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Avery is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Dear Diary[]

He and his partner are hired by Boss Hogg to hijack a load of radial tires. They succeed and go to Boss’ office to get their money. He sits on Boss’ desk while Boss hands the money over to his partner. He watches his partner count the money before informing him that Boss is $1,000 short. Boss says the tires they got was for small foreign cars so he held back the money. When Hadley threatens to take it out of Boss, he agrees adding ‘like knocking them gold fillings outta your teeth’ saying they ought to be worth something. Boss protests that they don’t know anything about doing business and he was giving them a break. He is unimpressed when Cletus comes into the office to deliver Boss’ lunch and they are told to leave. He says they aren’t going nowhere until they get their money. Cletus says if they are told to move then they move. When Cletus pulls out his gun, he leaves.

While driving out of town, they hear a CB call between Boss and Jesse Duke. Jesse has a diary belonging to Rosco that Boss is willing to drop a number of charges to get it back. They hear Boss accuse Jesse of wanting to blackmail Rosco with it but they agree to a trade. Realizing that it could be used to blackmail Boss, they decide to go after Jesse and get the diary.

Seeing a pickup and realizing its Jesse, he makes a roadblock that Jesse goes around. When Jesse takes off he tries to keep up, Hadley yelling at him to move it. They see Jesse on the side of the road sitting by his truck and pull up before getting out. Hadley asks Jesse for the diary and Jesse asks what diary. He looks in the truck and not finding it, says that it must be on Jesse. Jesse denies knowing but Hadley finds it on Jesse. They leave.

They go to a phone booth and he waits while Hadley calls Boss. To prove that they have Rosco’s diary, Hadley reads a few pages and he’s amused by some of the scams Boss had pulled. Hadley says they want $25,000 in one hour and reminds Boss that Avery is good with a gun before hanging up.

They go to the dead end and wait on the car for the money.

Hearing a car coming, he gets up and draws his gun. Hadley says he knows what to do, which he agrees before going into the bushes. He watches Bo and Luke arrive before making his way over to Bo, the closest. Bo remarks alright and goes with him but when he shoves Bo, Bo yells ‘I’m moving alright!’ Luke says all they want is the diary and they’ll give the money and be on their way. Bo yells not before teaching them a lesson about ganging up on their uncle but Luke says for him to take it easy and that isn’t why they came, which relaxes him enough to put the gun away. Luke gives them the money and he pulls out a number of bills remarking ‘all that money look beautiful.’ He tells Hadley to give them the diary so they can leave but Hadley says it’s fake. Hadley shows him the smudged serial numbers and he becomes angry. Luke attacks him and the two fight. He hits Luke hard in the stomach and tosses him over the General before he runs over to the car, getting in and driving away.

As he flees from Bo and Luke he goes up Arrowhead road. Hearing the car stalling Hadley asks what is wrong and he tells him he doesn’t think the dang thing is gonna make it up the hill. The car stalls out and goes down the hill in reverse. He tries the emergency break and informs Hadley they don’t have any breaks. They get out of the car as it goes over the edge, being destroyed over the cliff. As he gets up, Luke approaches him. When Hadley tells them that the diary was in their destroyed car, Luke goes to look and he and Hadley flee.