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Arrest Jesse Duke

"Arrest Jesse Duke" is the twelfth episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Jesse is arrested for car-stripping when he is spotted at the scene of a car stripping incident by a motorist, while the real car strippers are a group of female mechanics who are working for Boss Hogg. Boss Hogg sells the parts back to the unsuspecting owners. And Boss does not even want the temporary acting sheriff -- his even more crooked nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) -- to get in on the scam. Meanwhile, Rosco is out of town to take a refresher course at the Police Academy in Atlanta.

Balladeer: There’s an old country saying, expect the unexpected, and it sure does fit when you enter Hazzard County. Y’all see what I mean? Well that’s handy. Maybe too handy. Now y’all have heard of night club strippers, well now these are Hazzard strippers, and friends and neighbors they got some kinds of moves. Picked cleaner than a starving hounds tooth. Now how about that for a doozy of a new racket? They shoot out a feller’s radiator, pluck his car clean as a naked chicken, and take off cross county in jeeps so they don’t leave no tracks. Shows lots of country smarts don’t it.


As a car enters Hazzard, it’s radiator is shot out. Mr. Benswanger gets out and sees a sign for the Hazzard Garage and starts walking. Four women descend on the car, stripping it completely. They take the sign and leave. Jesse drives down the road and stops when he sees the stripped car. He heads out to put the catfish he got at the Farm before going to see the Sheriff, getting spotted by Benswanger as he returns to his car.

Bo and Luke leave to go Boar hunting when they spot a truck of two female drivers. The boys do a 180 and pull up along the truck, Bo calls out to them and asks them to join him and Luke for lunch, which they agree.

Balladeer: During all this, Sheriff Rosco was NOT patrolling Hazzard. As usual. ‘Cause he gone to take a refresher course, at the Police Academy, in Atlanta. Which meant Boss Hogg needed another gofer who was devious, and underhanded, and lowdown. Somebody that’d go for anything. Nephew Hughie Hogg.

Hazzard Police Station

Hughie is sworn in as acting Sheriff. Enos arrives with Mr. Benswanger and he reports Jesse as the car stripper. While Benswanger starts describing Jesse, the man comes in. Benswanger accuses Jesse of stripping his car. Jesse says he just stopped to look at the car and is there to report it. Boss asks the man to stay and testify before having Jesse arrested. The truck driver’s call the boys to go get lunch. Jesse and Boss talk in the jail, Jesse saying they have been friends and enemies for the last 40 years and Boss knows there is no way he would steal. When Jesse points out that it would be impossible for one man to strip all those cars, Boss decides to get the entire Duke Family.


Cooter and Benswanger go to the new Dixie Auto Supply store. The four women go in the back to count all the money but Boss arrives. He explains no one can know they are working together, not even his sheriff and nephew Hughie. He takes some of the money and leaves.

The two female truck drivers are riding in the General with Bo and Luke. The boys get annoyed when htey notice Hughie is following them and take off. Hughie calls Enos, but when Enos joins the chase he crashes into Hughie taking them both out.

Lake Sherwood

Bo and Luke pull over for a picnic with the girls. While making out with the girls, the boys hear Hughie and Enos talk on the C.B. about Jesse being arrested. Bo and Luke pack up and go to rush back only to find the General has been stripped.

Police Department

Boss yells for Hughie, who had made wanted posters for Bo, Daisy and Luke with posted rewards, telling him it’s not the Sheriff’s job to post a reward. Boss then sends Hughie out to find the Dukes. Bo and Luke go to see Jesse and Jesse tells them to get and he isn’t going anywhere. He tells them that they need to leave when the boys protest and the boys reluctently do. They head over to Cooter’s. Cooter goes with them and picks up the General.

Hazzard Garage

In the Garage they talk about fixing up the General and Cooter brings up the auto parts store. They realize the store has all the parts and it opened a month ago. They decide to go check into it and Daisy says she’s coming too. Cooter lets them use his pickup.


Bo, Luke, and Daisy drive by Hughie and Enos who case after them. Bo comments that he’s everywhere and they try to speed away. Bo slams on the breaks, allowing the officers to crash into each other before they head back to town. The three break into the auto parts store and look around, finding parts from the General. Three of the ladies return and confront the three Dukes. When the fourth arrives, the Dukes escape and Carla and Sally chase after them. Bo, Luke, and Daisy flee in Cooter’s pick up and when Bo says it seems strange to have a girl shooting at him, Luke says it’s generally the girl’s father. Luke climbs into the bed finding nails and throws them on the road, causing the girls to lose a tire.

