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Baa, Baa White Sheep is the eighth episode of season three of the Dukes of Hazzard.


Boss Hogg's honest, rich twin brother Abe, has come to Hazzard for the reading of their great aunt's will, which entitles a piece of land to both of them. But Boss had Abe declared legally dead years ago and sold the land.


Balladeer: There’s nothing Luke Duke enjoys more than a peaceful drive on a quiet country morning. Away from the Hazzard County hustle and bustle. And here comes the hustle. Now if y’all are wondering where old Bo is, well he is off for the weekend with the Marine Corps Reserve. They do got some kind of bumps on them Hazzard County roads.

As Luke drives the General, he passes Rosco with a fake Hospital zone sign. Rosco chases after him and annoyed, Luke asks if he lost his mind and that he saw Rosco putting up the fake sign and there isn't’ a hospital for 50 miles. Luke passes a truck, causing some of the driver’s load to dump on Rosco and slow him down. The driver is ran off the road and is annoyed.

Boar’s Nest

Boss scolds Rosco for losing Luke and Rosco says it’s Cletus’ day off and he can’t surround Luke alone. Boss says today is the greatest day of his life, and Rosco says he thought that the greatest day was when Boss and Lulu moved into separate bedrooms. Boss corrects himself and says this is the second greatest. He explains it’s the reading of his Great Aunt Emma Lou's will. Rosco says he and Abe were the sole survivors and that Boss had Abe declared legally dead. Boss says he needs to read the will before the public reading.

Luke comes in to see Daisy and she says Boss cut off his credit. Luke says he’s there to pay both his and Bo’s tabs and gives Daisy the money they owe her in the form of a check. Daisy says in that case she is going to Miss Drucilla’s to get the dress she’s been wanting. Boss gets excited to hear Luke got a check and asks where he would get a check. Luke explains a man broke down and Luke fixed the car for him. Boss looks at the check and informs Luke that it’s no good. Boss laughs and tells Luke that they are arresting him for using a bum check. Luke is upset as Rosco goes to arrest him and has Flash help escort Luke out. When Flash scares Boss, he jumps onto the bartender.


Daisy is pulled over by Rosco in his hospital zone. She tells Rosco to leave her alone and they are stunned by the arrival of Boss, but Boss is wearing all black, confusing them. Rosco tells him that he has arrested Daisy but is told to let Daisy go as she didn’t commit a crime. Rosco is stunned that Boss would let Daisy go and is told to take down the phony sign.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco returns to town, talking to Flash about patrol. He is stunned by Boss’ car and Alex, being a white car again. He goes inside and is confused on how Boss is changed into white so quickly. Boss says he’s finishing a report on Luke and Rosco brings up seeing Boss a half hour ago in all black. Boss says that has never happened and when Rosco insists it was him Boss realizes it was Abe he ran into.

Balladeer: Abraham Lincoln Hogg, Boss’ twin brother, Abe Lincoln Hogg was as honest as old Boss was crooked. The white sheep, and the shame of the whole Hogg clan.

Duke Farm

Abraham arrives at the Duke Farm and greets Jesse and they begin to catch up.

Police Station

Boss and Rosco look over his Aunt’s will by steaming the envelope. He learns that the land Dear Meadow was to be split between him and his twin brother. Rosco says he already sold that land to the Acme Construction Company for an industrial park. Rosco says he had Abraham declared dead to take over the oil wells he found in South America.

Duke Farm

Abraham tells Jesse about the profitable enterprises he got into and how he used the money to help others.

Police Station

Boss is upset about it and Rosco reminds him Abraham is alive and Boss did sell Abraham’s part of the land without his permission. Boss becomes upset and recalls how Luke is still in prison downstairs. He gets an idea. They go down and see Luke and tell him that they will drop charges if Luke goes out, finds Benny, and brings him in. Luke agrees.

Lumber Camp

Luke picks up Daisy and they head out to find Benny, Daisy says she wants to come because if it weren’t for Benny she would have her dress. When Daisy asks why Luke thinks Benny will be at the Lumber Camp, Luke says it’s pay day. They arrive to see Benny playing poker and Benny flees. Daisy and Luke run after him. Daisy is accidentally knocked into quicksand and Luke and Benny pull her out. The loggers arrive and help. Everyone laughs in relief but Luke and Daisy take Benny back. Benny offers to pay Luke the money he owes him by writing another check and Luke tells him to just not try to run away.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco tries to show Boss about the meter to see Rosco trying to give him a ticket. They see the Dukes pull up with Benny. The three walk over to them and Luke asks if they really have to arrest Benny. Before Rosco and Benny get far, they are all stunned by the arrival of Jesse and Abraham. Luke asks how they are supposed to tell the two apart and Jesse says if you hold up a dollar, the one who grabs it is Boss and the one who gives it away is Abraham. Jesse says they came to bail out Luke and Luke explains he was let go. Abraham explains he can’t stay in town for long and while Flash lets Abraham pet her, she will not let Boss. They decide to head home for lunch but say they need to stop by Cooter’s first. The group all leave and Boss has Benny arrested.

Boss and Rosco visit Benny and Boss has Benny copy Abraham’s signature on some official documents before releasing him. Boss sends Rosco out to the Garage to do ‘part two’. Rosco quietly steals Abraham’s car while the driver and Cooter are playing cards.


