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"Bad Day in Hazzard" is the twenty-third episode of the fourth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


A group of armed robbers and their leader, Mr. Thackery (Tim O'Connor), take over the Boar's Nest with the Dukes, Rosco, Cletus, and Boss Hogg as hostages, so Thackery and his men can evacuate the town under false pretenses, and then rob an armored truck that is carrying $10,000,000 to the Hazzard Bank. Thackery soon learns that capturing a Duke is a lot easier than holding on to one.


Balladeer: When Bo and Luke Duke have to go to town they usually take the back roads to avoid traffic. ‘Course sometimes the traffic decides to take the back roads too.

Bo and Luke are in the General, Luke driving. As they turn a corner they see two cars driving side by side on the road. Luke runs off the road to avoid them, sliding into a tree which hits the passenger side. The cars continue on and Luke asks if Bo is alright. Bo wants to go after them but Luke can’t get the General started. Both are annoyed but get out of the car to push.

The two cars stop and the individuals in the first car get out to see what Mr. Thackery, who is in the back of the second car, wanted. Mr. Thackery addresses Loggins, saying the accident with the boys could have cost them ten million dollars and that the car belonged to Bo and Luke Duke. Recognizing the name, Loggins says that they aren’t supposed to pick up the boys at three. Thackery says that this job they are planning was set up like a military operation and he will not tolerate the slightest error. He then sends Loggins to go take pictures of the bank.

Town of Hazzard

Bo and Luke arrive in town as Loggins and Dennis take pictures of the bank. Luke puts something in the mail box as the men notice the Dukes and decide they need to leave. Luke looks over to see the two men and Bo drives off after them.


Dennis points out that they are keeping up with them and asks if Loggins can shake them but Loggins says they’ll change plans and grab the boys now. As the car slows, Luke concludes their engine is acting up. Bo cuts off the white car and they both get out to make a citizen’s arrest. Loggins and Dennis stay in the car, pulling guns out on the boys and telling them to get in the back seat. The boys reluctantly do.

Boar’s Nest

Jesse arrives at the Boar’s Nest. Inside Thackery and Peters wait and Thackery addresses Daisy, upset with the beer and telling Daisy to serve him something in a bottle. Jesse comes in, surprising Daisy. He says he got her message about needing a ride home and Daisy explains she never sent a message. Thackery addresses them, informing them he was the one to send the message. When Daisy asks how he knows their names he says he researched everything about Hazzard. When Jesse asks why he says it was greed. He has Peters hold the Dukes at gunpoint before shooting the ceiling to summon Boss from his office. Boss comes in, a wad of cash in hand, saying he doesn’t allow target practice in the Boar’s Nest. Jesse says the man isn’t target practicing and when the gun is pointed on Boss he puts his hands up. Boss tries to say the money in his hands are fake but Thackery assures him he has no interest in it. When Boss asks what he does want, Thackery says he will tell them in time. Everyone then sits down, Boss starting to eat the popcorn on the table.

Outside the two men arrive with Bo and Luke. After they park the two men get out. Bo gets out, asking if they are sure that they came to the right place. Luke hits Loggins with the door, knocking away his gun. Too late Bo sees what Luke is doing and tries to act but Dennis shoves Bo up against the car while Luke captures Loggins. Dennis calls out to Luke, showing him the gun on a captured Bo and annoyed, Luke lets Loggins go, asking Bo if he hasn’t learned how to do that yet.

Inside Boss goes for another bowl of popcorn and is told to sit down. He is pleasantly surprised as being addressed as slim and obeys. Bo and Luke are shoved in by Loggins and Dennis while Daisy puts an arm around Boss. They explain to Thackery that hey boys caught them taking pictures and had to change plans. Bo almost starts a fight with two guards and Thackery says to act civilized, making Jesse furious. Thackery explains they are only there until he and his men rob the armored car from Atlanta. While Boss accuses them of wasting their time as the truck is only dropping off $2,000 Luke notices Bo still has his hands up and slaps them down. Thackery explains that Hazzard was just the first stop and there is actually ten million dollars on it. The entire group is stunned and Boss assures them they can’t get away with it as Rosco and Cletus will stop them. Thackery tells them he already knows about Hazzard’s lawmen and he has them ‘in his pocket’ before showing them a tape.


Rosco sits beside a pond with a ‘no swimming, no fishing’ sign, sleeping in the drivers seat with a fishing pole that has a line in the water. When a fish jumps it wakes him and he tells Flash it must be a huge fish.


