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Barney Benson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Big Brothers, Duke[]

After receiving a call from Boss Hogg, he goes to Hazzard to meet with him and Rosco. He tells ‘Mr. Hogg’ that he either sells the money or he’s stuck because the FBI should be rolling into Hazzard any minute now. Boss asks if he could see his way to giving him fifteen cents on the dollar but Barney sits quietly and chuckles realizing he won. He leaves with Boss and Rosco to get the money, Boss realizing he won’t pay more than ten cents.

He and Boss drive out to the site where Boss directs him, Boss commenting about a pickup belonging to Jesse Duke. When he asks about it, Boss tells him never mind. They arrive at the hiding spot to find the money is gone. He asks what Boss is pulling and Boss denies having a trick. He asks about the pickup and Boss says it was Jesse Duke and he ain’t a thief. He says they need to find the pickup and charges off, Boss telling him to wait a minute as he comes with him.

As he and Boss head to the farm, he hears Andy tell Daisy that he found the bag of money. Barney tells Boss that ‘that answers that question.’ He spots the pickup and pulls up alongside, pointing a gun at Andy and telling him to pick up the bag of money and get over into his van. Andy speeds off and he chases after him.

As he follows Andy, he starts shooting at the boy. Alarmed, Boss tries to get the gun from him, yelling that he doesn’t want any shooting. He forces Boss back before he continues shooting. Boss tries to get control of the wheel, forcing him off the road. Boss tells him that if he stops, he will give Barney all his money back. He refuses, saying ‘no dice, a deal is a deal’ and that he wants the money. He tells Boss that if he doesn’t have a stomach for this to start walking before forcing Boss out of the van. As he rejoins the chase, he hears Bo tell Andy to hide out in the woods by Wilson’s Corners.

He drives up to the corners and finds Andy. He walks over to the pickup with his gun and tells Andy to get the money and get out of the truck. Andy does. In the van, he counts the money and Andy says he has the money now and he doesn’t need him. Barney tells him to wise up, that he’s a witness and Barney never leaves those behind. They are quickly followed by all the Dukes and Daisy and Jesse get in front of the van, slowing it down. As he focuses on the road, Bo Duke who snuck into his van, grabs him from behind and knocks him unconscious.

He is arrested for his crimes.