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Bender, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Undercover Dukes Part 1[]

He sits by the phone, having a drink of water when J.J. asks if he’s heard from Jojo or Mary Beth. He stands, saying he has not. J.J. suggests he calls them on the phone. As soon as he reaches Mary Beth, he turns to J.J. who just took out three men and hands him the phone. After finishing the call, Carver hands him the phone and he hangs it up. Carver asks him if J.D. Hogg runs Hazzard and he confirms it. They leave to help Mary Beth sign Bo and Luke Duke.

Carver and Bender arrive at the Boar’s Nest and head back to Boss Hogg’s office. When Boss thinks he met Carver and Carver denies it, he says Mr. Carver is a very well known man. When Carver tells Boss he wants Bo and Luke Duke, he shows Boss his gun to emphasize that they aren’t playing around.

After Boss calls his Sheriff Rosco, the Sheriff arrives with Bo and Luke. He opens the door to escort Bo and Luke with J.J. to Mary Beth’s motor home. He waits outside while J.J. talks to the boys. After the boys are done, they come outside and Bo comments 'howdy' at how close he is to the door before going inside to talk to Carver.

He stands by Carvers’ side in Carver’s office as he confirms the people who will attend his big meeting. Carver says Tony Reno is coming and that makes four with two left to go. Carver tells him that on Saturday all the big syndicate leaders will be there. Carver asks if there is something bothering Bender, and he confirms it before saying Saturday is the day of the big race and the town will be crawling with cops. Carver says they will be worried about crowd control.

He goes into Carver’s office and informs him that the Dukes have arrived. He asks if it is going to interfere with what he’s planning but Carver says no.

Carver and Bender head over to the track, arriving just as Bo finishes a test drive. After checking on the boys and Mary Beth's operation, they return to the house.

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

Saturday morning he follows Carver into his office, assuring him everything is ready. He remarks the East Coast, Chicago, and the Kentucky Connection will all be present. He congratulates Carver, admitting he didn’t think he would pull it off and asks if the room has been arranged to his satisfaction, which Carver confirms. Carver asks what he’s worried about now and he says that if the feds can prove they held this meeting, they will all go away for conspiracy. Carver says the feds don’t know anything. Carver says he worries too much sometimes and they leave for lunch.

Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, Carver, and Jojo go to see Bo, Luke, Herky and the team before the race starts. When the race starts, he and Carver leave for the house. As they leave, he tells Carver that their guests should be arriving.

Once arriving to the house, Carver and Bender greet the various syndicate leaders as they arrive.

As the meeting occurs he stands by Carver’s side. Jojo slips him a message that he has Luke, Boss, and Rosco. He passes the message to Carver and they leave the meeting to go see the three. Carver says for the three to be tied up and orders Jojo to go kill Bo before they return to the meeting.

As the meeting continues, he goes to check on Luke and the others to see the prisoners are gone and the guard, Rocko, is tied up. He yells at the guard and leaves. He gathers a number of guards and sends them after Luke saying to find them and when they do ‘don’t bring them back.’

His men lose Luke and an FBI raid occurs. He is arrested along with everyone else.