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Barns is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Witness for the Persecution[]

He and Warren are hired to go to Hazzard and kill Boss Hogg to keep him from testifying. They arrive in Hazzard before finding a spot next to the road and he pulls out a rifle, saying that should do the job nicely. He tells his partner Warren that he can nail the government witness from a thousand yards. He aims and takes a practice shot at a no hunting sign. They go to leave when Bo and Luke call out to them asking them to stop shooting. Alarmed that they have been spotted he takes a shot at them and chases them, shooting again. They run past Bo and Luke and he turns back around, shooting at them again. They catch up to the boys as they take off in the General, shooting one last time. Warren says the boys are bound to recognize them if they spot them, but Barns says not half as fast as they will spot the boys in that orange car.

They arrive in town and spot Boss Hogg’s car. When Warren says it looks like he is headed to the Town Hall, he says it’s too bad Boss won’t make it and pulls out his gun. Seeing someone else get out he quickly puts the gun away and says for them to go before they are spotted.

They go into the Boar’s Nest to meet Daisy and Enos. His partner gives a cover story and he asks if they might help them find Boss Hogg. When the two start arguing they excuse themselves. Outside they conclude that Boss must still be in Hazzard when they spot Bo and Luke. Seeing the General slow down he tells his partner to drive up along side and pulls out a gun to shoot Bo who is closer, but they go past the cousins and in a ditch when Bo stops. He gets out and shoots out the back window as the boys drive away.

They go back to Town to ask around about Boss, including asking Cooter under the guise of Salesmen.

He calls in to his employer and explains they are searching one end of the county to the other and if Boss is in Hazzard they will find him before the trial. As he hangs up, he sees the General pass by. They chase after the boys and he shoots at them, taking out what is left of the back window. They get out and head to town. They look for the boys when they see Rosco. Mistaking him for Boss due to the white clothes he was wearing, they set up to kill him but they learn that it’s the wrong person and spot Boss as he yells at Rosco from the bed of a passing pickup. When they get behind the pickup he shoots at it, hitting the rear view mirror. He proposes to hit the gas tank and Warren tells him a left turn is coming up. Before he can take the shot however they are cut off by Daisy in a pickup. They catch up quickly to the pickup. As they head through a riverbed he starts shooting at them. They arrive at the farm and he shoots out the agent’s radiator and tires. As Bo and Luke leave with Boss, they resume the chase. They drive down the road and accidentally jump into a creek. They are arrested by Enos after Bo pulls them out of the water.