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Ben Jordan is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Sound of Music- Hazzard Style[]

While looking for Heep and Morton, he sits in the driver seat of the car watching the Mickey Gilley concert in Hazzard. When Marjorie points out a van he asks that she thinks it’s Heep and Morton. She says they’ve hit every other small town. Agreeing, he drives over to block the alley. As he does, Heep and Morton rush out of the van and run down the alley. He yells after them, chasing them on foot. He tells them to stop in the name of the law. As he reaches the road, he sees them get in The General Lee. Marjorie catches up and he remarks it looks like they have some partners. They head back to the car. They chase after the General. When Bo jumps across a creek however, he stops the chase.

They go over to the Police Station where they go into the Sheriff office to see Boss and Rosco. He shows Rosco his badge before introducing him and Marjorie. He explains they are part of the Federal Trade Commission and asks if they can speak privately but Boss introduces himself as the county commissioner and goes to shake his hand with a piece of pizza. After Boss moves the pizza to his other hand, he shakes it. He explains to Boss that they are looking into record piracy. He explains the suspects got away with two men who were driving an orange car with a confederate flag painted on it. He tells Boss that they have the van the two were using and as soon as they check it out Boss and Rosco can impound it. After he and his partner leave to find the owner of the car.

When they get out of the van after checking it over, Marjorie asks if he thinks the others will really come back for the van. He says they are the tools of their trade. He asks her to look for the orange car and she says for him to stake out the impound yard. As Marjorie leaves, he addresses Cletus saying he can impound it now. Cletus rambles about cooperating and he’s looking for a raise. He pats Cletus arm before leaving.

He stakes out the impound yard in his car. Marjorie calls him on the radio, informing him that the car belongs to local boys named Duke and she is currently at their farm. He asks if there was any sign of them and she says the only one was an old man who left after talking on his CB. He tells her to stay with him and if she needs help to holler. She agrees before hanging up. He looks at the Impound again when Boss approaches. Boss starts talking to him but he looks around Boss. When Boss can’t remember his name he remarks ‘Jordan’. Boss asks if he remembers who Boss is and he remarks he remembers. He continues to try watching the van but Boss keeps moving into his way saying he thought Ben would be looking for the getaway car. Annoyed he snaps that his partner is looking for that and he’s trying to keep an eye on the truck. Boss says it’s safe and he remarks he would still like to keep his own eye on it. He watches the truck take off and tells Boss to get out of the way but Boss insists on coming along. He takes off despite boss not being fully in the car.

As he starts gaining on the truck, he informs Boss who remarks they are bound to stop sooner or later. In front of them they see a near accident with the van, the General, and Marjorie. He runs through a barn, getting chickens and eggs of them. Boss gets out of the car, yelling he is a menace to the road. Marjorie comes over to his car. He remarks that they will have to each take one of the vehicles and for her to take the orange car and he’ll take the Bentley while he brushes feathers off.

While driving and looking for the van, Ben sees the General. He pulls over and gets out, ready to confront Bo and Luke. When Luke says there isn’t anyone there in the CB, he announces ‘I wouldn’t say that’ and tells the boys to raise their hands and not to move. He says they are playing them under attest. Luke asks for his identification and he reaches into his pocket only to find his wallet is gone. He tells them he seems to have misplaced his wallet. Bo remarks they have heard that a hundred times. He says for them to take his word for it as he is a federal officer. Luke says he’s Santa Claus and Bo is Bugs Bunny. Luke says that since Boss has the tape he must be working on his own. He’s surprised, asking to clarify that ‘Hogg’s got the tape?’ Bo says it looks like he’s just a little bit late. He remarks if that is the case then he doesn’t have time to argue and points out where his car is, saying for them to move. He hears a horn and turns to see Daisy driving by in her jeep. Luke kicks away his gun and he runs after it, turning just in time to see Daisy taking the boys away in her jeep. Marjorie pulls up as he goes toward his car and he tells her to come ride with him. They chase after Daisy’s jeep.

They catch Daisy, who is alone, and Marjorie shows Daisy her badge. He asks that Daisy realizes she aided and abetted two suspects and obstructed justice. Daisy says her cousins did not pirate that tape, that they are innocent and are trying to help them find the pirates. He says that is for a judge to decide and asks Daisy what is the quickest way back into town. Daisy gives him directions.

As he drives he decides that since Daisy said to go left to get back to Hazzard, he’ll go right. He hits a rock going off road and gets the car stuck.

Later they arrest Heep and Morton and pardon Bo and Luke for their help.