Cletus sits in his car, eating a massive sandwich.

Boar’s Nest

Boss, Bo, and Luke are in Boss’ office, being covered by one of Thackery’s men as Thackery plays the tape on the CB. After catching the fish Rosco responds to the call as does Cletus from his car. The recording tells them to come to the Boar’s Nest as it’s an emergency. Both men agree and leave. In the office Boss accuses them of pretending to be him but Bo and Luke realize that Thackery had been monitoring the CB for months, recording Boss talking and editing the tape. Thackery congratulates them on figuring it out and says the police aren’t that smart, which Boss agrees. Boss starts eating a large jar of candy.

Rosco and Cletus race back to the Boar’s Nest while Thackery reviews his plan and the three men watching them. Daisy sits by the kitchen door, Bo and Luke nearby at a table and Jesse and Boss at their own table. Outside Rosco and Cletus arrive, sliding into each other. Rosco yells at Cletus for scuffing his vehicle. They fight over who will help Boss first before running inside. Flash follows. They come in, walking past Peters. Bo yells for them to duck as it’s a trap before him and Luke flip a table. Peters hits Rosco and Cletus, knocking them out. Daisy moves out of the way as Bo and Luke rush Loggin but he fires a gun and Bo is startled, falling through the kitchen door. Boss hides behind a table and Bo gets up to dive onto Dennis. Daisy rushes over to check on Rosco but Peters tries to pick her up. Jesse run over and kicks him to force him to let Daisy go. Meanwhile Flash starts waking up Rosco. Peters throws Jesse down and Luke leaves Loggins to attack Peters. Loggins gets up and Bo gains the upper hand with Dennis. And runs over to back up Luke by pulling Loggin’s off of him. They knock out the last two and move for Thackery, but Thackery has a gun at them and tells everyone to put their hands up. They decide to split them all up, putting Rosco, Cletus, Boss, and Flash in the office and keeping the Dukes in the main room.


Adams watches the armored car leave Atlanta and calls back to Thackery. He tells him that there are two people in the vehicle, both new men.

Boar's Nest

After hanging up, Thackery explains to the Dukes and his men that the armored car will be there in two hours and forty nine minutes. Thackery goes into Boss’ office, accidentally hitting Cletus with the door and sends Rosco and Cletus to sit down before pulling Boss aside and tells him he wants Boss to call the radio station. After Mabel connects him, Boss has the radio station employee Peabody connect him to the transmitter, saying it’s a matter of life and death.  Boss reaches for a drawer to which Thackery stops him so he can open it himself only to see its chocolate. When Boss says he’s patched in, Thackery gives him a paper to read about a spraying for Abyssinian Fruit Fly’s, that the Dukes also hear.

Daisy says that Thackery is really smart. Bo says it will be taken a huge chance but someone should go to Chickasaw County and talk to Sheriff Little. Jesse says they are watching them too close. Luke suggests just him escaping next. In Boss’ office, Thackery tells Boss he is now an accessory to the crime and goes to leave the office. Rosco asks if he can take Flash for a walk but Thackery says no. Rosco follows Thackery in the main bar, trying to convince him to let him take Flash out. Seeing a chance, Jesse gets up and kicks Peters chair, allowing Luke to bolt out the door. Peters shoots after him but Luke gets in a patrol car and drives.


Luke narrowly avoids an accident before trying to raise Sheriff Little on the CB. Thackery calls Luke on the CB and says he needs to be on the other side of the Iron Mountain to reach Chickasaw and he should be able to in a few minutes but if Luke isn’t back in three minutes of silence then Jesse will be killed. Luke is furious but agrees to come back. Meanwhile the General Lee is driving toward the Boar’s Nest.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy gets everyone drinks when Cooter walks into the Boar’s Nest, having been looking for the boys. He tells them he found the General on the side of the road and hot wired him to get there. Seeing the guns he trails off saying that he’s realizing that wasn’t a good idea. Bo says it wasn’t and tells Cooter to go ahead, sit down, and have some popcorn and they’ll fill him in. With their new arrival, Thackery decides to have Dennis and Peters show their skill in shooting, having them shoot four bottles of beer. Boss comes out of his office, horrified but Loggins pulls him back in. In the office Boss blames Roscoe for what happened and Rosco explains he thinks they will be killed in the end. Alarmed Boss starts eating and Rosco writes his will. Rosco says he will leave Flash everything before realizing he has nothing to leave.


Adams calls to inform them that the car past the checkpoint.

