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Artie is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Route 7-11[]

After checking into the hotel in Hazzard, he is called out by Helen to address Bo and Luke, who are looking around their truck. He and Morgan come up behind the boys as Helen approaches them from the front. When she points out they were there, Bo and Luke turn to them, Bo saying ‘howdy fellas’ to which he greets him, suspiciously. When Helen decides to let the boys apply as their drivers, he hands over the keys to Bo. As the boys go to drive with Helen he and Morgan walk away, Artie saying the look like a couple of ‘real hick-a-billies’. They watch Luke drive forward, then speed backwards following the same lines commenting that he would sure hate to sell ‘that kid’ insurance. After the boys get hired, he listens to Morgan tease the boys and when they leave, Bo says ‘take care smiley’ annoying him. Helen tells them the boys are going to be perfect.

The next morning they load all the customers for their traveling casino in the truck. When he finishes he calls out to Helen to let her know they are set, then he helps Helen into the back before he takes off his overcoat to wear a fancy suit. As they ride in the truck he runs one of the tables and hits a button for the wheel, making the house win the game. After they return, they go with Helen to dismiss the boys before leaving.

Late he is approached by Enos to look over some paperwork and follows him to the police car. After it checks out, he returns to the truck to see Morgan asking where he’s been. He explains the locals just wanted to check him out. They go to chain up the truck but are knocked out when the back doors burst open.

The next day he tells Bo and Luke it’s time to go. While working the roulette wheel again, he is amused when Jesse remarks that the game looks interesting, figuring it will be an easy win. When Jesse decides to play, he comments ‘put your money down grandpa’ annoying Jesse. He asks Daisy if she is playing, who says she’s with Jesse. He tries to switch the game and is stunned when Jesse wins. When Helen looks at him he shrugs to show he doesn’t know what happened. When Helen tries to keep Jesse from playing anymore, he tells Jesse there is an opening at the poker table. They watch Jesse and Daisy collect the money. After the truck is suddenly stopped, he helps Helen out and is arrested by Enos.