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Ben Wilkenson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Ben was a former ridge runner who was important enough that Jason Steele was hired on three occasions to arrest him for the bounty money. He prefers to live his life in private. Luke describes him as ‘old Ben who has a cabin in the boonies’. Bo says Ben ain’t too friendly and Cooter says he isn’t the meanest man in Hazzard but the meanest man don’t mess with Ben.


10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1[]

While at home making dinner he hears a car pull up. He is in the trees with a shot gun when Bo and Luke pull up. Bo calls out to him a few times, asking if they can talk to him. He calls out ‘you looking for something’ pointing the gun at the boys. He tells them that they know he doesn’t like his privacy being disturbed. He says they better have a dang good excuse for being there. He walks up to them, telling them to tell him what he wants and to make it quick. Luke says they want Jason Steele and he asks what they want with that ‘lowdown varmint for?’ Bo explains that Steele is looking for us. He removes the gun, asking why they didn’t say that and laughs. He puts the gun down before returning to cooking telling them if Jason Steele is looking for them they might as well give themselves up. He stands up telling them Steele caught him three times for the bounty money adding ‘yes he did’. Bo says they are sorry to hear that but they aren’t going to add to his bank account. Luke says they can’t dodge him unless they know what he looks like. Ben drinks from a jar before saying Jason is about Bo’s height and weight and he has the same color hair as Luke but not as much of it. Luke asks about his eyes which he says are brown and that Steele is about as friendly as a rattlesnake. Luke proposes they go into town and when Bo asks if he would mind helping them out he says no but for them to let him fill his jug first as it’s a long ride into town.

They go to see Asa at the Barber shop and he describes Jason Steele to him for a picture. After the boys confirm they have seen him before, they leave, thanking them for their help.