Boar’s Nest

Luke talks through another plan with Daisy, Jesse, Bo, and Cooter. Daisy doesn’t want to risk Jesse again and Luke says the only way they can do it is to escape without them knowing. Bo asks if he wants to disappear and Jesse tells them about once when he and Boss were still running shine together they were getting chased by some revenuers. Daisy comments she loves these stories as Jesse explains that Boss led the officers to where the Boar’s Nest is now, as it was a warehouse back then for the whiskey. Jesse says that the feds were pounding on the door and they were on the ridge watching. Bo asks how and Jesse tells them there was a tunnel under the Boar’s Nest. Bo says they just need to get to the supply room and Cooter asks how they would do it. Luke says if Boss and Jesse can make the men think it was their idea to toss Bo and Luke in the supply room, he and Bo can make them men mad enough to do it.

Jesse goes to see Boss and Thackery allows it. Jesse approaches Boss in the office saying they have known each other since they were kids which Boss agrees. Jesse says he’s the meanest and greediest person in Hazzard. Boss says it isn’t the time for flattery, which Jesse agrees. Jesse tells him there was a time when Boss and him were running shine together and Boss helped him escape from the feds. Boss says he’s touched and stands up. They spit and shake but Jesse tucks two fingers in, signaling to Boss about ‘trouble’. Jesse hopes that would all remind him of the tunnel.

Jesse returns to the main bar while the truck passes the half way point. Daisy is cleaning glasses and the boys all sit at the table. Jesse says it’s all set and Luke makes a show of asking Daisy for a few drinks. Thackery says its fine and Cooter goes to get them. Daisy sprays Dennis in the face and her and Cooter knock him out as Bo and Luke flip another table and Jesse hits Peters with a chair. The boys climb up to the roof and Thackery walks over to the bar to get Daisy. Outside Bo and Luke cross the roof and Luke reminds Bo they need to get caught. Thackery brings Daisy out just as the boys reach the General. Peters then comes out on the roof as well. All five go back inside. As they come in Bo says they didn’t make it. Jesse tells Thackery to let Daisy go and he does. Boss comes out of the office and protests that no one can teach the Duke boys nothing and they have been trouble since they were born, something that has Bo smiling proudly. Boss insists they will try again and he wants the boys locked up. Jesse agrees which all the Dukes pretend to be shocked about, saying he wants the boys safe. Boss mentions having a storage room with only one door and key and Thackery agrees to put the boys in there.

Bo and Luke start looking for the opening to the trap door, Luke figuring it’s going to be under all the bags of grits. In the office Rosco and Cletus continue to write Rosco’s will while Thackery and Loggins look over maps. When the pen jams Rosco scribbles on Cletus and stains his uniform to Cletus’ anger. Peters comes in and announces the car is at checkpoint eight. Thackery says the armored car should be at the bank in about 47 minutes and it’s time for the next phase. Peters then takes Rosco away and Rosco, thinking he’s going to be killed, tells Flash where the biscuits are hidden. Bo and Luke continue to move the grits and find the trap door. Finding its nailed shut Luke pulls off his belt telling Bo they should try and pry the nails off with the buckles. Bo follows suit and they pull out some nails.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco and Peters drive around town. Rosco calls in a bullhorn for everyone to stay in their homes before asking Peters how long he has to do that. Peters agrees Boss did a good job clearing everyone out and decides they can head back to the Boar’s Nest. Meanwhile the armored car is twenty miles from Hazzard County.

Boar’s Nest

Dennis cuffs Cletus and Cooter together and Peters cuffs Boss and Rosco together. Thackery and Loggins come in from the office, dresses like Boss and Rosco. Boss tells Rosco that he and Rosco that they are the ones to meet the truck so that is why the men are dressed like them. Thackery says if they all behave they will be released when he’s done. Thackery and Loggins then leave to meet the truck.

Bo and Luke pull up the trap door before Luke goes into the tunnel. In the tunnel they find a kerosene lantern and follow it down. Upstairs Rosco and Boss are struggling to use their hands to the shock or amusement of everyone else. Bo and Luke find the tunnel is sealed and Luke says they need to dig out. Bo sarcastically asks with what and Luke finds a pick. He goes to hit the wall but Bo protests that the guards will hear them. Luke decides to knock on the floor above them with a stick, hoping Jesse would hear him and come up with something.

