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Baxter is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Return of the Mean Green Machine[]

He breaks Hatfield out of prison and goes with him for work. Hatfield and Baxter enter Hazzard and seeing the Sheriff and Boss Hogg outside the Gold and Silver Emporium, he asks what is going on and Hatfield says he thinks they are casing a job for the Mean Green Machine. After a few minutes he points out Boss and Rosco are leaving and he says they just need to follow them to get one million dollars.

Having followed Boss and Rosco, they see a demonstration of the Mean Green Machine. Baxter is surprised but Hatfield is smirking almost saying ‘I told you so.’ When the machine is sent back to the warehouse, they follow it back. Hatfield and Baxter go into the building and pull guns on Boss’ men, trying them up and stealing the machine. Hatfield suggests that since they have some time, they should find Vance and Coy first.

As he drives, he sees the General Lee. He remarks that it must be the duke boys that Hatfield had told him so much about. He sees Vance lean out the window and teases him for having a bow and arrow but is startled to find the arrows are dynamite. He yells that the dukes ‘got us’ before trying to escape with the machine. He loses track of the General, but Hatfield says it’s right behind them, so he uses the flamethrower to try and light the General on fire. As the chase continues, they realize there is something wrong with the machine. Hatfield goes up the hatch to fight the dukes and demands Baxter turn back so he can finish them off. He tells Hatfield they can’t since the dynamite is giving them engine problems.

When they return to Boss’ hide out, he complains saying ‘it was such a hot idea bringing it back here to work on’. Hatfield says it is safe since Boss will never think to look there. He asks how it’s coming to which Hatfield explains he can’t fix the problem. They leave to find a mechanic.

They arrive at the Hazzard Garage to see Jesse and Cooter. He points a pistol at Jesse, telling him to ‘drop the gun old man if you like living’ to which Jesse tries to calm him down and he puts the gun down. When they tell Cooter he’s coming with him, he’s surprised by a car hood being slammed down by Jesse. He’s then pulled over the hood and thrown to the ground before Jesse hits him a few times. However, he overpowers Jesse and gets his gun, telling Cooter to stop or he’ll kill Jesse. When Cooter surrenders, he pulls Jesse to a chair and ties him up. He tells Cooter they are going with him or without him, pointing a gun at Cooter. Cooter agrees to go with them if they leave Jesse alone. They get Cooter in the van before rushing out of town.

As they leave, they see the General Lee but are confused when the General doesn’t appear to chase after them. Cooter says the boys won’t quit and Hatfield agrees. He tells Hatfield he has an idea and to stop at a construction site. He gets a roller machine onto the road and sends it toward the dukes before getting back in the van.

A few moments later the dukes catch up and he begins shooting at them. However, Cooter grabs his arm, and he turns to point the gun at Cooter while Hatfield threatens the mechanic. He then shoots out one of the General’s tires, causing the boys to lose them.

After getting Cooter to the machine, he watches Cooter work.

After Cooter finishes fixing the machine, he covers him with a weapon while Hatfield checks it over. Hatfield tells him it’s good to go. When Hatfield says they are taking Cooter, he is surprised but Hatfield says they need him for insurance. He tells Cooter to get in and Cooter says that Baxter better keep a close eye on him and better not even blink. He tells Cooter to just try, just once. He shoves Cooter toward the machine, and they get in before leaving.

As they head to town, they spot Enos in the road. Enos tries to stop them, so they use the magnet to take his gun, badge, and belt buckle before destroying his car. A few moments later he spots Boss and Rosco, pointing the car out to Hatfield. He is shocked to see Rosco pull out a bazooka but amused when Rosco destroys his own car by accident.

After arriving in Hazzard, Hatfield warns him Cooter is out. He turns and knocks Cooter out, calling him a fool. They crash through the emporium, and he orders the guards to drop their guns while pointing a shot gun at them through the armor. He tells the one with a ‘big nose’ to clean off the vehicle while having the others clean off the debris. After the guards are done, they leave with the gold coins, making the guards count to 100.

As they attempt to escape, they are surprised to find Boss and Rosco following them on a motorcycle and the duke boys in the General Lee. They head toward Fairview Junction when the General jumps over them and the road blows up. They are forced to crawl out of the wreckage. He is knocked out by Cooter. Enos takes him to prison.