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B.B. Bascomb, or Billy Bob Thomas, is a minor character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood![]

He goes to the Hazzard Hoe-Down, listening to Toby Keith sing. He listens amused as Rosco talks about Toby being a big country music star. He listens to Ezra Bushmaster jump on the stage, shaking his head in amusement as Ezra makes a deal with the community that if they raise the 500 thousand in ten days he will donate the remaining three million. When Daisy asks how they can raise that much money so quickly he rolls his eyes before yelling to get everyone's’ attention. He tells everyone present that they already have the money before introducing himself and running up to the stage. He takes the mike from Roco and remarks that they own years of tape recordings of country music from all the people who had played at their events before. He adds some of those people have become big names and he represents some of the biggest Hollywood record companies who are dying to get into country music. Bo tries to ask what he’s saying and he explains he will promote those tapes and ‘put a little culture into their pathetic little world’ and get a CD album. Luke asks if it’s doable. He says they just need enough money to remix and master the tapes. He says 35 grand should do it before snapping and saying they will have themselves a hospital.

After returning to LA, he prepares to leave his apartment, locking up. On his way way down the stars he goes over his check list of con the tapes from the Dukes, sell the tapes, steal the money, then live large. As he tries to leave he is grabbed by two people and thrown into a wall. Igor asks if he’s going somewhere and asks where his 50 thousand dollars are. He comments ‘what a break’ and says he was getting ready to call Igor. Igor says he will die this afternoon if he doesn’t pay. He tells Igor he is close to getting a deal worth a hundred grand finder’s fee. Igor orders his death but when Tatiana pulls out a massive knife, he yells for them to wait saying he found over 6 hours of music tapes from a place called Hazzard. He says they are famous people, including Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, and Toby Keith. Not seeing any recognition he tells Igor never mind and that a major label would pay half a million minimum for the rights. Igor says for him to bring the tapes to him and they will call it even. B.B. says he’ll end up with nothing but Tatiana points the knife at him again. He agrees it’s a good deal.

He prepares to leave his home, greeting his neighbor and going to get in his convertible when a car pulls up. He greets Igor, who asks where are the tapes. He says the Dukes said the tapes where stolen, asking if Igor can believe that. Igor demands to know where the Dukes are. He tells them.

He is taken to Igor’s, where Igor gets a call to tell him that Patch has the tapes. He looks around uneasily at them.

After being released he goes home, packs a bag and says he is leaving, going to Brazil. As he tries to go out the door, Luke and Enos Strate burst in. Enos and Luke force him to tell them that his real name is Billy Bob Thomas and he is wanted for music fraud. He tells them about Igor and the meeting at the Bloody Bucket. They leave him hanging on the wall.