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Mr. Beckman is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Canterbury Crock[]

After getting a lead on the Canterbury Crock, he and Maury head to Hazzard. When Maruy hits a rut he scolds him, yelling ‘easy you fool’ adding he hasn’t traveled 5,000 miles unscathed to be driven off the edge of some ‘primitive road’. He remarks after 27 years of searching through Hong Kong, Moscow, Paris, Cairo, and Tibet and to think the end of his quest would come so innocuously in a little town called Hazzard.

When they arrive at the Farm he approaches Emma Partridge and says ‘Beckman is my name madam, and may I offer my sincerest condolences.’ He hands her his card and removes his hat, saying he read of her husband’s passing in the Nashville obituary column. When she asks what she can do for him he says he is a dealer in artifacts as he understands her late husband was. She corrects him saying Simon collected junk and he is a little offended but says one such piece was a vase bought in Canterbury England. She says he’s talking about the old crock with funny pictures on it. He smiles and nods. He says he’s a dealer of ‘junk’ in that nature and is prepared to offer her $500 for it. Shocked she says she could use that but she can’t sell it. He says $750 and she tries to say he’s not understanding. He tells her $1,000. She explains to them that they sold the item to the Duke Family and she tells them that the boys drive the General Lee.

He and Maury drive around, finding the General. He tells Maury that is the car the Partridge woman described. He remarks they have the vase. He tells Maury to stop them and he doesn’t care how they do it. He says to give them a warning or even shoot out their tires. Morey catches them and he gets out of the car. Luke asks what is it they want and he tells them the vase they bought that morning and if they could just hand it over, they would be on their way. Bo remarks it is causing a lot of trouble and he says it has for over 2,000 years and he will take it now please. Luke says he’d be able to tell if it was on either of them but they are welcome to check to the car. He tells Maury to do it. When the boys attack Maury and turn to him he puts his hands up and steps back saying that fists won’t be necessary ‘gentlemen’ and he is a devout coward.

They go to the Duke Farm and he remarks ‘you know what to do Maury’. After Maury returns from planting a timed bomb they leave. He uses a phone booth to call Jesse. He explains that the Dukes have a vase and he wants it and he wants it very badly. Jesse asks who is this and he tells him not to talk, to just listen. He says Jesse’s time to decide is very short and if they refuse to turn it over than the farm is expendable. He says if Jesse needs proof of his intentions to just wait a few minutes.

They go into the County Building and Maury asks why are they bringing Boss Hogg into this. He says he checked Hogg’s credentials and the mere sight or smell of a dollar sign makes the man completely bananas.

While sitting in Boss’ office, he explains that if Boss helps him find the vase he will reward him with $5,000, which he specifies is a finder’s fee and he naturally assumed that Boss and the good Sheriff would be more capable of locating the Duke boys. Boss agrees he is and asks that the crock is an important piece of pottery. He says they can say that it has a history. Boss says it won’t be as easy as looking under his nose. He says he’s sure that Boss will have no trouble at all. Boss asks for the crocks history. Standing up, he explains it began over 2,000 years ago with Cleopatra. He says she had commissioned identical vases to be made for Mark Anthony and the other for Julius Caesar.

He asks Boss if they have a deal and Boss agrees. They go to shake hands but Boss pulls his hand back saying that instead of 5,000 he wants 50,000. Maury gets angry and he quickly stops him, saying the fault is entirely his for having told Boss the true worth of the vase. He agrees to the price and shakes Boss’ hand. Boss sends Rosco to go get a bottle of elderberry wine while he puts a flower on Beckman’s suit. Beckman comments on it as he puts the flower back and Boss agrees it didn’t go with his suit.

Rosco returns with the wine, Bo, and Luke. Boss tells him they delivered the boys. He tells Bo and Luke that he will not mince words with them, that they want the vase and they want it now. Luke says they don’t have it with them but they know where it is. They says they will get it once they have a deal. The boys want the charges dropped, the mortgage on the Partridge Farm ripped up, and the barn fixed. Boss agrees and Luke shows them it was on the desk. While Boss and the boys fight, he signals Maury. After Maury takes them all hostage he tells Boss that he regrets the necessity of relieving him of the vase. When Boss reminds him they made a deal, he reminds Boss he just went back on the deal with the boys. He thanks Maury when Maury supports him by forcing Boss to let go of the vase. They walk to the door and he says he will bid them a good day and should any of them be foolhardy enough to follow, Maury will shoot them.

As they drive, Maury informs him the Sheriff is behind them. He looks to check. When Maury says he isn’t sure about the car, he is told to turn off at the next intersection. He says they will enter the county line from the other side. When the radiator goes Maury says they have no chance now and he says they will have no choice but to get a car that is not overheating. They stop and he hides behind the car with Maury’s gun. When Boss and Rosco stop to check on Maury as he lay’s in the road, he tells Boss that Maury is very much alive. He remarks they have a healthy car now and takes the patrol car. Maury remarks no one will catch them with the vase now and he realizes they left it in the other car and they need to go back. They see Bo and Luke driving their car, and follow after them. They are forced to turn around at a road block set up by Jesse and Daisy. They follow the car up the hill but when it stalls out they are forced to reverse and drive off the road.

They climb out of the car and are approached by Boss and Rosco. When Bo and Luke show they still have the vase, Boss tries to offer them $2,000. He offers $5,000 and Bo asks if he just wants to stay out of this as it’s just between them Hazzard folk. Boss agrees to $2,000 and offers him $100,000 to buy it. He is shocked but agrees. However a moment later Boss breaks it to his horror. Distraught he tries to leave but Cletus arrests him.