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B.B. Davenport is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard. Like Cooter and L.B., he is a close friend of the Duke Family.


Cooter’s cousin. Bo implies that they have raced together on the back roads a number of times, usually with B.B. losing. He is described as ‘B.B., like Cooter, always was a Duke at heart’.


Granny Annie

While driving the pickup he meets with Bo and Luke on the road. Bo greets him and he yells back. He gets excited to race the boys. He beats the General and gets even more excited. He pulls into the Boar’s Nest and parks before calling the boys on the C.B. saying he believes they owe him a beer. Bo agrees over the C.B. and tells him they do and to have Daisy put it on their tab as they are going to help Granny Annie.

While at the Boar’s Nest the Oak Ridge Boys are caught by Rosco in a speed trap and they put on a concert and he listens to them with Daisy, being joined by Bo and Luke a bit later. After the concert he greets the Oak Ridge Boys and learn about Rosco’s speed trap. They sit down again and Bo and Luke pay for the beers. After Bo and Luke leave, he stays and has a few more drinks. He overhears Rosco asking the bartender if he knows where the Duke boys went and if they used any more phony $5 bills. B.B. checks the money he got in concern.

B.B. goes out to his truck and calls Bo and Luke on the C.B. He tells Luke that the ‘beer money’ from Granny Annie isn’t the real think and Rosco is skulking around. He says if they need any help at all just call him.

He meets up with the Dukes at the Coffin Works. When Jesse tells the boys they should probably turn themselves in and say where they got the money, he protests asking what about Granny. Bo says they can’t blame her. They learn that it was Annie, not her late husband, making fake money. He follows Bo and Luke out of the Coffin Works and stops when he notices the General is leaking oil. He tells Bo and Luke that they need to bring the General in for a physical the first chance they get. The boys leave.

Bo and Luke call him for help again and he helps them sabotage Big Jim’s car. He gets in the back of the General and rides with Bo and Luke. He approaches Big Jim and Vic with the rest and he tells them that he is a mechanic and he’s off duty, so he would be happy to look at the car for them for no charge as he’s just being neighborly. He opens the hood with Bo and the two bicker about what can be wrong. Luke adds his own two sense. He goes to the back of the car and climbs under, pulling out a smoke grenade. Bo asks if there is any problems and he denies it before dropping the smoke and scrambling out, telling them all to get away as the car can blow. He helps pull Vic away from the car and they take cover in a field and holds him down. They leave for Hound Dog Lake.

They arrive and he tells the boys to hurry up as Granny ain’t getting any younger. Before the plates can be thrown in, he hears Rosco call the boys and when Bo asks what Rosco wants, he tells Bo it must be an emergency as Rosco said please. He listens to Rosco explain that Big Jim and Vic have Boss and are going to kill him. He rides with Bo and Luke to save Boss, commenting ‘there they be’ when they see Jim’s car. After Jim and Vic are forced to crash, Rosco hands him his gun, telling him to cover Jim and Vic and that he is deputized. He obeys. When the Dukes are explaining to Boss why he can’t keep the plates, he reminds Boss they could do whatever to him.