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B.B. is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


B.B. worked for John J. Hooper for eight years before he was fired. Furious, he and his wife decide to steal Hoopers prized basset hound, Maxine, and give a 25 thousand dollar ransom for it.


A Boy's Best Friend[]

After escaping with Maxine he and Mandy Jo take a shortcut through Hazzard. When Rosco falls in behidn him, he informs Mandy Jo and asks what do they do. Mandy Jo says to take it easy as they can’t know anything yet. He agrees to pull over and when he does he gets out of the car. He takes off his hat and waits for Rosco. Rosco tells him to get out his license, which he agrees quickly and pulls it out. After Rosco gives them a ticket, he thanks the man and Rosco welcomes them to Hazzard before leaving. He turns to Mandy Jo before getting in the van. He suggests checking on the dog, but Mandy Jo says to stop later and for them just to get out of Hazzard first.

As he drives, he asks Mandy Jo if she really thinks that Hooper will pay the 25 thousand dollar ransom they asked for. Mandy Jo says he knows just how much Hooper thinks of the dog, that he will pay.

After crossing the county line, Mandy Jo asks why don’t they pull over to water the dog. He agrees, stopping. He gets out, saying he’ll give the pup some water only to find Maxine is gone. He yells out to Mandy Jo and she comes back, upset that the dog got out the busted door. He asks what now and Mandy Jo asks if she has to tell him everything before saying they go back for the dog. He agrees and they head back to Hazzard.

After looking on the roadside where they were stopped, they can’t find Maxine. He asks Mandy Lou if she thinks someone found the dog, and she says she hopes so because they would take her to the pound.

While driving, he spots the Sheriff’s car and Mandy Jo points out a dog that he says is their basset hound. He stops and they get out. He says she must have been turned into the Sheriff and they grab the dog. He puts her in the van before speeding off. In his hurry, he nearly runs the General Lee off the road.

When they cross the county line, Mandy Jo goes to feed Maxine, he pets the dog and notices the spots are missing. He informs Mandy Jo they have the wrong dog. She tells him to go back to Hazzard. He refuses as the Sheriff got a good look at the truck but she says they’ll take care of it.

Having located an unattended car where the owners are on a picnic, he signals over to Mandy Jo and they steal it. He remarks they are taking a mighty big risk and she says living broke is a bigger one. They hear Boss talk on the CB, saying he found the dog.

Mandy Jo and B.B. arrive in town and B.B. says they know Maxine is in the Police Station but so is the Sheriff. Mandy Jo says she will handle it.

He waits while Mandy Jo goes inside and after the cops rush out she waves him inside. They trade Flash for Maxine. They flee town.

As he heads for the county line, he sings before saying they did it all thanks to Mandy Jo, which she agrees. They are suddenly startled when Bo Duke drops onto the top of the car on a motorcycle. As they try to figure out what just happened, Luke Duke drops on them next. They run off the road and he says the whole thing was Mandy Jo’s idea. He tries to flee but Bo tackles him. He tries to flee but Luke grabs him. The boys make a citizens’ arrest.