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Becky Mae is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Ghost of the General Lee[]

Becky Mae is washing windows at home when she hears someone call her. She turns and is happy to see Bo and Luke, greeting them before noticing their lack of clothes. She asks if they have been skinny dipping. Luke tells her not exactly and asks her if they can borrow some clothes as they are in a hurry. She asks that they want to borrow her clothes and Bo says no, they want to borrow her father’s clothes. She tells them her pa isn’t built like either one of them. However she is cut off by the arrival of her mother. At the look on her face, Bo and Luke realize they are not alone. Her mother tells her to get in the house. She protests but her mother insists so she climbs into the house through the open window. She listens in on the conversation. After the boys leave, her mother scolds her.