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Mr. Benswanger is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Arrest Jesse Duke[]

While on vacation, he takes a detour, driving into Hazzard County. The radiator in his car suddenly goes. Frustrated, he looks around and sees a sign saying there is a garage in two miles. He decides to go. After a bit he turns to walk back to his car, seeing Jesse getting in his pick up and leaving. He yells for Jesse to stop, thinking he stripped the car and runs after him screaming for him to bring back the rest of his car.

He meets Enos and goes with him to make a report to the Commissioner and Sheriff. Enos introduces him to the ‘Hogg’s of Hazzard’ but mispronounces his name, which he corrects. He shakes their hands and explains that he saw one of the car strippers who took his car down. He starts describing Jesse before noticing Jesse beside him. He says Jesse looks a little like the man before realizing Jesse was the man he saw. In fear he hides behind Hughie and Hughie says ‘oh, that’s just Jesse’. Boss asks if he would mind sticking around a few days to testify what he saw and he announces he most defiantly will.

He goes to see Cooter and they go to the Dixie Auto Parts Store to buy all the parts for his car. When he pays for it he groans that this has been some vacation before following Cooter back to the Garage.

Hearing a commotion at the court house, he goes to investigate to see a large number of cars taking off to find the car strippers. Cooter pulls up in his truck and he runs to get in, wanting to find out what is going on. Cooter fills him in, explaining about how they are after the car strippers. He rides with Cooter as they follow Luke’s directions of where the women are headed. After arresting the real car strippers, Boss Hogg reimburses him of all the money he lost during the entire event.