody has them put the boys in the car. As Kelly and Woody take Bo and Luke to the hideout, he goes to drive the General. He’s surprised when the door doesn’t open and climbs through the window.

They get to the hideout and he watches Woody and Kelly tie Bo and Luke up. He informs the others they have ten minutes to get to town before disabling the phone, remarking they can't be too careful. Then they head to town in their car.

When they arrive in town, he remarks they are on time and tells Woody to get going and make it good. They watch the armored car arrive and Woody take the group hostage before Arnie and Kelly drive over. He gets out of the car to help Woody lock up the guards, Boss, and Enos before getting back in the car and leaving with his team.

They escape out of town before they are nearly hit by a jeep and forced down a new road. A few moments later they are forced down another road by a pickup. Then the General Lee catches up with them, hitting them and they go into a pond. They swim out and Bo, Luke, and Rosco take custody of them. He is arrested.