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Banjo is a character from the Series Enos


Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

While working for Doc, he mugs Lilly Blackwood, stealing her purse and a locket. He escapes with a friend in a yellow hot rod. Instead of turning the locket over to Doc’s warehouse as instructed, he pawns it to Solly.

He meets up with his friends, fondly calling them turkeys. When asked how much they got, he says he got 20. When they question that’s all he got for a gold locket, he says that is all the pawnshop would give. He says they will do better tomorrow. Worried, the one boy asks what if Doc finds out. Banjo tells him Doc ain’t gonna find out as he’s used that shop before and they ask no questions. The other boy reminds him about the kid who held out on Doc but Banjo expresses he doesn’t know. The boy tells him that he doesn’t know as the kid disappeared. Banjo laughs before walking away.

Later Banjo hides in a bush, coming up behind an older man on a park bench. He pulls on the bench to surprise the man before snatching his wallet and running. The man chases after him but he escaped in his friends car. They notice a car following them, but they loose it.

Later he is in an abandoned building where he lives when his friend Wheelman and Ruben come by. He lets them into his room, asking why the other boy brought Ruben, but is told Ruben just followed him. Ruben asks if he ever has to go home and Banjo says that is his home. Ruben asks isn’t he afraid of the rats and he says no, if he feeds the rats they leave him alone. Ruben asks more questions and he asks if Ruben is taking a census. His friend tells him that a few of the other kids told him that Doc called a meeting for the day after tomorrow and Banjo asks where the car is. He and his older friend go to the roof to look at the car. He tells his friend to clean it out and get new decals. When his friend asks that they are hitting again, he says yes and the car was spotted. Ruben asks if he can live there so his old man won’t find him and ‘kick him around’ and Banjo says no as he would run the rats off and then he wouldn’t have anyone to talk to. Ruben says he could talk to him and Banjo relents, saying if Ruben’s old man starts kicking him around again he can come over but he will tell Ruben that this life isn’t as good as it looks.

Two days later he waits in the park, looking for a target. When he sees Lilly, he lights some fire crackers, throwing them at two men nearby to distract them before grabbing the woman’s purse and running to the yellow car, climbing in through the window and riding off.

He and his friend go to the meeting and wait along with everyone else for Doc. Doc arrives and walks up to him, telling everyone that they should know by now that all the pawn shops that deal in hot merchandise deal with him. Doc then walks away, saying they will all learn a new word, enforcer. He is surrounded by a large number of men with weapons when Enos suddenly bursts through a window announcing it’s a raid. A second officer, Turk, arrives and Enos says for everyone under eighteen to flee. He tires to run but is grabbed by the men. The men are knocked off him and Enos calls him by name, telling him to run. He flees, noticing Doc staring at him as he does.

After hearing someone is looking for a very hot set of wheels, he goes to the meeting place to see Turk getting a shoe shine. After giving Tony a few dollars to leave, he asks Turk if he’s the dude looking for the hot rod. Turk says Banjo ain’t him as he ain’t got no license. Banjo says he’s the guys manager. Turk says he must be good and Banjo says ‘Wheelman is the best’. He tells Turk that he drives like the speed of light on a slow day. Enos shows up and Banjo realizes it’s a set up. He yells ‘pigs’ before fleeing. He losses them in an alley. He hears them talk about looking for Wheelman before fleeing home.

After getting home, he starts to pack up, taking down his marine recruiting poster. He hears his alarm go off and realizes Doc has found him. He goes to the roof and crosses over to a nearby building, removing a board. Seeing Doc and the foreman, he turns and runs.  The foreman jumps over to the same roof and he flees. He goes down into the building and down a series of stairs. He is almost caught by the foreman a few times until the foreman gets stuck in a board. He manages to get to a fire escape and reach the ground only to be seized by Doc, allowing the foreman to catch up.

Doc says they are going to take a little drive into the country, pulling him to the car. Enos tells them to stop as he doesn’t want any trouble. Learning that Enos doesn’t have a gun because he didn’t want to endanger Banjo, Doc forces him into the car with him and orders his foreman to kill Enos. However Turk is in the backseat and threatens Doc. Seeing Doc is captured, he watches the foreman try to escape only to be arrested.

During his court hearing, he learns that Enos and Turk have filed a request that he not be sent to a correctional facility. Lilly also expresses that she is filing a request for custody. He is informed that he will be given into Lilly’s custody and placed on probation. The judge has him stand, telling him that he’s getting a very unusual chance and to make it work. Lilly says she doesn’t know if it will work or not but they won’t be any worse off. Enos asks what he thinks and he says it beats jail. Lilly corrects him saying ‘beats jail Sir.’ He agrees, amending it and saying ‘yes ma’am.’ Lilly takes him away to get him a pizza and tell him stories of old Hollywood.