Boss, Rosco, Daisy, and Jesse all hear it and Boss tells them about the tunnel being sealed. Jesse asks when Boss put that in and Boss tells him he only just remembered it. Jesse says the boys are going to get caught but Daisy says she’s going to do something. Daisy announces she needs to do something and wants to dance. She plays the juke box and hearing it, Bo and Luke decide to start hammering through the wall. Daisy and Jesse dance but after a moment or two Boss and Rosco get up, saying they can make more noise and the three dance.


Thackery plans his next job while the armored car gets closer.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy, Boss, and Rosco continue to dance, Boss, Cletus, Jesse, and even Dennis laughing. Bo and Luke start getting through the wall but Peters pulls the plug on the music, saying something isn’t right and sending Dennis to check on Bo and Luke causing all the others to say ‘uh-oh’. Dennis enters the supply room to see the open trap door. He follows it down to find Bo and Luke, having opened the hole almost big enough to climb through. Dennis announces his presence to the boys. They suddenly duck aside and he shoots twice, hitting barrels. Hearing the gun shots, Cooter and Cletus tackle Peters to the ground. In the tunnel, Luke sees and opening and tackles Dennis. Luke knocks him out and Bo says they can forget about escaping that way. Luke says someone should have come down so they need to go see why no one did.

Daisy gets Peters gun and forces him to sit in one of the chairs. Rosco tells Daisy he gets to give orders which she allows. Bo and Luke come in and Daisy says for him to go get Thackery. The boys leave and Boss and Rsoco follow after he put his hat on his head. Cooter says he and Cletus are going to but Cletus runs into the wall, knocking himself out. Unable to bring Cletus around, Cooter says he ‘reckons we’ll stay here with y’all.’ to which Jesse rolls his eyes. Outside Rosco and Boss struggle to get in the car.


Bo and Luke head to town, Bo driving. Rosco and Boss follow behind but are pulling each other back and forth in the seats. Bo cuts across a field and jumps a creek in his effort to catch up.

Bank of Hazzard

The armored car pulls up and Thackery and Loggins come out of the bank. As they talk to the guards, Bo and Luke arrive. They knock out the guards and grab the armored car. Bo and Luke chase after the car, Bo saying the General hasn’t even worked up a sweat yet.


Rosco and Boss continues to struggle when they see the armored car, nearly getting hit by it and getting clipped by the General. Thackery leans out the window and Luke says he thinks he’s gonna duck. Thackery hits the General’s windshield twice and Luke asks if Bo is alright. Bo says as long as he can see he’s fine. Thackery shoots twice more and Bo tells him to keep down as there are still a few left. After two more Thackery is out. Luke tells Bo to pull up to the driver’s side as he starts taking off his shirt. Bo does and Luke climbs out before getting on the truck. Luke nearly falls off a few times but manages to use his shirt to force Loggins to stop. Thackery and Loggins try to flee but Bo stops as well. The two try to flee but Bo and Luke stop them and capture them.

Balladeer: You know, that’s the first thing Bo’s done right all day. And that’s how the Duke family teams up with their old enemy Boss to prevent a bad day in Hazzard. Thackery and his gang finally got one thing he didn’t plan for in advance. Shoot, he was just lucky the Dukes was havin’ an off day. Old boss was no longer off his feet. Things were going so good, well, he got his appetite back. The armored car company was so grateful to the boys that they bought a brand spanking new uniform for the General. That’s a bodywork and paint job. And best of all, the government sent a grant to Hazzard to help fight the Abyssinian fruit fly, to be paid as soon as they could find one in Hazzard County.

Police Department

Rosco puts Adams, Dennis, and Peters in one cell in Thackery and Loggins in another. Thackery expresses he is utterly humiliated. Rosco and Cletus grin, proud.

Boar’s Nest

Boss continues to eat as Rosco comes in his office. Rosco tries to steal some but Boss slaps his hand.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke return to the Farm, the General fixed and repainted.


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Hazzard County[]



  • Thackery had done extensive research in Hazzard, determining that the Duke Family would be one of the biggest threats to his operation.
  • When Boss gets nervous he eats. This was last emphasized in The Return of Hughie Hogg.
  • Jesse explains a little about the history of the Boar's Nest, previously being a warehouse where Boss stored his whiskey. Boss had a tunnel under the building to use for an escape if they ever needed it. After he made it into the Boar's Nest he filled the tunnel with a cement wall.


  • M.C. Gainey, who played Peters in this episode, would go on to play Rosco in the 2005 movie
  • The footage used of the people of Hazzard during Boss' announcement was the same footage used in Bye, Bye, Boss when the radio announced Digger Jackson's escape. Homer Griggs is briefly seen again at his store.