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Arthur 'Artie' Bender is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard. His 'death certificate' gives his date of birth 21 October 1923. Jesse says he's had the cabin for 30, 40 years now and every time Jesse had seen it it had smoke coming from the chimney.


Dead and Alive[]

Artie sits near the road, painting a scene when he notices an armored car and witnesses Phil and Lenny rob it, ducking down behind his painting to keep from being noticed. When the two men leave, he runs down to the driver, noting that he took a hard hit to the head. Seeing the General Lee pulling up, he flags the boys down. Bo and Luke get out and he tells them there was a hold up and it was a light colored sedan, four doors. He points out what way they left and the boys agree to go after them. He moves to call for help. After getting the driver back in his truck, Sheriff Little arrives and asks what is going on. He says there was a robbery and that two men were in a car headed ‘that way’. He adds that he already called an ambulance.

He returns to Hazzard and his home to find Boss and Rosco waiting for him. Boss says he’s there to foreclose on everything for the money Artie owes on the mortgage, grocery supplies, and paint materials. Rosco adds a parking ticket to which Artie says he doesn’t even own a car and Rosco tells him that is no excuse as he was in front of the parking meter to paint the courthouse. As Rosco posts a ‘for sale’ sign, he pleads with Boss not to sell his house as it’s all he’s got outside of his paintings. He tells Boss he will pay him with the next picture he sells. Boss says it don’t mean anything as he’s never sold one. Artie says he will give Boss his two latest paintings as they will be worth a lot of money someday. Rosco and Boss refuse as all of the paintings they have heard of never were valuable until the painter died. Artie says he will be dead someday as everybody dies. Rosco says they can't wait for that and Boss suggests speeding it up a little, making him upset. Boss says they will have Artie declared legally dead and sell his painting. Rosco asks if he’s feeling sickly, which he denies but Boss says they will just pretend. Boss asks what he thinks, offering to wipe out his dept and make him famous. Artie agrees. He would also get 25% of the money.

He helps Boss and Rosco pack up his paintings to sell them. Then Boss and Rosco take him to Hazzard Pond to work on a new painting.

Rosco arrives while he’s working, taking a painting he’s currenlty doing while saying it’s good. He protests that it isn’t done yet and Rosco says it doesn’t make any difference. Rosco tells him that they are going faster than a scalded cat and they need as many as he can crank out. He warns Rosco they are a little damp and he asks if they ever caught to crooks who robbed the armored truck. Rosco says no but they expect to in the next 24 hours. Rosco leaves and he says he was sure Bo and Luke would have gotten them. He decides to start another one as he didn’t get the pink flowers in last time.

While he works, he sees Bo and Luke drive up. He grins, waving and when the boys park and get out. He asks how they are, opening his arms and hugging Bo. The boys fill him in about being framed for the robbery and not having any other way to prove their innocence except through him. He gets in the General with the boys to help straighten out the whole mess. He sits next to Bo as Bo tells Jesse and Daisy that he is alive and can identify the crooks. Daisy calls them on the CB to say the crooks are headed east on Old Post Road. They catch up to the crooks but when one starts shooting at them and Little shoots back, Luke gets around to cut the men off. They catch them and he runs over to the wrecked car, informing Little and Rosco who the real crooks are.

Later Boss Hogg is furious at him for not staying ‘dead’. The Art dealer however commissions him to work for him making paintings and allows him to pay off all his debts to Boss Hogg.

Later he makes a family portrait for the Dukes as a thank you for their help.