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Augie Detwiller is a minor Character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Rosco says he has never drawn an honest breath since he was born. He set up an operation in Stilson Canyon where he takes stolen racing engines and puts them in old cars to smuggle out of the county.


Hazzard Connection[]

Augie calls Shoulder’s on the C.B. after he’s pulled over by Rosco. Shoulder’s remarks that Rosco is mad enough to chew nails and spit horseshoes, that he knows they are up to something. Augie says of course he does, but Rosco isn’t smart enough to figure out what it is. He tells Shoulders if he thinks Rosco is mad now, just wait until he tells Rosco to put all the cars back exactly the way he found them or they are going to get the law down on him.

Augie went to Cooter’s and informs him about how he usually pays $35 for each car brought to him for his derby. Cooter agrees to send him a few cars.

He is watching the cars in the derby with Shoulders’ when Bo and Luke arrive to drop off the cars from Cooter. He greets them and they watch as well. He is amused by the damage the slammer causes and tells Bo, who is closer to him, about how there is six inches of concrete in the doors and the trunk. He continues saying he remounted the radiator to put another eight inch slab of concrete on the front. Luke tells him he thought they were illegal. He tells the boys that he runs ten derbies in four counties and they are all legal. He tells them the slammer is for the customers entertainment between shows. He laughs saying Luke thought they would use a slammer in competition and Bo says if they had they wouldn’t have brought the cars for any price. He gives Bo and Luke some money, saying he wants them to get out there and find as many junk cars as they can and that money is just an advance on their next finder’s fee. He sends the boys away and as they leave he asks if Rosco is still watching. When it is confirmed he laughs saying he loves it and he doesn’t think there is a single thing that can go wrong with the scheme they are running. Shoulders reminds him if it does, the Dukes are set up to take the fall. They share a laugh about it.

While he and Shoulders are at the track, they are approached by Bo and Luke. Luke calls out to him and he turns to greet them, asking how are they and shakes their hands. Luke tells him they are looking to make real money and Bo says they are looking to drive in the derby. When Shoulder’s laughs at them he tells the boys that driving a Concorde down a back country road is one thing, but driving in a demolition derby is something else. Bo says he can handle it and he says he bets they could in one of his cars, but then it wouldn’t prove anything as they don’t have anything to loose. He says if they were to risk something, while pointing at the General. Luke is shocked but Bo takes the challenge. He laughs and sends Shoulders to get the Slammer.

When Luke notices, he says Augie didn’t tell them that part and Augie says he didn’t ask. They watch Bo and Shoulder’s drive around. They are forced to move when Bo tricks Shoulder’s into nearly driving into him and Luke. He goes back to Luke saying he’s impressed and Luke comments that he bets Augie thought Bo was just another pretty face. Augie laughs and agrees to put the boys at the top of his list. Luke says they could use the work now and most people won’t hire them in a public job. He asks why and Luke explains he and Bo are on probation. Bo, who has returned from the track, says they got caught running moonshine and Luke says they aren’t on good terms with Rosco. Augie says he appreciates them leveling with him but he will make up his own mind about who he hires. He says when he makes a decision he will be in touch. Luke says they aren't too hard to find and if they aren’t on Jesse’s farm they will be at the Boar’s Nest. He shakes Luke’s hand and they leave. After Bo and Shoulders shakes hands, he laughs and shakes his hand too.

After calling the boys to the track, tells them what he wants and when he gets some push back he snaps that he thought they wanted to work now. Luke explains that if they go over to Choctaw then Bo would have to cancel a personal engagement. He says if they aren’t interested but Luke cuts him off saying they are interested and a girl is easier to find than a good job. He pats Bo’s back and tells them to deliver the cars to Choctaw and tell his track manager that he’ll have another load of cars within the week. Bo agrees and tells him they will see him in the morning. As the boys go to leave, Shoulders says he doesn’t know if they can trust the boys and he tells him he will know real quick.

They follow after the boys, taking a dirt road after them and getting ran off the road. As he gets out Bo and Luke confront him. Luke asks why they didn’t let them know it was him. He says Shoulders had suggested a little test of their resourcefulness, to see how they can work under pressure. Bo asks why and he asks if Bo wants an answer or does he want a real job. Bo says he reckons he’ll take the money and the job. Augie says he would like to know how they got caught running moonshine and Luke asks if he wants an answer to that question or a couple of drivers. He says they have a sense of humor, resourcefulness, and they are on probation. He says that is a combination hard to beat and for them to be at the track tomorrow at noon.

The next day he sneaks into Hazzard and leaves with Shoulder’s out the back alley. They head to their operation. He checks that his men will have the shipment ready by noon and are assured there will be five cars and the slammer ready. He promises another bonus before leaving.

As they head back he asks how many for Fayetteville. Shoulders say six and he says that’s good as he has buyers for each of them. He looks up to see the truck in the rear view and tells Shoulders to turn around. He is furious to realize Bo and Luke double crossed him. They are slowed down a little by Jesse but continue to follow the boys. When Luke gets in the Slammer and drives it off the truck, Augie tells Shoulder’s that Luke wants to play. He tells Shoulders to take Luke out but instead Shoulders flips the car. They are arrested by Rosco. They are sent to the State prison.