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Asa is a minor reoccurring character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


He used to do portraits for a dollar at the county fair and sometimes for the state police. Eventually he opened a barber shop in the Town of Hazzard.


Season 2[]

Return of the Ridge Raiders[]

While he is shaving Amos, Amos suddenly gets a phone call. He leaves the Barber shop in such a hurry, Asa has to chase after him to ensure he has all his belongings.

Season 3[]

The Late J.D. Hogg[]

While shaving Charlie Watkins, they see two men suddenly steel Charlie's car. Charlie runs outside to stop them and he watches from the door. Bo and Luke pull up, having been driving by, and he listens to Charlie tell them about the car being stolen and the boys leave to find it.

Season 4[]

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1[]

Bo and Luke come to him with Ben Wilkenson and he agrees to help draw a portrait of the man Ben describes. When he finishes, Luke takes the drawing from him as they realize they have seen the man before. As Bo and Luke leave, Bo thanks him for his help.

Season 5[]

The Hazzardgate Tape[]

While at the barber shop, he talks to a customer outside.

The Revenge of Hughie Hogg[]

Hughie comes into his shop to get a shave. As he goes to do it, Rosco comes in and gestures to show he wants to look through Hughie's pockets. Asa steps out the back.