The Duke’s regroup and decide to check the file papers for the business. Meanwhile Boss is locking up his money when the four women come in to tell him about the Dukes being onto them. Hughie comes in as Boss tries to get them to leave and Carla calls Boss partner, putting doubt in Hughie’s mind. Boss sends Hughie out.

Court House

Bo leads Hughie out on a chase to allow Luke and Daisy to look for the records. Luke finds that it belongs to the Blue Ridge Catfish company, which is owned by the National Pinballs Limited, owned by Instant Grits Inc. which is owned by the J.D. Hogg Investments Corporation. Bo tricks Hughie into following him in the square and Hughie falls. Thinking he knocked him out, Bo goes to check on him but Hughie shows he was faking. Before he can arrest Bo; Luke and Daisy drive by and the Dukes escape.


After changing, Daisy and Cooter borrow an undertaker’s limo with Bo and Luke following behind in Dixie. Hughie goes to see Jesse, who helps grow his unease about Boss cheating him. As they go, Cooter and Daisy’s radiator is shot and the two pretend to be a dating couple in love and walk away to allow the four women to strip the car. They meet up with Bo and Luke in the bushes to watch. Luke tries to call Hughie but can’t reach him. They see the girls in the jeeps and decide to follow them in Daisy’s jeep. Daisy tells Bo in her car she drives and Cooter sits upfront. They follow the three jeeps until the road ends and all four climb out of the jeep, having nearly gone over the cliff. Bo decides to stay and find where the girls are camped out while Cooter, Daisy, and Luke decides to make the General a four wheeler temporarily. The three warn Bo to be careful.


Bo finds the girls but they capture him and tie him to one of the jeeps.

Police Deparment

Sally and Carla go to Town and rob Hughie and Boss. Hughie agrees to help Boss after he promises a 50/50 split. They go to follow but find the cars have been stripped. Luke and Daisy arrive in the General, revamped to be an off road car. Luke says he will go after them if they release Jesse and drop all the charges. Luke says he also has to reimburse everyone who was cheated plus pay them the $500 reward. Boss relents and agrees. Enos arrives and Boss rides with him. Luke and Daisy follow and Mr. Benswanger arrives. He rides with Cooter and Hughie gets left behind.


The four car strippers prepare to leave town, deciding to take Bo with them. As the four set off, Bo tries to get free. Luke and Daisy go off road while Enos and Boss and Cooter and Benswanger stay on the road. Daisy says he’s worried about Bo and Luke says he’s a Duke and has 12 lives. They spot the women and Luke calls the others to say they are headed south toward highway 40. The others follow Luke’s directions. Daisy and Luke see they have Bo. The four change direction toward Route 22, which Luke radios back causing everyone to shift again. Luke and Daisy cause the back jeep to wreck. The women change again going south east toward highway 40 and the others change as well. Luke and Daisy shoot out the tire on the yellow Jeep to disable them. Luke tries to shoot out the tire on the red jeep but loses his bow. Bo gets ahold of his knife and cuts himself free while Carla is distracted. After Bo tries to fight for control of the jeep. Seeing the cliff they nearly went off earlier, Luke yells for Bo. Bo grabs the money and Carla and jumps out. The jeep is destroyed.

Balladeer: Uncle Jesse was sprung from jail, the law abiding way. Daisy collected for the repairs on her jeep, Cooter got his money for fixing General Lee, and even Mr. Benswanger he’d got what he lost. And the boys got the $500 reward. Now that really hit Boss where he lives. So if you’re ever passing through Hazzard County, y’all just remember that old country sayin’. And Expect the unexpected.

Jesse is freed and the four women are put in jail. Boss Hogg is forced to pay all the damages and fees and then Bo and Luke leave with the two lady truck drivers.

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  • This is Hughie Hogg's first appearance in the series
    • Due to Rosco being at the Police Academy for a refresher course, Boss Hogg calls in Hughie to be the acting sheriff.


  • Due to this episode airing out of production order, this is the first appearance of Daisy's Jeep "Dixie", which she will eventually receive as a gift in episode "The Runaway", airing two episodes later.
  • This episode was the first to offer an alternative introduction.