Rosco drives Abraham’s car in Finchburg, wearing a black suit and hits a fire hydrant before dropping a license with Abraham’s ID and leaving as the Sheriff comes running out. He finds the license.


Luke and Daisy see Benny and decide to go after him, thinking he escaped. They are forced to jump over a trailer and manage to catch him. Benny tells them that he was let go after forging a signature belonging to Abraham Lincoln Hogg. Luke says they need to go home.

Police Department

Boss calls Cooter over to give him some money but wants him to wait in the hall first. Cooter overhears Boss on the phone with Abraham telling him about Finchburg and after hanging up he and Rosco talk about how they framed Abraham and how the Sheriff will arrest him and that they are changing the time of the reading. Cooter listens in, alarmed.

Duke Farm

Luke and Daisy return to the farm and tell Jesse what they learned. Jesse says they will make sure Abraham isn’t taken advantage of. Cooter arrives at the Farm and explains that Abraham is to be arrested in Finchburg and that the will reading is at 4. Jesse invites him to eat but Cooter says he has to go.


Abraham arrives in Finchburg and is arrested for the damages Rosco had done.

Town of Hazzard

Boss and Rosco talk about how using Cooter to get Luke to go after Abraham was genius. They say for Luke to help Abraham he’ll have to break his probation.


Daisy and Luke arrive in Finchburg and the Sheriff pulls out after him. They try to run but find that the Sheriff had used Abraham's’ car as a road block. Luke manages to get around it, but the Sheriff runs off the road. Luke and Daisy realize Abraham is likely arrested. They go into the station and Daisy distracts the deputy while Luke frees Abraham. Abraham doesn’t wish to escape but after the y explain that boss could go to jail over it if they don’t, he goes. The Finchburg Sheriff gets his car free and chases after the Dukes.

Court House

Judge Druten arrives and begins the will reading. Boss hands him a paper saying that Abraham signed over all his share of the inheritance to Boss and when Boss asks to close the issue, Jesse argues to wait until Abraham arrives. While the Dukes are rushing, the Judge agrees that he needs Abraham there and if he can’t arrive in the next few minutes they will have to postpone the reading for nearly two months. Boss claims to hear Abraham and leaves with Rosco into the file room across the hall where they start changing his clothes into a black suit. While passing outside Cooter hears a commotion and looks in the window to see what is happening. Boss comes into the room Jesse is immediately suspicious. Druten says that Abraham needs to confirm it is his signature. Boss does so. Jesse expresses his suspicion.

As Luke and the others are running and Cooter tells them what he saw and that Rosco set up a trap at the state line with the state police. Luke gets an idea of a witness who can assist in telling the brothers apart. A state cop sets up a road block but the breaks are going on the General and Luke jumps over the car. The Finchburg Sheriff flips and the State Trooper apologizes before leaving.

Police Department

Boss, pretending to be Abraham, swears that the property can be turned over to Boss. Jesse argues that they need to hear from boss that he will pay the inheritance tax first. Boss rushes to get changed again before coming in and telling them he will pay the tax. Jesse then asks where Abraham is. The Judge says he needs a signature from Abe and Boss runs to change again.

Coltrane Home

Coltrane home

Home of Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and Mama Coltrane

The Dukes stop back the Coltrane Home and pick up Flash, the state trooper following.

Town of Hazzard

As the Dukes are being chased, they go by Rhubottom’s General Store. The State Trooper knocks over the scaffold the man is using and gets covered in paint. Boss and Rosco come back in the office with the Judge and Jesse, pretending to be Abraham again. Before Boss can sign, the General Lee crashed through the building and Luke, Daisy, and Abraham get out. Everyone is confused and Luke says Flash can show them who is who, allowing Abraham to pet her and revealing Boss for being a fake.

Balladeer: And that’s how Rosco’s dog conclusively proved which Boss was the phony. Abe Lincoln Hogg gave his share of the inheritance to Jesse to turn over to the Veteran’s Organization. As for Luke and Daisy, well, the least they could do was take care of the Sheriff’s dog while he was in the hoosegow. ‘Casue the Finchburg Sheriff arrested Boss and Rosco for malicious mischief. Both of them had to spend the night in the Finchburg pokey with a breakfast of grits and a slice of cold chicken gravy. And if you’re wondering why old Abe had to hitchhike out of Hazzard, well it was because true to his nature, he couldn’t’ resist giving things away, even when it came down to his own car. And there’s one thing that old Abe Hogg proved, where the Hogg family is concerned one apple don’t change the whole barrel. But Hazzard wouldn’t he Hazzard if it did.

Abraham gives his inheritance away. Boss and Rosco are locked up for the property damage for a short period of time and the Dukes watch Flash. Abraham continues on.


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  • Finchburg


  • Bo Duke is stated to be a member of the Marine Reserves and is at a drill weekend
    • Bo being at a Reserves drill weekend isn't possible due to the fact Bo is on probation and would not be able to serve in the Marine Reserves
  • Boss Hogg has a twin brother named Abraham Lincoln Hogg who he had declared legally dead years ago.
    • Abraham Lincoln Hogg, like J.D., was a good friend of Jesse's.
  • Rosco references the fact that Boss and Lulu have different bedrooms
  • After being mentioned multiple times in previous episodes, Judge Druten appears for the first time.


  • John Schneider does not appear in this episode due to making a movie titled Dream House at the time.
  • The scene where Luke and Daisy jump over the General Lee is the same from High Octane.