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Bldg 3 - Hazzard Suare, Bank (Double Sting)

The Bank of Hazzard County is located in the Town of Hazzard.The Bank is a member of the Federal Trade and Banking Commission. [1] The President of the Bank was Boss Hogg until his passing before 1997, where it was 'inherited' by Rosco P. Coltrane along with all of Boss' other possessions. [2] The Bank typically closes at 3 pm. [3] It is open every day of the week except Sundays[4] although some later episodes say it is also closed on Saturdays[5].


Main Room[]

Bank inside

The main Room of the bank is a mostly open area. There is a desk for the tellers behind a glass with a window to allow money to be handed out. There a few smaller desks to allow patrons to sit down.

While originally the back had an open layout, Boss later installs a small wooden wall with a door to separate the desks for the Bank President and County Treasurer from the rest of the bank. The Vault is also behind this small wall.

In the back there is a small storage room used for cleaning supplies.



The Bank Vault is a large room behind a steal door with a number of safety deposit boxes inside. They are of different sizes and are rented at different prices depending on the size. [6] The Vault has an airtight seal on the door. In 1981 Boss Hogg installs a time lock on the vault door. [7]

Boss had also installed a camera and a voice recorder in the vault. [8]



Season 1[]

Money to Burn[]

Boss Hogg is expected to send one million dollars in used bills from the Bank to be exchanged for new ones. In a hope to keep the money in addition to getting the new bills, he calls Cletus to come into the Bank and exchange the money for the Federal Reserve with a bag of phone books.

Double Sting[]

While Rose Ellen is on shift and Daisy Duke is getting money out of the bank, Irving and Wendel come in to rob the bank. They wear masks and empty all the money before putting everyone except Daisy, who escaped, in a closet. They chain the doors and leave. The money is later recovered.

Season 2[]

Gold Fever[]

H.H. Harkness commissions Boss Hogg to put a number of gold bars in the safe, renting the entire vault for 24 hours. His men Dusty and Buck stay in the Bank to guard the gold. Later they claim the gold had been robbed from the Bank by Bo and Luke Duke, to which Harkness shoots out a window by shooting at the boys from inside the bank. Later when it is revealed that the gold was fake, Harkness and his men rob the bank. The money is recovered.

Southern Comfurts[]

The bank is robbed by an out of town man and the money is recovered.

Season 3[]

The Late J.D. Hogg[]

While trying to make a mortgage payment, the Dukes arrive at 3pm, when the Bank closes and are unable to make the payment. While trying to get Boss to open the door and talk to them, Jesse Duke bangs on the door, accidentally shattering the glass on the door.

Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane[]

While the wedding of Sheriff Rosco and Sue Ann Bliss is occurring, Vic McGraw and Russ Collins break into the bank to steal a special cash payroll. The money is recovered by Bo and Luke.

The Great Santa Claus Chase[]

To distract Boss Hogg, Bo and Luke break the window over the door of the bank and set off two meat smoker bombs in the Bank. The fire alarm was set off but no harm was done to the bank.

Along Came a Duke[]

Every year Boss Hogg sets up a holiday called Stonewall Jackson day. He decorates the bank for it and has all the employees dress in confederate themed uniforms. Boss plans to have the sword of Stonewall Jackson delivered and change it out with a fake the claim it was stolen.

For the holiday Boss has a saddle set up that people can take pictures on in the back of the Bank for a small fee.

Season 4[]

The Great Bank Robbery[]

Upset about suddenly being fired for no reason a day before retirement in order to prevent him from getting a pension, Clarence Stovall steals $30,000 from the bank. Wanting to do the right thing by returning it before Boss finds out the money is stolen. When Bo and Luke attempt to return it, they find that a time lock had been installed on the vault. In order to escape without being arrested, Bo pulls the fire alarm to create a distraction, causing everything inside to be soaked by the sprinklers.

Sadie Hogg Day[]

For Sadie Hogg Day, Daisy is named the County Treasurer. After signing for the County Funds, two men come in and rob the bank. The robbery was orchestrated to hide the fact Boss Hogg had stolen $142,679 in county funds. However when L.S. Handley read the ledgers, the true theft was made known.

Dukescam Scam[]

Bank of Hazzard inside

Boss Hogg is arrested under suspicion of robbing the Bank. After the trial is over it was revealed that no money ad ever been stolen from the bank as Boss only moved the money from one set of safety deposit boxes to another. However in the process, Boss and Jesse accidentally get locked in the vault. The vault only has about an hour of air in it and is on a time lock. In order to save Boss and Jesse, the boys get Emery Potter to open the vault door.

Dear Diary[]

In 1979, Boss organized a successful robbery of the bank and collected the insurance money.