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Benjamin Thompson, or "Benny the Quill" is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Baa, Baa White Sheep[]

Benny is known all over Hazzard for passing bad checks. He runs into Luke after his car breaks down and hires Luke to fix his car for a $50 check.

He goes down to the Lumber Camp and play poker with the loggers for payday. He wins the hand and as he collects the money he sees Luke arrive. He becomes alarmed and tells the men he’s gotta go as he just remembered a previous engagement. He runs causing Luke and Daisy run after him. He falls, accidentally tripping Daisy and knocking her into a pit of quick sand. He helps Luke try to pull Daisy out, saying he didn’t mean to knock her in and was just trying to buy a little time so he could escape. Luke has him hold his belt to allow Luke to reach Daisy.

He rides back with Luke and Daisy and tells Luke that the way he sees it, he can’t make amends for getting Luke jailed for the bad check but offers to pay the $50 then for fixing his car. Luke relents saying he twisted his arm and Benny is amused saying he’ll write the check now. He opens his coat to show lines of pens and asks what color would he like. Annoyed Luke says to forget it and just promise not to try to get away as they need to stop and get Daisy clean clothes. He agrees.

They arrive in town and he goes to Boss and Rosco with Daisy and Luke. He is stunned when Luke talks on his behalf, asking if Rosco really has to arrest him as he isn't a half bad guy. He goes with Rosco but they are momentarily stopped in shock when they see Abraham, Boss’ twin brother. They turn back to Boss to confirm that there are two different people. After watching the group talk and Abraham and the Dukes leave, Boss pulls him over to Rosco by his tie and tells Rosco to put him in a holding cell until he’s ready.

While in jail Boss and Rosco approach him and Boss says that for someone as famous as “Benny the Quill’ it looks like all his feathers got plucked off. Boss offers to help him and he says he doesn’t get it. Boss tells him he can spend five years in jail or be released in five minutes. Surprised, he asks what does he have to do and Boss shows him a birthday card and asks if he can copy that signature on some documents. Suspicious, he says with his eyes closed. Boss says it needs to look exactly right and asks if he’s got a pen. Benny opens his coat asking ‘what color would you like?’

He is released and drives away, hitting a number of trashcans on the way out. As he drives down the road he is stunned to see he is being followed by Daisy and Luke. He plans to run and is forced to go under a trailer parked across the road. Luke and Daisy overtake him and approach him, Luke asking how he’s doing. He tells Luke he knows what he’s thinking but he didn’t escape. He says they let him go. Luke asks what he had to do to be let go and he says he forged a name on an ID card and some legal papers. He confirms the name was Abraham Lincoln Hogg, asking Luke how he guessed. Daisy adjusts his hat before they leave.