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Beauregard Mason is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard. He is considered the biggest fence of stolen goods in the south.


Along Came a Duke[]

Boss Hogg calls him to tell him he is getting the personal sword of General Stonewall Jackson and he will sell it to Mason for $100,000. Boss says it’s not only historical, but an art treasure. Mason remarks that art treasures are hard to dispose of which is why people like Boss come to people like him, but he will give Boss $25,000 for it. Boss says he has a deal and hangs up.

He calls Boss the next day at the bank and Rosco answers the phone. When Boss comes on he remarks that he has the money and asks does Boss have the sword. Boss says he will have it by noon and for Mason to bring the money to his office. He remarks he will see Boss at noon. Boss hangs up.

He heads to Hazzard when he pulls up to the fork. He follows the detour and does not make it to Hazzard.